Crossing Lines/Imitation Art

Crossing Lines/ Imitation Art

Art is Life .Life is Art .Work is Life. Life is Work. Art is Pulchritude. Art is Tawdry. Art is Idyllic. Art is Surreal. Art Is Controversial .Art is Obtuse. Art is Ineffable. Art is Evanescence .Art is Ubiquitous .Art is Non descriptive. Art imitates Life. Life is Disconcerting. Life is Engendering. Life is Enigmatic. Life is Inconsequential. Life is Ambiguous. Life is Banal. Life Is Brazen. Life is Ebullient. Life is scintillating. Life is Incongruous. Life is Pragmatic. Life is Copious. Life is Transmutable. In its totality Art is Life, pragmatic, enigmatic, supercilious, superfluous, and pertinacious. At  times  art crosses lines  and what   happens when art no longer depicts life as obtainable and veritable__,Art becomes a collage, montage, and mirage of pornographic images. Meanwhile, Life is veritable ,Life does reflect the verisimilitude of Art.  As a result, the underline questions remains who becomes culpable when Art and Life go amiss and intersect.



“There are all kinds of lines in our world. Property lines. State lines. Goal lines. Power lines .There’s the bottom line, the fire line, the scrimmage line, the base line, the skyline, and the punch line. Added to those are deadlines, laugh lines, and imaginary lines. And of course, waistlines. Think about parallel lines. Both ends of the two lines are exactly the same distance apart. If the lines could be extended into infinity, they still would be the same distance apart. But no matter how parallel they may appear, if the lines are off just a little bit, somewhere out in infinity these lines will come closer and closer together until they intersect……”


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