Consult someone,it is a phrase I frequently revert to when speaking with consumers and shoppers in general especially before making those big purchase or applying for those high interest rate credit cards. And truthfully the phrase has become one the many mantras that Ive often meditated upon and mulled over;the main reason is related to a poor choice I made just before graduating from a state university. Forty-something years later,Ive set out to assist high school students,college grads,disenfranchise consumers and disable consumer from making some of the consumer mistakes I made as a college student and shopper. On many a days I ve thought inwardly, it would have been great if I had someone to consult for every step and choice I planned as a college student other than course advisors instead of going it alone. Today that choice__,I wish not to disclose, continues to haunt me. As I reflect back on the days leading up to graduation,I believe things would probably turned out a lot differently if I had consulted someone other than course advisors. Unexpectedly,in 2006,I entered the consulting business after years of working in retail and customer service,and now ,today,I doing what I would of loved for someone to have initiated or conceived before that fatal choice,___well not so fatal but certainly dreaded. At first,I planned to assist consumers with suggestions of different products to test,taste and sample with the introduction of advertising a different product each month on the Product of the Month web page. Ultimately,because of the 2008 economic crisises,I expanded to consulting,eventually,I chose to do more than the product of the month,specifically,I chose to include shopping habits,spending plans,and budgets via the cacjohnson website as part of cacjohnson brand to assist consumers and shoppers . Amazingly,since the creation of the cacjohnson brand,I have written two books and tons of blogs to help both the consumer and shopper.
As a consultant,it is my job to help consumers and shoppers make the best choices based on their goals,and most importantly their budget. Consumers and shoppers make tons of choices daily and throughout the year,from where to shop,to what to buy,to what brands to purchase for infants and toddlers,to what’s the best brands to buy on a budget. So before going it alone,Im asking high school students,college grads,disenfranchise consumers and disable consumers to consult someone. Right at this moment,I have specifically created an email address to address any and all topics as well as concerns,it’s free and your topic or concern wont be disclose without your consent.

Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc;
Jamala M Johnson

Send shopping photos & stories to cacjohnson@

csaccac Inc c/o cacjohnson
Po Box 5425
Newport News,Va 23605
Mobile/Work Phone: (757)768-7538


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