REVISED:My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales&Service Mgr

cac webblog 2009
Life is such a small word that covers a vast amount of time. Amazingly,I say amazingly because as I have stated in my writings and publicly “from infancy to adolescence, I could not have predicted the outcome of my youth”. Raised in an era that I could have easily fallen prey to deceptive vices and deviant behavior, I had been spared at a young age from gang violence,sexual exploitation,learned ignorance and organized crime. Amazingly,in life I had been bless to be surrounded with caring,loving, and nurturing adults,teachers, and mentors,__and in all honesty,I attribute many of the work ethics and attitudes I have  today, towards life,stuff,and people to those adults present at the rudimentary stages of my education. Certainly,I would not have matriculated or excelled as far as I did in my education without their instruction and guidance. Looking back,at the beginning  of my life,I recall having to attend Sunday school on Sunday mornings,while Monday  through Friday,it had been mandatory I  attend public school during the day. In fact,at the beginning stages of my education I didn’t have a set path or plan as to the career I would choose in life. As I take a look back on the days of my pre-adolescence and adolescence,although,I had no set path or career plan,three careers grabbed my attention at the very rudimentary stages when I first entered into the public school system,eventually in a short period of time, I had consider being an executive secretary,a teacher,or a flight attendant. Ostensibly,I had been surrounded by groups of trained professionals from teachers,nurses,doctors,lawyers,preachers,and administrative professionals. Distinctively,I recall, at a very young age I  had been introduced to variety of professions. Eventually, as time progress I would observe the things and subjects  I liked as a student such as English,Public Speaking,Debate,Algebra,Biology,and Spanish.Years later,those observations would help me to choose a career. At one point,during my last year of middle school,I had reached  a definite career choice based on one of  the  lessons and experiences in my eight grade English class. From infancy to adolescence to adulthood, I learned that life is filled with lessons and experiences. At some point in life,I had chosen to take the lessons and experiences from all twelve years of my public education to choose  a career. At the end of twelve years of public education,I had set my sights on being an English teacher. Of course,it would be several years  later after my high school  graduation in 1990′ that  I would have the opportunity to work in the profession I had chosen as an elementary and  middle school student. While in the process of obtaining a degree in the field I had chosen,I had gained other work experience that  did not directly relate to the field of  study I had chosen;however,I received training that prepared  me  to work with the public. Twenty years later,all of the work experience I had acquired while working to obtain a degree in the field of study I had chosen  would prove to be invaluable. Veritably,throughout life,I observed,life is sometimes full of twist and turns,one minute your head in one direction and the next minute you get a call,a text message,or an email telling you to go the other direction or might see a sign saying no U-turns,I had  similar experience in 1999 the last year I taught in Florida’s public school system. Instead of returning back to the teaching field,I chose in 2006 to put into action all of the training I had acquired while working to obtain a degree in the field of study I had chosen  as an elementary and a middle school student add to the fact _,I had also declared the field of study during my Sophmore year of college. At thirty-something,I began to embrace and re evaluate the life I had lead along with all the events and actions I had taken to re gain direction and a sense of purpose. As  a result,the re evaluation lead to My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Manager that didn’t begin until 2006. Like the turning signals on an automobile,life often does gives us hints,signs,signals,and clues into the future. In one instance,life could be giving you signals to the person you’ll  marry or the sex of your first child. In the next instance,life could be giving you signals to what career to choose to the ensemble you should wear on your first job interview. Seemingly,life often does give signals but you have to  be heedful of the signs. The prescience of being able to know or to predict the outcome of certain events or actions,I’ve learned throughout the years,it is an indicator that the person receiving the signals from life is paying full attention to all the road signs. And in all honesty,during the forty-one years that I’ve had the privilege to be a  part of a bigger symphony,life has given me many signals. A well known fact, I am a product of twelve years of public education. At this point,I must say: I am not a braggart and this is not a brag__,it is a fact,I am a product of twelve years of public education.
Most assuredly,without  the education I received___ the signals that life often sometimes exudes at the most unusual places and  inappropriate times, I might not have recognized or completely dismiss life signs and signals.Throughout life I began to realize that signals had been every where even inside the classrooms of  state funded public schools. As a student entering into the public school system,I quickly learned acquiring a public school education has its requirements,in other words,obtaining  a public school education does not come without work ,practice, and discipline. As the years progress,I became familiar with the rules and requirements that had been mandatory if you wanted to survive twelve years within the public school system.  Whether if you had been a new student attending public school for the first time or a returning student,a few days in the public school system, most students quickly learn some of the basic rules and requirements of surviving a public school education that frequently included  listening without talking,following directions,respecting others and being in your seat right at the moment the bell rings  for the start of class,these rules normally got hashed out at the beginning of each school year. And truthfully, I adhered to those rules and requirements out of fear of being suspended or expelled from school. Unequivocally,I must  acknowledge that without the lessons,skills, and experience,I obtained as a student in the public school system___I could have easily been prey for deceptive scams and deviant behavior. Astonishingly,I say astonishingly because  back then it had been so easy to become distracted as a kid without proper guidance__astonishingly,I paid full attention to some of life’s hints,signs,and signals. In speaking of signals,I recall receiving signals from life in the career path I would follow at a very young. To be truthful,as far back as I am able to remember,I would have to say____I first began receiving strong signals as to the career path  I would follow in the third grade between the ages of seven and eight years old. Initially,at the rudimentary stages of when I entered into  Florida’s public school system,I had chosen three careers that I knew,I liked,and that I had first hand knowledge of the job requirements. Without hesitation,I automatically gravitated towards being an executive secretary,a teacher, or a flight attendant. All the signs had been planted in front me___a green chalk board, a box of white chalk,an eraser and a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls filling in as pupils,from a small kids point of view,I interpreted the images as signs from life that I should be a teacher. On one hand ,I had received signals from life to be a teacher while on the other hand, I  received signals from life  to be a secretary. A desk,a typewriter,and xerox paper, I had falling in love with the thoughts of being a secretary. Back-then,it seemed only apropos that I would  be a secretary. Just as the signs to be a teacher had been planted in front me___so, had the signs to be a secretary. Egregiously, I liked changing the ribbon on the typewriter,I liked the sound the typewriter would make at the end of each completed sentence within the margins,furthermore,I liked typing memos,agendas,and letters. Aside from all of the manual labor,I liked wearing skirts as well as stockings. In those days,I knew__I wanted to be a secretary if I couldn’t be a teacher. Oddly , of the three career choices,you won’t find Flight Attendant on my resume. Even though,I began traveling by airplane at a young age,today,I’m not too keen on traveling by airplane.  When I began traveling via airplane, I loved the way the plane taxied  down the run way,I loved the feeling I would feel  as the plane lifted off the ground and I loved looking out the window as the plane climbed into the clouds while gaining altitude. On most plane flights,the second the plane would level out, I enthusiastically waited to hear the instructions and directions of the Flight Attendant informing the passengers of the emergency exit locations and how to properly place the oxygen mask over the face in case the plane suddenly lost altitude,I also liked  the uniforms the Flight Attendants wore. Despite all of the signs that being a Flight Attendant would be a great career path__you have to remember that this had been a time when airlines had been booming with business and airports remained jammed packed,with all of the facts about the airline business ___,I opted out of being a flight attendant at a young age. Basically ,I opted out of being  a Flight Attendant  based on the fact that once the plane leveled out, and remained a few hours in the air I began to feel tense,tightness in the chest,and irritable. Car signals,traffic signals,emergency weather alert signals, health signals, warning signals,relationship signals,job signals,fashion signals,movie signals,marriage signals,and friendship signals___stop, pause,look around and think about life, if you haven’t before,when you finally muscle up the nerve__to stop,to pause,and smell the coffee__you might just recognize just as I recognized that  life sends signals everywhere. The truth of the matter is life could send you signals at the grocery store,standing in line for concert tickets,at the hair salon,at the airport,at the manicurist even at the wedding alter. In 2006,life sent out signals,and it just so happened that I had been paying attention I interpreted the signals  to mean I should consider a new career. From 2000 to 2006, I worked sporadically,admittedly,for the majority of the time I had been unemployed,until 2004 when I began work as a customer service representative,without a doubt I honestly believe,if someone had told me back then I would be a Consumer Affairs Consultant,I might have asked what’s a Consumer Affairs Consultant? Of course,there’s all types of consulting,but I chose to be a Consumer Affairs Consultant . Before I made the career makeover,all the signs and signals had been planted in front of me ,even though,I had not heard of  or  knew anyone who had been a Consumer Affairs Consultant. Since the career makeover, I’ve defined the job requirements for the position based on the daily task I perform as a Consumer Affairs Consultant. Aside from all outward appearances,My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager is demanding,competitive,boisterous,precise,exciting,fun,serious,full of activities and events,most importantly,it is rewarding to know the job I perform helps consumers and shoppers.


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