2017 June “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”:

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2017 May “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”: I’ve said some things and other things,(for all the things in between dreams & life_from the said …)

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2017 April “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”: A note from life(the said & unsaid).

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2017 March“Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”:

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2017 February “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”:

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2017 January “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”:Wake up to the noise of life(sounds of life,light,&love).


2016 December,Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv:Y!!!15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettia,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!


ChristmasOn the  fifteenth day of Christmas,,15ChrChristmasstockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the the fourteenth day of Christmas,an evening viewing of the critically acclaimed Into The Woods,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the  thirteenth day of Christmas,,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS

On the twelfth day of Christmas,, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eleventh day of Christmas,an afternoon Holiday Praise(Gospel music & Christmas songs), 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!


On the tenth day of Christmas, a day with Android Wear and a taste of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the ninth day of Christmas, A handful of Chocolate Riesen with a few moments on Google Chrome while reading Yahoo Digest in a Pink and Gray sweater ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eight day of Christmas,Pizza & A Tweet (Lol,2xtheLuv,twicetheLuv) ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettia,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the seventh day of Christmas, HairSpray Live on NBC Dec.7th,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettia,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the sixth day of Christmas, missed it on the first go, an end of the year preview & review 2016 iheart Radio music festival on the CW,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fifth day of Christmas,Victoria Secret Fashion Show ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Pointsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fourth day of Christmas,I  taste tested and sampled Milkyway Simply Carmel,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On third day of Christmas,, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the second day of Christmas,Twitter Pic & Post ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the first day of Christmas, World Aids Day,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!CHRISTMAS  STOCKING II


November Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv:



2016 October: “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv” A Link Between History and Tradition,Whatever you decide_ I’m doing Pink.

Book Cover  #2  Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv

Pink lip gloss, A Bright Pink ribbon,A Pink Playboy Bunny, A Pink highlighter, Pink stylus, Pink SmartPhone,Pink emoji, Pink bubble gum, a Pink cupcake,a bottle of Pink nail polish, a Pink Android, a Pink USB, a Pink keychain, a Pink handbag or a former version of myself a Retail sales associate/cashier; the Halloween tradition has a way of bringing out the best and worst costumes. On this night of  scary costumes and movies,I’m thinking Pink & Sweet which is diametrically in opposition with the historical origin of the Halloween tradition. A fave childhood tradition, throughout the years, I’ve  often admired the costumes of entertainers and TV stars during Halloween. As the. days and weeks lead up to Halloween I began to consider all of those Dvd’s I’ve watched and which character or  person I’d like to emulate on Halloween from batgirl to Catwoman to Katy Perry (California Dream Girl)to snow white to Cleopatra 2525 to Star Trek to X-Men, if I could of celebrated the day I more than like probably would of chose something Pink which has become the theme of my life A Pink Passion. So what is this Pink Passion that I have,well_, it is a culmination of sorts;however, for the most part  it is about findings one passion and purpose in life.In speaking of Pink Passion October is Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness month,the month is dedicated to bringing awareness  to the disease while teaching  women of all ages the signs and symptoms of the disease. In recent years several organizations including Bright Pink and the Susan G. Komen foundation sponsor events and fundraisers that promote education and researcher to find a cure. For the past five years,I’ve been an advocate of Bright Pink that promote awareness of Breast Cancer online. I believe in the efforts of Bright Pink and visit the web site regular  as well as receive regular emails. One day and night out of the year,Halloween has its controversy ,the Halloween I grew up with include  both kids and grownups a tradition founded in rhetoric and superstition,today Halloween is a break from the norm , it offers a diffarent perspective on religion,rituals, and passage of rite it is the link between history  that is some tend to think is founded in myth,folklore,wp-1481423456736.jpgor superstition,how much of it you believe it is up to you, I tend to think of Halloween as time to be with friends and family  ,it is also a time to make new friends with similar interest. Whatever you decide to emulate on Halloween, whatever color you chose ,I’m think 365Pink throughout year.—twicetheLuv



2016 September “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”: Never Give Up,Live for Tomorrow to be a part of the future;Believe,Hope,Inspire,Love, Pray,Celebrate Life, and Honor the Sanctity of A Birthday.

090 From birth to birthdays,to dream is to never give up that the future will be better than the past and the present, I am blessed and grateful to of live through forty decades of change and history, this September I quietly celebrated my forty-fifth birthday without the Girlfriend Amen Corner,Glam,Glitz,the wild party, or the traditional birthday cake, the day arrived without alarm or chaos. On this September, I had something else to think about_ mostly, the many family and friends who spirits and souls has and have passed on to the next life. On my forty-fifth birthday, I felt neither elation or joy_ there wasn’t much I had to do except to go outside and get some fresh air,I long for the day when I can get up ,go out, and publicly celebrate my birthday other an a Facebook and Twitter post. A day to celebrate life, and the life of those who made the day from Slavery to freedom an equal right not a privilege. A pink butterfly that I wore on my forty-fifth birthday ,I think is the most symbolic do something act of the entire day that strongly spoke to my inner spirit and embodied my attitude. From thirty-five to Forty-five,I believe the journey is not over, I am hopeful to someday move pass the past ( Racism & Slavery), I am inspired each day through my life’s passion and purpose, I choose Love over hate,I pray for others and the end of violence across the globe,and Honor the sanctity of A Birthday.—twice the Luv


2016 August,Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv: A world a part,where I live,where I come from_A memoir &montage of Smartphone Photo Bombs.

090Forever Forty-one,always seventeen,and not a day over twenty-five,with all of the events  around the world from Gangs and Gun violence in the USA to Africa and Syria continents worlds away, who has the time to sit for hours  and think of pics,photos or selfies_it’s weeks before my forty-fifth birthday and  three months since I reached  June 25th, Graduation at  Strayer_and I’m doing just that sitting with a ton of Photo Bombs. In a decade,when a pic or selfie could jump start a career or catapult someone into stardom_if that’s your goal then a pic or selfie becomes very important or as I’d like to say it becomes a big to-do,much to do about everything,we’ve become a visual nation where images,pics,photos and selfies has become a high commodity. A future in commodities,its no secret that pics and photos have gone off the run way thanks to ANTM (America’s Next Top Model)_a pretty good thing  or not so pretty,either way I snapped a few pics and photos of me in class ,on the bus, and without the glam. Since the introduction of Social Media,I feel there’s value in pics and photos. As I peruse my photos on Google Photos I am a little sadden that only a few of the photos I’ve concluded to be worth showing to the public. Should I be sadden from a personal photo bomb? to be honest I hadn’t put much thought into Photo Bombs or used the term as much or at all until I began snapping photos for my website,newsletter, and Social Networks, the life after a pic on Social Media worlds a part from life as I know it,you snap a few pics then move on. It seemed each time I snapped the photo the Smartphone camera saw something else,each time I thought this is the one the Smartphone camera said something different. From Facebook,to Instagram to Twitpic,I snapped most of the photo bombs  with my Smartphones. The first time,I began to snap pics and photos for public viewing on the internet happen to of been weeks after building my website. Smartphone Photo Bombs,the future of commodities,or the next Social Media trend?_,the ton of photo bombs I first refused to share in this decade coupled and fused together resembles a montage of SmartPhone Photo Bombs.—twice the Luv


2016 July“Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv: In and Out of Season,Fashion Speaks to the best and worst critic.

090There’s some things you cant just pack away suchas family,friends,fave song,fave music artist,a lost loved one,childhood memories and tradition;in other instances like during the summer months there’s just some things you have to pack away like the Christmas tree and winter fashion. If it’s  fashion,there’s a lot the fashion critics could speak to in and out of season . Pack away the winter clothes and bring out the spring fashion,the seasons often apparent through the weather ,accessories, fashion, and of course shoes,Ive  recognized as the years progress that the seasons could bring out the best and worst of fashion. After living in Virginia a few year, Ive observed lots of fashion from winter coats to sundresses,the fashion trends seems to change with the weather and it’s an admitted natural instinct. Sunshine or rain the fashion in the summer months is drastically different than winter fashion as seen in the pics below. One thing Ive come to learn at forty-something it could be Winter,Fall, or Summer the fashion you choose  says alot about your personality.  Within the past couple of years ,truthfully, I known this for some years it s an unspoken language,I tended to bend towards current events and world news in doing so I  realize that there is more to life than fashion, there’s all kinds of art,other cultures,religions,photography ,pop culture, books ,magazines,  and music each of the mentioned  represents examples of the many ways for a person to express opinions and views of the world. Speaking of fashion, the years I  attended public schools I gravitated to fashion in those years I thought of  fashion as great form of expression i.e school dress code. A form of expression or a personal style, I love fashion _but, I also believe that you have to do more _for instance your(homework) than just look the part,fashion is like icing on the cake. As  I mention at the beginning of this blog there’s some thing you just cant pack away  in the same manner that you pack away winter fashion_ like a [persons freedom of speech (self-expression), perceptions, opinions, and                                          views  of world events.—twice the Luv


2016 June“A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Plan Ahead and Save the Date,A few words from a College Graduate.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nThere is a darker,  a seedier side to the world Africa,ISIS and Syria,it has invade American homes, living rooms and the American way of life for the latter half of the current Presidential Administration. Within the past four years, the events in and among these group of people has threaten Americas ability to recover, as a darker pigmented person the effects has been insurmountable_,death,destruction, desecration,and disease all of this in addition the Gang and Gun violence that has occurred across America during the same time of the horrific events in Africa,Iraq ,and,Syria I neither imagined or ignored.Each day I wake up_,I am reminded_, as I stated to a classmate that I could be shot in the parking lot, in the classroom,in the grocery store,on the job,in an airport, and on the highway. On Monday nights I attend evening class, it is only one night of the week  and  for the years of attendance it has been a major production of dodging bullets,buses, and jumping in and out taxis_ I tell myself,I do all of this in hopes of a better life ,a better job, hopes of owning my home and someday achieving the American Dream. While sitting in the classroom working towards achieving the American Dream,I realized the surrealism of life is having the ability to separate reality from fantasy and knowing the difference  when the dream doesn’t align with reality ,the perception of media ,the day to day life  ,and surroundings of other countries. When the surrealism should be oh so real, I  keep think its a lie _when in fact there’s  proof  all around the American Dream does exist.  At the moment,Im not concerned with the American Dream now it is all about safety and what will be here tomorrow. It has taken me three years to get to this day_,Graduation Day, I am amazed and elated to of reached the day,proud of the accomplishments_ and in the same instance,I am  dishearten and sadden by the events leading  up to  Graduation Day.  On the home front, the weeks and days culminating to Graduation Day had not been a piece  of cake.Id save the date weeks ago, June 25th Graduation Day. Weeks and months of planning for the day,Id listed on Google Keep the task Id should have completed before Graduation Day and even after weeks of planning I knew that the probability that I would actually attend graduation ceremony had been very unlikely, but I continued  to prepare for the day,sometimes life gets in the way or should I say reality, Black Lives Matters and other people lives matter too_, a few words from a college grad.– -twice the Luv


2016 May “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Two stories of Inspiration, First & Second.


People often find inspiration in an array of places, in the Bible, in a blog, in a fashion magazine, in a poem, in a picture, in a recipe , in a song, and in other people. Throughout the years, I’ve found inspiration in the lives of successful people who’ve broken barriers and overcome obstacles during their careers.  I think of inspiration as the moment a person feels compelled to do something to reach their life’s purpose. In numerous instances, I’ve found inspiration in the lives of successful women and men. As a student and teen, I’ve been inspired and compelled by numerous stories that I attribute to Black History. Two stories of inspiration that has greatly inspired me the story of Martin Luther King and Fannie Lou Hamer. When I consider the different stories of inspiration that I’ve heard throughout the years, I am reminded that it doesn’t matter who came first or second unless it’s a History lesson; however, when seeking to inspire others it’s the passion and purpose of the journey that inspires to compel others to find their passion and purpose. Inspiration it is colorless and genderless, black or white, man or woman, inspiration could at appear at any moment, be inspired. — twice the Luv



2016 April “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”: A powerful impression,Eye Candy one kind of Art.

Artist and painters have a gift,they can paint a pretty picture include some flowers and sell it for millions,while the rest of the world stand and stare in awe. Art is ubiquitous, from the mundane to the spectacular, art makes a powerful impression in the hearts and minds of people who see art for the first time or millionth time. It is the keenness of the eye,the intuitiveness of trends, and the artist perception of the world that attracts people from all walks of life. Art could be something of a serious nature or lighthearted and fun loving, in fact nature’s landscape is natural  art that  is present in everyday life. Eye candy is one kind of art, but there’s more to life than Eye Candy and bling _learning and understanding the different kinds of Art,trends and styles enriches lives as well as add meaning to life. When a person gets stuck in one kind of trend or style I feel they’re put limitations on life,the real world _,life is filled with contrast,contradictions, from the breathtaking  to the grotesque. Life is a mixture of both flowers and weeds,good and evil,pleasant and unsightly,the truth of the

matter everything in life isn’t  all Eye Candy,life includes hard work paying, your dues,long suffering, and being committed despite  how things might look or feel. As  I stated in May’s Editor Note the beauty of life is the product of a cosmic orchestra that consist of clashing views,colliding ideas,a symphony’s of discord and dissonance, voices of cadence, and a stereo mix of beliefs, cultures, people,perceptions,and religion…ces’t la vie,qui est la belle vie. One of the reasons I love  Springtime, Spring allows each of us a few weeks out the year to wake up smell the coffee,the roses, and at the same time analyze and think about  life in it’s totality .—twice the Luv.


2016 March “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”: Myth or Legend,Leprechauns on reel.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nAs a teen  during the regular school year there’s a few things you quickly learn you can always count on;  for example: morning announcements,homeroom, homework,midterms, final exams,Spring Break and St Patrick’s Day. A long. stretch, the Winter semester at Strayer is near its ends in March. The University is on a quarter system much different than traditional public school year, while attending Strayer I picked up a few things from Walmart for school and to work at home,I’m still waiting to update the product of the month on my fundraising site and I’ve got St Patrick’s Day highlighted on my calendar. It’s March and I’m thinking green jello shots with booze and an all day Leprechaun marathon on Netflix. Leprechauns and St Patrick’s Day, I’m not Irish,but this Irishwp-1478472475483.jpg tradition I follow each year. In previous years,March is one of those months when I become a little weary, originating  from superstition and suspicion_it began with infamous stage line “beware of the ides of March” . I’ve long recall the line from high school 10th grade English class and Shakespeare studies in college, the infamous lines has stayed with me into adulthood_until recently when I began to put into practice a life changing technique that begins  with change your thoughts change your vocabulary and the world around becomes a different place for instance this year instead of thinking of March as a cursed month with some evil presence lurking behind every door, I began the month with March into Greatness thinking that Greatness or great things could happen at any moment, I/loved the  effect so much it became the theme for csaccac eNewsletter in March. Myth or Legend, in March Leprechauns come to life so I often love to believe each year as St. Patrick’s Day grows near, I tend to associate the day with green Leprechaun hats,four leaf clovers,rainbows and pots of gold. With the help of  apps such as Amazon Prime Video and  Netflix , the St Patrick’s Day tradition becomes an all day & night event. And of course_, there’s more to March than Leprechauns and St. Paddy’s Day, the month is filled with Anniversaries, Birthdays,World news, foreign affairs, and Good Friday. So,why all of the fuss about St. Patricks Day, I tend to think it is because it is a tradition rooted in Irish history that brings together people young and old commerating the tradition through Irish food and songs.—Happy St Patrick’s Day & Twice the LuvSt Paddys Day


2016 February“A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Confused & Dazed.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nThe world hasn’t been so kind,still love grows in the hearts and minds of people . Love  is in the air, and I’m really not trying to hear that_ at the moment I’m immersed in my courses at Strayer and I’ve been immersed in classes as well as my websites for awhile. The truth is a person could love at any age  20,30,40,or even 50_the catch is a person must be willing ,open, and receptive to Love. At forty something, I’ma ware of the different kinds of love_friendship,family,brotherly &sisterly, and romantic love,_right at the moment I’m stuck in friendship mode. Admittedly,love is great and there’s many dimensions to Love (acceptance,forgiveness, understanding,hope,faithfulness,and truth) . I believe love is a beautiful thing however one shouldn’t get blind sided by love and forget the world around us  and the events,tragedies that affects people’s lives throughout the world. To be love you must be love, love you and not the person someone wants you to be,love is full of contradictions and errors I m thinking of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, no I’m thinking of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, actually I’m thinking of the Two Gentlemen of Verona _ the point is I’m thinking of Shakespeare and love contradictions,l ove is both a conundrum and a contradiction, I love  Shakespeare, I love Valentine’s Day,  and I love Pink, confused and Dazed.—twice the Luve


2016 January “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:New Beginnings,Hope,Love, And Forgiveness,A New Year Starts With You.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nA New Year brings hope,love, and forgiveness, and new beginnings. “Out with the old ,in with the new,”as the New Year gets into gear,I remain consistent and committed to completing my degree program at Strayer University. With only three courses remaining,I look forward to graduation day. Speaking from a personal experience, as a student at Strayer University, I found the degree program to be a valuable experience with practical and real life teachings. When I first began the degree program I really felt that I wouldn’t get through the first quarter or the courses for that matter  _three years later,with three courses remaining, I’m amazed and proud to achieve such a huge accomplishment. Unlike highschool or a traditional college,I tend to think of Strayer as Adult Education, with Adult content, I recommend for the thirty or forty something person. Adult Education is  a different atmosphere and different mindset, the life’s lesson and life experience enhance the classroom experience.  The days I’m in night classes it great to gain a different perspective of the world, I’ve  always been one to advocate being aware and conscious of the world outside the classroom and home. 2008,the world became a much different place , people lives change drastically, hope ,love and  forgiveness is what makes the New Year a special moment in time it gives the feeling of  a great power at work for the Good of all mankind,one of the most apparent truths I’ve learned throughout the years about each new year is that where ever you maybe  or whatever you maybe doing a new year always start with you.—twice the Luv

Repost: December 2015 Editor Note Happy Holidays & Twice the Luv

A messag2015 Dec EDNotee from the Editor,Founder and President of csaccac Inc;

twice the Luv, the end of the year has arrived and this is last chat for 2015, as the year closes out and ushers in a New Year, I want to take a few minutes to chat with you and let each of  you know  that I am blessed and thankful to of had the time to chat with you and share you with some of the thoughts I’ve had throughout the year  of  course Ive had some serious thoughts, others not quite as serious, along with a few wild and crazy ideas. In addition to everything else family, friends, school, work,Social Media, and searching for an affordable apartment, I found it a bit to put daunting, dreadful, insurmountable, and painstakingly excruciating to put pen to paper part of it fear,the other part time management making time and sticking to it regardless of how long it takes,you’ll be glad to here, eventually, I pieced together my thoughts to make sense of the year on my blog in the Author’s Corner section. Away from the desk, I spent a lot time away from the desk performing other job related task. In 2015, I had to step back from blogging my thoughts to complete course work for required classes  that’s required  if I seriously want to Graduate in  Winter/Fall 2016 with a BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) with a concentration in Retail Management. As Editor, Founder and President of csaccac Inc; I experienced both a mental and physical workout, the biggest mental workout I experienced this year involved controlling every negative thought that entered my mind,I know it sounds impossible but I had to at least try. As began work on reviving my career and life at a time  when I felt that my life was over,I thought it has to be my prayer life, until I realized that my thought life had been under attack. Within the past five years since founding csaccac Inc; Ive found that I could pray all day and yet and still,  if what I’m thinking isn’t aligned with the my prayer life__then, it’s self defeatism, the same is true,if I don’t believe prayer works_ it’s pointless; if I don’t believe in my dreams_its  pointless,above all if I don’t believe in myself  _it’s pointless. I’ve since change my attitude,and I take extra care in what thoughts I share and how I share them because words are powerful,our words has the power to encourage and uplift other women,so even if you think no ones reading it is still good practice to tame your thoughts, or wait for better ones. In speaking of thoughts,there‘s been time that when I m ready to write an Editor Note aside from the many distraction of the day, and I begin to think I’ll write whatever I want no one is  gone to read it or probably give a hoot about what I think,when I know it is the wrong thought,straight forwardly speaking,I know that the clusters of thought I conceive and entertain each day that each day has the power to shape the day to make the day pleasant,and life worth living or a shape the day into adaptation of  Les Miserable, or Charles Dickens Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol, the truth is life is full of  twist and turns however it is our thoughts that  has the power to navigate the road,tell you to  watch the signs and listen for the bumps in the road and  don’t  forget to pay attention to those subtle warning signings.  It’s a fact;

Our thoughts and our words shape our future and our reality,one thought could change your life forever, I’ve always believed that you can change your world with your thoughts. The mind is constantly conceiving thoughts and thinking of stuff each day while each us work,play and relax with friends and family. Often times our thoughts mirror the environment and situation of the moment, I am no saint, I had some pretty wild and crazy thoughts that only lasted for a moment. To be truthful,throughout the year of  2015, I took in both good and bad year round;however,I’ve learned over the years when confronted with difficult situations that when I’ve  practiced thinking positive thoughts  a bad situation could quickly turn into an opportunity and/or hidden blessing . The life that you and I create is often a product of  our thoughts and what you and I think about ourselves;for instance,the thoughts that you and Ive chosen to believe and accept as truth  it is these thoughts which shape our environment. Over the years, Ive learned to listen the thoughts that I have about life ,school,friends,and family because I know thoughts have the power to change one’s life in an instance,and I also know that what I think says a lot about who I am.  “Treat others as you’d like to be treated” this is  one thought I’ve kept throughout the years, I hold on to this thought like  a Golden Rule. December is a perfect time to put this Golden Rule into practice along with the Christmas spirit,the truth is,I’ve always believe that you should show people the love and respect that you’d want _ so when Christmas arrives its not a facade or a chore its what you’ve always done  now it is just with extra care and love,most all, if Santa shows up at your door and ask who has been naughty or nice? you don’t have to hesitate or stutter .  December is also the time that young boys and girls put a lot hope into their dreams and wishes,it is the dreams and wishes of young boys and girls  that make  Christmas seem so magical. I personally know the power of the Christmas spirit as well as dreams and wishes;for one,I didn’t grow in abject poverty, Ive always had aunts,uncles,cousins,grandaunt and grandmother to create the Christmas spirit and teach the meaning of Christmas. I recall  that each year family and  friends of the family  making it a point for the younger kids  to have a great Christmas that often included Christmas trees ,decorations, and presents but what really brought it all together the family,food, and Christmas music, the Christmas season isn’t  meant to be all about  gifts and receiving, it is to be a reminder about  the birth  of one child  who brought hope and love  to world,   . At forty-something,I still love the Christmas tradition,I continue to enjoy  all the stuff that a part of the Christmas tradition. As Ive grown older, I tend to feel that Christmas is about doing for others,giving to others (time and  service) and being thankful  for  what you have and for those  lives has help to keep the  Christmas spirit  alive, believe it or not , a lot work is put into making the Christmas tradition magical and special for young boys and girls across the across the globe. Our thoughts,wishes, and hopes frame our world,I paused to figure how I wanted to end this chat_, and I began to think of the theme of this chat _it’s about our “thoughts” and the how ,the when,and the where  our thoughts occur and what kind of thoughts  rule our lives  both  good and bad _then I begin to think what better way to end this chat then as I began the year inside an Editor Note with a quote. As you and I headed into the New Year, I want to leave you with this thought,a product of a public school education that equates to twelve years in the public school system celebrating and honoring American tradition and beliefs ,and  as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc; I strongly believe that your dreams,wishes,and thoughts create your reality for tomorrow and your thoughts build the future of tomorrow; in the words of  Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”— Gandhi

— Happy Holidays & twice the Luv

Twelve Days of Christmas:The csaccac Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv—cac


(2015)15 days until Christmas including Christmas stockings, poinsettias ,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

wpid-PicsArt_1387665826014.jpgOn the  fifteenth day of Christmas,,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the the fourteenth day of Christmas,,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the  thirteenth day of Christmas,,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the tenth day of Christmas,t,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the ninth day of Christmas, ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eight day of Christmas, ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettia,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the seventh day of Christmas, ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettia,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the sixth day of Christmas, ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fifth day of Christmas,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Pointsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fourth day of Christmas,,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On third day of Christmas,  , 15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the second day of Christmas, ,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the first day of Christmas, World Aids Day,15 days of Christmas, stockings,Poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!



A matter of Android & Upgrades.


From the Author’s Corner: My Ugly

7/28/2015 My Ugly: In my first two books I don’t talk at length about my ugly. IMG_20150315_200159What is my ugly?, my ugly I’d like to describe it as all of the stuff life throws at you that makes you feel ugly on inside_ it so ugly, that when you wake up in the morning you don’t even want to look in the mirror, in my instances it’s all the stuff I had to either stand behind, step aside to, embrace and accept even when I felt my values, and beliefs were being trampled on just so ugly could its way. And one of the main things I’ve learned about ugly is that it really does care how it looks and what the other think of it(Ugly), and with ugly you never really know what side you’re on, but one sure thing about ugly is that__in life ugly likes to take different shapes and form . After a while you begin to think putting up with ugly isn’t so bad because it’s easy on the eyes. While working on both books, I had to accept my Ugly forMY UGLY what it represented__ all of the ugly things in my life that I considered obstacles such as a bad attitude, and consistently having bad thoughts. Straight forwardly speaking, all of the ugly things in my life I prefer and really wouldn’t want to discuss with any Tom, Dick, Harry or over your average cup of Joe. Over the years, my ugly has taken many forms and shapes from unemployment, to homelessness, to depression, to thoughts of suicide, to death and denial, to self-hatred, lack of faith and feelings of hopelessness. My ugly looked so bad that the preparation and publishing process of my first book actually could have been an escape from the Ugly, and my second book a vacation in paradise.  After accepting my ugly_ and accepting what my ugly represented,  the end product, a nice  neat package, a polish presentation and new outlook on life. Of course, Ugly likes to rear it’s head when it wants to get the best me, from  a biblical point of view I think Ugly is a reminder to Pretty, and a wake up call to let  you know_you didn’t get that way by yourself (pretty came Ugly) _, out of all that Ugly ,needless to say I got through  to  see my first  book  published  then  I published a second book and started feeling pretty inside . So, I had to put Ugly aside  for a good minute__and if it wasn’t for Ugly I might not of appreciate Pretty as much as I do_and to be truthful I learned to Luv my ugly.

damn unPretty.

Thought About It,the perfect place and a run 4 the Senate.

It is easier to have perfect thoughts, to be the perfect person when you feel that you’ve arrived to the perfect place, the test of life is to be that perfect person even when you’re not in the perfect place. And the same is with our thoughts, it is easier to have perfect thoughts when you feel that you’re in the perfect place. If you took a moment to critique your thoughts while on the road to the perfect place what kind of rating would you give the thoughts that you’ve had over the years, using your inner critic and being very honest with yourself? Well, the reality and truth about our thoughts as I’ve learned over the years is it takes years to master thoughts and put one’s thoughts life into check. Let’s be truthful, of course, it is easier to put one’s thought life in check in the perfect place when your life has no restrictions, and is free from the restraints and confines others. What’s some of the stuff you do when you’re not in the perfect? a lot of people meditate, pray, read, and journal their thoughts. Bad thoughts come and go like bad hair days, bad thoughts never stick around long enough to make  our  world seem like a vile and vicious place_ bad thoughts in time eventually dissipate.  And bad thoughts usually never stick around long enough to cause isolation and dissension,in reality the truth is_ people thoughts change along with situations and circumstances and people thoughts often change  for the better when provided with the right information and education. Be it the Gods or fate,orchestrated or designed,in a not so perfect world ,with the daily grind of life, and life’s trials and triumphs, the thoughts of today might not be same the same as the thoughts of tomorrow,the reality of life is_each day our thoughts change and while some thoughts such as our(ideals,values, morals and beliefs) remain constant, other thought become apparent and make themselves known to us and the world. One of the ultimate test of life is not to let negative thoughts control you every second and minute of the day.Good thoughts and bad thoughts they come and then they go,life is filled with lessons, as product of a public school education,one of the lessons I had  to learn  as an adolescence, a simple life changing task that followed me through twelve years of public education,I had to learn  to monitor my bad thoughts,to realize the cause of the bad thoughts and not to let the bad thoughts control my behavior . As an adolescence I’d been taught  that each of us has the power to change our thoughts at any given moment, so then, what’s stopping people from tapping into this life changing,powerful and free transformational exercise,_I relived this questions the first half of the year,

Between course requirements, building up brain cells to write an Editor Note each month, along with working to keep up my blog, websites and finding free brain cells to write article for csaccac eNewsletter, I experienced some pretty nasty thoughts that has led to thoughts of undesirable behavior. Thoughts, lots of thoughts, it is our thoughts that shapes our attitudes and behaviors, it is our thoughts that surrounds us and covers us like a mucous membrane of an embryo, it is our thoughts causes people to run towards us or walk away, it is our thoughts that sends gray clouds, blacks clouds, sunshine, and rainbows our way, and it is our thoughts causes people to brighten the way. Thoughts of breaking my laptop into pieces because of the extremely slow internet connections, thoughts of throwing my Smart Phone under a bus and watching cars run over it because the Smart Phone is sensitive to touch does whatever it wants on any given day, thoughts putting my brand new television and brand-new speakers on the curb because of all the rings, clicks ,and lesbian noises is a thought I entertain everyday, the truth is each us has thoughts every second and every minute of the day and they’re just that thoughts.   Thoughts some serious and some not so serious,wpid-wp-1422162015576.jpeg

A Perfect Place to Start,in A Not So Perfect Place.

WIN_20150302_193150 (3)The perfect place to read, the perfect place to read other people’s blogs,the perfect place to write, and the perfect place to fill in my blog_perhaps  would be in complete isolation from the world, or during a summer vacation in a exotic location,or in a  luxury hotel with a view of a beach front,or in New York City where there’s lots of inspiration,different kinds of muses,and variety of people,cultures to observe,to  experience and to reflect on ideas and thoughts . Sometimes the perfect place to start is in a not so perfect place like our thoughts. And in life,there ‘s some instances when you must start  to begin  in a not so perfect place,this thought of a perfect place in my younger I observed often created a state or condition of thinking that life starts and begins when you find the perfect place or the right place during stages of  adolescence. When in fact to start or to begin, begins with the person,and often has very little to do with being in the perfect place,I often think of perfect place is not the place where I begin to live_it is the place where I put into practice all that I ve learned,and unpack memories and traditions in honor of those who made the perfect place a reality and not a dream   ,it the place where I continue to nurture that which has been instilled and inculcated within me  through the years,it is the place where I embrace  the past and  prepare for the future while waiting,hoping,and thinking of the perfect place. To  start and to begin as I’ve done so  many times doesn’t always happen in the perfect place,it is a thought that often pushes people to reach their potential,and for others the thought of the perfect place causes immobility and deprivation,I experienced both for the first half of the year thinking of a perfect place(environment) to hear my thoughts ,to  blog ,and to write Editor Notes, for six months along with a extremely slow internet connection,brand new tech gadgets with a mind of their own,and course requirements that  seemed absolutely out reach,I thought that not being in the perfect place had been the main reason that kept my thoughts and words from not flowing freely. Of course,I know better to not  let the blogs get the best of me,but when it seems like everyone is putting out these scholarly,thought-provoking blogs  every minute and every second day and actual expect you to read them  in an 8 hour day,your thoughts begin to run rampant on lines of ADD(attention deficit disorder),and to be truthful in a lot of other instance the blogs I am subscribed to  look pretty simple and most of them seem to be  pretty much  easy on the eyes. In each instance,the ruling thought I often encounter is finding the perfect place and perfect time to read  through the all the blogs,when the perfect place to start and to begin often is in a not so perfect place,I fully experience this when I began to write my first book. Our thoughts ( what we think,how we think and the way think) as I’ve learned over the years can be very powerful, and our/this  world is created with our thoughts,I certainly could attest to the fact that the perfect place to change your thoughts isn’t in a perfect place,Orange is not my best color  in hints to Orange is the New Black one of Netflix top series.

Serve up the attitude,a separate attitude for everything even for Leprechauns.

St Paddys DayOriginating in oral history,an Irish tradition that over the years has come to accumulate,believers,supporters,loyal fans and followers and lovers of anything that has a hint of drinking alcohol,Saint Patrick’s Day brings out the green and all things related to the Irish tradition including men in skirts .  One thing Ive come to realize through the years  is that St Paddy’s  Happy hour isn’t your regular Happy Hour __and,sadly  for some  it only comes around once year in the month of March.  Years later,  words to live by “drink responsibly” remains a St. Paddy’s  an  all day theme that doesn’t end until the next morning.  But,first and foremost,to get into the mood for this day a bottle of  ,vodka gin,or rum, isn’t really require as much as the  right attitude.  It’s all about attitude on St Paddy’s Day that sets the day apart from other days ,with a little luck and the right attitude, Each year  around this time ,St Paddy’s festivities often  attract a huge crowds  people  from different  nationalities hoping to  find a  pot of  gold or  see a Leprechaun.  Myth or Folklore,Pots of Gold, leprechauns, four leaf clovers,and make a wish on Rainbows these symbols I grew  to love during my public education and has kept even at forty-something. St Patrick’s Day,  the  one day I really check my attitude with reminders of  green stuff  from apparel to stickers to buttons to souvenir everywhere__its really hard not to pick the right attitude.  Serious-minded ,mad, humorous, lighthearted, thoughtful,or unapologetic,these days it seems there’s an right and wrong attitude for just about every situation you encounter,and there’s even a separate attitude  for leprechaun’s, I think it’s because of the myth association with the symbolic beings.  And I’m sure each of you know  all about attitude,if you really think about, there’s the attitude you share with family, an attitude you share with friends then there’s an attitude that you share at work and school,and then there’s the attitude you present to the public__,take a moment to think about it_ it’s probably not the same attitude you display  on a job interview or at a wedding.  You could be mad the whole month of March or choose to ignore the cliché “March Madness”  and take the Leprechaun approach, or wait until  St’ Paddy’s Day,the one day during March that your attitude could lead to you stumble upon a Pot of Gold or the next best thing to it like a winning lottery ticket. Call it faith or luck,not quite mad  or all madness. Unlike previous years,this March  I missed out on the  Green jell-o shots ,Lucky Charms _and I skipped the all day Leprechaun marathon on Netflix. Of  course, there’s  a lot more to March than St Patrick day festivities,but you probably couldn’t tell  on March 17th as I hit all the Social Networking sites_ well,at least the sites I ‘ve come to consider huge in the Social Networking sphere such as Facebook & Twitter… When I think of March, as stated previously,I often think of the most infamous cliché associated with March “March Madness”  mad or not I’ve learned the show must go on and it’s probably for the best to not be mad unless you’re a paid for actor and the gig calls for a mad bad scene. Sure, there’s some situations in life when  you might get mad_ the point of it is you don’t want to get stuck in that attitude because it could cause you to miss out on your Pot of Gold  or Leprechaun. Serve up the  attitude and there’s been a lot of on YouTube and the Booze Tube, actors and musicians seem to have  found a way to capitalize on attitude, I view as the more of it you show, the more money you could make. Love it or leave it ,these days it seem as if you  have to a separate attitude for just  about everything even leprechauns.  At  forty-something, young or old,age isn’t really the main factor,it’s  all in the attitude and how you look at the things that life throws at you_ and in all honesty, from the many life lessons and experiences I’ve learned  it never seems to fail choosing  the right attitude is the key to success —cacjohnson

Finding Happy.

wpid-wp-1425091315033.jpegHappiness isn’t ephemeral,being happy takes a lot of you ,some other people,and a whole lot of humble pie. And in some situations and circumstances  you have to adjust to allow happiness to find its places. Finding Happy  wasn’t hard this February. A month often known to be synonymous for love,the  in -store decorations,especially , the cards and specialty candy for Valentines_ my favorite the sweet heart candy_ put things into motion to moi finding happy. With the reminders from television commercial about the day for couples and relationships,to be honest romantic love the least thing on top of my to-do-list this February,but acts of kindness towards family and friends that doesn’t change much during  Valentines. So, with help of a few tech gadgets I set out to find happy,and the end result some Valentine’s cards and candy to handout to family and friend,along with lots of pics,lots of sharing,and lots of networking all about life & Stuff. Ultimately, I found happy  in a great everyday purse and handbag,1pair of leopard boots,and I found happy in a totally fab lipstick from Loreal. For the month of February,I had a terrific month, and to be honest and totally outrageous and remarkably bad as in bad, it wasn’t because I masturbated  all day, or because I finally moved out of my moms into my own apartment again_after, how many years?,or because I was  standing in front of the stove with a glass wine and a gourmet pizza or because after years of networking on all the most popular Social Networking sites I found my true love,great stuff when you think about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and every other love story that has every been on Netflix and in the Movie theater.  At forty-something, I found Happy twice in the month February the first moment of happiness happened when I found my Hello Kitty purse  then again when I got the author’s copy of my second book,finding happy

My Life As AConsumer Affairs Consultant: Greatness Starts From Within.

imageGreatness comes from within,but it doesn’t always come easy. Most of my great moments happened after days even weeks of inner reflection and introspection,the greatness_that didn’t happen until after a myriad of life’s  lessons and experiences. And like finding love ,all  to  often achieving greatness takes lots of patience and commitment.  Love is one of several themes often spoken about and recognized during the month of February,at forty-something the meaning and dynamics of the word love has evolved from my teens and twenties. And to be truthful finding love happen to of been the farthest thing on my mind between blogs,classes,and promoting my business and books,romantic love__  not at the top of my to-do-list.  When I thing of love these days, and I think about love a lot__,it is in the sphere and scope of the human condition. LoL, if you like for minute,Love or Luv is one of the central themes of my second book “Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv” .  On some days I think of Luv as honesty and sincerity ,and of course,as  part of personal growth it’s only to be expected,Luv  in my teens and twenties  totally meant something else. As a teenager and young adult Love meant Relationships & Intimacy,today,I think of Love as an expression or an action of gratitude,appreciation, and being authentic with others.  And in life love sometimes leads us to our greatness,as my Love for reading and writing along with my life passion lead to me to achieve greatness by becoming a self published author .  Greatness comes from within,it could take years before it shows up at doorstep,I achieved greatness through trial and error,obstacles and failure,and a whole lot of life’s lessons.  And like love ,greatness is always right around the corner waiting to be seen_ to be discovered _to be recognized_ waiting to grab your attention.—twice the Luv

Author’s Corner

imageTwo weeks with the author’s copy of my second book “Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv“,I am personally proud of the end result.  From start to finish, this second book_,I have to admit  happened to of been a major task that took several years to complete. At the beginning of taking on this enormous task , it seemed as if I d never get it done. As a novice,I am happy with quality of the book as fars the visual appearance and content of the book. Eventhough, this my second book with Xlibris,who I felt has been a Godsend through entire publishing process__,I am still learning the ins&outs of the publishing industry.—twice the Luv

2015, New Year’s ecard: Reaching New Strides In The New Year. :: csaccac Inc. | MyNewsletterBuilder



Available 2015

Two years after the release of my first book, “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping” partly autobiographical and based on real life shopping experiences, I reached an apex in my writing career towards the end of 2014 with one of the most anticipated events of my writing career the publication of my second book “Savor the Flavor & Get TwiceThe Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs)”. On a personal level,this book has been a journey of discovery,and enlightment. When I first set out to put this book together,the concepts slowly developed,eventually,as the concept for the book and the direction for book became clearer ,the focus of the book lead me to put together a portrait in words and in thought for readers. With this book,I hope readers find inspiration,encourage,strength,and purpose.—twice the Luv image

(2014)15 days until Christmas including Christmas stockings, poinsettias ,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the  fifteenth day of Christmas,I  created Holiday ecards with  Pic Art,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the the fourteenth day of Christmas,I viewed  a previously recorded  version of the Hip Hop Awards 2014,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the  thirteenth day of Christmas, I added some spice to the night with a previously recorded version of the BET Awards 2014,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande turned up the music at Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014,5 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eleventh day of Christmas,a great treat,the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker  brought in the winter with music & dance,5 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the tenth day of Christmas,out with the old and in with new, a brand new bracelet,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the ninth day of Christmas, I listened to the message from the Pope Francis,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eight day of Christmas,  I sampled and taste tested a holiday favorite  Turkey & Stuffing with  mac and cheese,5 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the seventh day of Christmas, I put on my brand new Christmas sweater,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the sixth day of Christmas, edible Santa Brownies & Santa Truffles to brighten up the  day,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fifth day of Christmas, I bought two Hershey’s White Chocolate Candy Cane bars,5 days of Christmas, stockings,pointsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fourth day of Christmas,  I hooked up the Google Chrome cast,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On third day of Christmas,  for all things  tech, a fave place to visit I brave the cold with a trip to RadioShack, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the second day of Christmas, I tweeted a holiday pic on Twitter,15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the first day of Christmas,I posted a holiday picture  to Facebook, 15 days of Christmas, stockings,poinsettias,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eve of a new year, past and present collide.


I felt the night had been clouded by recent world events, at a time when the world should of been sharing in the excitement of a time honored tradition, while the atmosphere clearly screamed New Year’s Eve on just about every local TV station, I at my place of residency found it hard to get into New Year’s Eve spirit. New Year’s Eve the night before New Year’s Day and for millions of people it is one the most anticipated events of the year, I for one first began celebrating the New Year way before I even fully understood the reason for the tradition. Kindergarten, the start of many of things, for instance, the love of Crayola it also the place where numerous seeds of esteem as well as seeds of  respect, seeds of courtesy, seeds of  friendship and seeds of  tradition is planted.  Tradition, I’ve observed over the years often helps to bring life into focus, this typically has  held true for each year I’ve honored and recognize many of  the traditional American holidays. Weeks  of  sight and sound, on the last night of 2014, I really hadn’t thought about or given strong consideration to much being that I felt kind of horrible, somewhat upset with things in general, I felt emotionally exhausted, and to be truthfully I normally like to be asleep at 10pm with the exception of holidays. Within a few hours on the Eve of a New Year the  world/and of  course, my life at stroke of midnight whether I felt it or not ultimately something would be different. It seemed as though I couldn’t fully comprehend the depth the of tragic world events, I honestly felt the events of 2014 altered my view of the world especially of people and places. In an instance, within moments the past and present collide, on the eve before a New Year, I preempted by holiday decorations, online and in store sales, along with Christmas shoppers I kept a mental note of the day. The week of New Year’s Eve, I bought four bottles of Sparkling Cider from the local grocer to commemorate the day, in the same week I gave two of the  bottles of Sparkling Cider to family members and the other two I  sampled  before New Year’s Eve. At the end of 2014, I had published my  second book, made it through the Fall Semester my GPA even  got a boost, even though, I had few uncompleted task,and in all honesty  the uncompleted task didn’t bother me as much Thanks to my cac notes the place where I list some of my most important goals,the New Year  had  written and planned itself with little help from (moi). New Year’s Eve,I planned all through out the year, performed a little bit of  work each week  ending the year with  lots of Pics ,New Year Notes, resolutions, the stuff I’d Luv to do,goals, an plans.  2015  all the stuff  from 2014 seem to of fallen into place  

twice the Luv.


Love is gracious.Love is kind.Love is sincere. Love is courteous. Love is considerate. Love is thoughful. Love is respectful.Love is tolerant of all things.Love endure all things.Love is humane,Love is merciful.Love is forgiving . Most of all,Love is unshakeable, unwavering,and untiring..—twice the Luv

My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant ,Sales & Service Mgr:T’is the season for Peace,Love,&Hope.

wpid-wp-1419628439924.jpegWeeks of sights and sounds,laughter and tears,happiness and sorrow,the months has been both kind and daunting. And at times,the days seemed unbearable. As in previous years, Christmas has a way of bringing Love & Hope to all who wishes to  receive it through acts of  kindness from a friend,a neighbor,or even a complete strange. The smallest acts of love,appreciation,and forgiveness,the glimpse of hope,the faith of prayers,it is the spirt of Christmas that makes it way into to homes and heart of so many people. I,like a lot of consumers and shoppers grew up with the Christmas tradition. I recall family and church members taught the meaning and the reason for the season to all of the kids each year. As a public school kid, I celebrated Christmas at home,in the church and at school. Bible lessons taught at home and in the church part of the reasons I celebrate the Christmas tradition. Back in the day, I help decorate quite a few Christmas with family and friends. Putting presents and gifts aside ,the biggest part of the Christmas tradition I really love has to be selecting that one special tree to take home to put into its designated place for the holidays. Decorations, the other biggest part of the christmas tradition I really love, decorations brings added life to the Christmas tree that makes it more special,__as it already is, even if the Christmas tree didnt have a single bulb or decoration its the meaning of the tree that makes it special. With each passing year kids big and small began to realize Christmas means so much more than sharing presents and gifts,it is time to show love ,appreciation,and to honor love ones and traditon. When I stop to think what do I love most about Christmas,beside the food and gifts,it is the Christmas tree, I love a nicely decorated Christmas tree, so it isnt suprising that when every I see a nicely decorated Christmas I pause for a moment,or even take a pic.T’is the season to celebrate all things that makes Christmas,Christmas.With unwrapped presents and gifts tied with a ribbon,Christmas is here to bestow love,peace and hope ,after all it is the reason for the season.—twice the Luv

Between Blogs

2014HolidayChristmasPicWithout a million bucks ,or a  home to call my own, to be truthful I hadn’t even cooked my first turkey,nonetheless, I began this blog six years ago.  In that time , I lived through one of the worst economic crisis in United States History,donated my car to charity,mourned the passing of the family cat “Sparkle”,watch “Drake” the family dog grow,started an eNewsletter of which I am the Editor and  main writer, I also became a Notary of Public,signed up with several Social Networkings sites,participated  twice in the “Next Face of Fox 43” contest,gained a  following on Facebook,published my first book, attended two Local Author’s Day,voted in two elections,changed hairstyles, went back to school,and  recently, thanks to a reminder from wordpress one of which I  had been totally unaware, I reached my sixth Anniversary on As the cliche states “the show must go on” thus hold trues in the  blogosphere even when  viewer and readers  seem to  go the other blog or website.  Six years later,I continue blog with hopes that this blog will make it big with bloggers,consumers,and shoppers.  Between blogs, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff ;however, each month I really try to make time for my blog__ there’s a lot I Luved to chat  about_, of course  there’s a time and a place for everything so sticking to the theme of the blog “Day &Life Of Consumer Affairs Consultant”  makes this blog “PG” the goal isn’t to be offensive or vulgar it is to be socially acumen,astute,and trendy while staying true the reason that I began this blog  to  attract readers and followers with similar interest. Aside from blogging,I love drinking coffee,I love going out to get a ready made hamburger,I love taking pictures with my Smart Phone and Nexus 7 tablet,  I love to shop,I love to read,I networking,I love meeting new people, I love watching videos on Netflix and I love to blog. If I could blog daily,I probably would but not with so much detail,it takes a  lot of words string together to make blog post that for my style of blogging other bloggers do something different what  most do what works for them,I blog the way that works best in my blog world (for me).  Blog on !!!,  a blog  shouldn’t be pretentious,it should reflect you,your personality so what if you don’t get a million likes,right at the moment I’m nowhere near a million likes or views, but if you love what you do and put as much effort into blogging as watching YouTube, or belting the lyrics to your favorite song, the blogoshpere  is limitless__ how far you go is up to you. And I said of all that,because I know from firsthand experience  it might look easy, but in reality blogging  is art that has to be nurtured before it blossoms. Wow,I am so whammed right now it is hard to believe that I’ve been at this for six years_ it  feel s great to be a part of the blogosphere, I am shooting for the stars with my blog,looking to make it big,and gain a few a followers along the  way,I really wanted to share this update from wordpress__,sure I could of just posted a pic__,here again, that’s not my style of blogging,I’ve got a comment for just about anything and everything,until my next blog ,KIT (keep in touch) .— twice the Luv

100 Posts!

All The Rave;My First Tablet.


Channel Caster,Netflix,Flixster,Note Everything,
My Note Pad,My To Do List,Pocket, and Y!Mail
,a personal  assistant and a  best friend ,tablets make life a little less cumbersome. From brand names,to generic names the tablets has become one of the most sought after tech gadgets of 20th Century. Tablets, the tech gadget that does just about  everything a PC does and a whole lot of other stuff,the  tablet has been seen just about everywhere and every place the  Smartphone has been or visited. And like the Smartphone,the tablet has become one of the most popular  tech gadgets of the decade. With so many different  kinds of tech gadgets on the market how do  you choose  the  tablet that’s  right for your lifestyle, do you choose your gut  feelings or go with your basic instincts. You know your  gut ,it tells you when you’re hungry__,and you usually follow your basic instinct,it  tells you when  something is right for  you like a SmartPhone or a tablet. And,you’ve probably been told a thousand to a million times to go with  your gut and follow your instinct as I’ve often been told numerous times during my teen and pre teens.  2013_,the year of the tablet,I exercised the advice from my pre teen and teens with a visit a to Barnes and Nobles to purchase my first tablet. After weeks of waiting,listening to reviews on Youtube,watching Ad reviews on the internet,Id set my  sights on the Nook Hd+ and the Google Nexus 7,ultimately , I chose the Nook HD+ as first  choice of tablets to test.  A tablet that performs an array task the Nook HD+ really  grabbed my attention.  Aside from being a  eReader the Nook HD+   functions as a desktop office and entertainment center all in one place. After I purchased my Nook  HD + , it  eventually became  the  go to  tech  gadget of 2013 next to the Smartphone I purchased from Virgin Mobile. A lightweight tablet, that could be easily carried from home to work to  school,the Nook HD+ proved it deserved a placed among tablets,it also proved that  you didn’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get  quality a tablet. When I purchased my first tablet, it felt  great to not be weighed down with bunch of useless  tech gadgets,I d purchased a tech gadget that could perform an array of task  away from my place residency.  And to be honest,when I purchased the Nook HD+ I felt that no other tablet could ever take its place,of course,later I’d learn that truism would not hold up  for very long. A few weeks with the Nook HD+, I chose to keep it instead of returning the Nook HD+ back to Barnes and Noble.As turned it out I loved the Nook HD+ so much I purchased two covers (not  so cheap) to keep the screen protected both worked very well,in addition to the Nook HD portable keyboard also  (not so very  cheap). Pleased with  the  performance of  the Nook HD+,as it turned out  all the rave  of my first tablet hadn’t been a bunch of hype. First choice,and first tablet,I really loved my Nook HD+  and  continue to keep it at my side next to my Nexus 7,and SmartPhone. In fact, I loved my Nook HD+ so much Id made up mind to purchase another NookHD+  in case the first one went on the fritz or something happen to it,fingers crossed,I thought a spare would be a smart move. Once again,I took a trip to Barnes and Nobles to  purchase the exact same Nook HD+ I d purchased in 2013. Enthusiastic,and determined to purchase the exact same NOOK HD+,I  had not planned for rejection, a let down or disappointment,instead I prepared  for the same euphoric experience as on the day I purchased my first Nook HD+. Sure,I knew the facts when I walked through the door of Barnes and Nobles. The facts, towards mid year Barnes and Nobles announced plans to introduce a new Nook made by Samsung_,great for Samsung,but I loved the original Nook HD+. Eventhough, the orginal Nook HD+ hadn’t been equipped with a front facing or rear camera I loved the Nook HD+ I had first purchased in 2013. In a complete state of denial,ignoring all the signs,I walked up to the checkout counter and asked for the Nook HD+, only to be told that Barnes and Nobles isn’t carrying the Nook HD+,the one that brought me to the store in the first place. Alright,maybe I didnt hear the sales clerk correctly so I asked again,then I asked “is this for certain?” all this happen within minutes, I am re hashing the incident not  word for word,it isnt verbatim,but it is as close as I could get to actual incident between pauses and  disbelief.In the cloud of disbelief,the sales clerk said   “trust me” and I almost lost all my religion,and social graces (manners).An exchange of words prompted by “trusted me ” followed then instead of hastily walking out the Barnes and Nobles store, I had not relenquished all probability that a Nook HD+ could of been in the store. Let down and somewhat disappointed, I gathered my wits,purchased two accessories for the Nook HD Id previously purchase,unaccepting of the sales clerk response ,I exerted my power by not purchasing the Samsung Nook.

Fall faves & treats,I’m all for the Fall and the leaves.

image I’m all for the Fall and the leaves. Fall has arrived and once again, I reflect ,and,look back at some of my fave Fall favorites and treats. With the Fall showing its seasons through the leaves on the trees and on the ground, the signs of Fall is beginning to show everywhere even in the community where I live. From Fall fashion to Fall treats,the Fall brings with it new and old Fall recipes and of course family traditions. And in every Fall,there’s something to fall in love with from fashion to food. And without much thought, the list gets a little longer each year,the Fall faves I instantly fall head over heels for__,of course, it’s a girl thang_to love Fall fashion. Other faves,I love ,the many shades of nail color and lipsticks even the the different hairstyles grabs an audience. Of all the Fall faves, the change in the color of leaves is really the true signs of Fall. But, what get’s the biggest audience? if you haven’t guessed,well__,I think it’s a tie between the movies and the next big music artist__, I mean think about the Voice or American Idol or America’s Got Talent,you could be getting close like hot  a sweet potato. Probably,a toss up, because everyone has an right to an opinion,__ soooo,__the movies could win the season. Now,if you think about it ,a lot of good movies came out this years drawing huge audiences. Anyhow,I’ll let you figure that one out. Speaking of movies,did you know? going to the movies is American tradition that has been around for decades,sure,you did__you probably caught one or two this year. You know, I’ve probably said it a thousand times between blogs and in an Editor Note, I’m big on tradition,and the movies__,cinema to  some folks ,has been a part of American culture for years. A public school kid, I know just about all of the major holidays and the traditions attached to each including Halloween. And to be honest,around this time of year,the Fall season Starts to get a little nostalgic at my age,forty-something. A childhood favorite,Halloween is one of my favorite days of the school year. At Halloween time,I enjoy conjuring up the many different costumes or movie characters I could dress as on Halloween day for example this year a tube of pink lipstick,a pink cup cake, and bat girl top the list with some other characters. As a pre teen and teenager, I really enjoyed going door to door and yelling with the neighborhood kids ” trick or treat!” While it has been some years since I whole heartedly participated in the Halloween tradition,I’ve started a few of my own traditions on Halloween like watching scary movies up to midnight,watching Charlie Brown “The Great Pumpkin”, and poping popcorn. Fall has for many been a great time to taste test and sample Fall treats. Some of the fave Fall treats I crave during the fall season includes candy corns,rice krispie treats,cookies and brownies,a must have especially on Halloween Day extra buttered popcorn and smashing pumpkins thats what I call marshallows around Halloween time along with Lattes and hot cocoa, all signs fall has arrived, all great reasons,I’m all for the Fall and the leaves, ___and who wouldn’t be with all those Fall faves and treats.—twice the Luv

PDA’s and Smart Phones: Features,Functions,&Android Apps, A Smart Phone’s Best Traits.

Lg SmartPhoneThe other day (towards the end of September) I was in Walmart at the customer service counter and dropped my Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G(LTE) destroying the screen_,to be truthful I’d had it with the Smart Phone even though I loaded it up with all my favorite apps and craved and raved about the Smart Phone for weeks because I finally purchased a Smart Phone with a front facing camera,not even a year later,I began to feel agitated with the Smart Phone because I really wanted a 5″ Touch Screen,_well I got a shock at Best Buy when I went to replace my Smart Phone. PDA’s and SmartPhones: At first,I didn’t feel bothered about dropping the Smart Phone,I thought eventually I’ll replace the Samsung with the exact brand of Samsung until I walked into Best Buy and purchased a Virgin Mobile LG Volt,I was a bit floored with the look,the feel,and sleekness of the Smart Phone then felt wow a 4’7″ TouchScreen and front facing camera “Where had you been all my life” began to play in my head like an episode from Ally McBeal, Im serious something so drastic in change could cause you to gasp for breathe.On a final note: I love the way the Samsung starts up when you press the on button, days after busting the screen on my Samsung Galaxy,I decided to  look and try to start up the Android Jelly Bean logo similar to the way the KitKat logo screen shows up on my Nexus 7 but it wouldn’t load. Back to the reason that  prompted this blog,in that instance while in Walmart,my thoughts ran in the line of as long as its Android,I really wouldnt get too bother about the kind of SmartPhone I owned_,now that I have a Lg Volt, I find this line of though a false-negative.—cacjohnson


Meet & Greet:Local Author’s Day

Three years afterWIN_20140927_133046 (3) publishing my first book “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping),I continue to promote my first book via Social Networking Sites,on my websites,and by word of mouth to family and friends on Facebook & Twitter. A great start to the day_and in my opinion a perfect Saturday morning for a book show. A warm sunny Saturday morning, with no rain in sight,the day I attended Local Author’s Day,I woke up in the morning hours to prepare for the day,as a part of the book show I coordinated the outfit I wore to blend in with my book table display. In part to nerves and anticipation of the event,the night before I stayed up late to make sure I had enough of the required materials to present to the public for the book table display. From the pictures of the table taken with my Nexus 7,my book table display looked very presentable__,while in attendance at the event,I filled the hats of Author,Presenter,Photographer,and Social Connector. To be honest at the start of setting up my book table display I experienced a  moment of difficult than everything just began to fall into place as shown in the picture below.  All pinned up for the event,I averted a bad hair day with lip gloss and a pair of shades as a hair accessory. During the event, I spoke with local author’s along with posting several tweets, and sending out invites on meetme . A break from my Saturday morning routine, I look forward to  being a part of  future Local Author’s Day,most of all, I’m excited about future book shows,setting up my book table display and  meeting  followers and readers.image

September 2014

imageA message from the Editor,President and Founder of csaccac Inc;
Consumerism,the life of a consumer and a shopper often gets pretty hectic throughout the year, in a lot of instances tending to family, keeping up with friends and caring for loved ones sometimes makes one feel overwhelmed and uncertain about one’s strength to meet life’s challenge. In any situation or case,
no matter how much stuff there’s to do or events to attend, a consumer should always take time out to smell the coffee, celebrate life, remember loved ones, and to celebrate the birth of those who life has added meaning and given purpose to the lives others. This September American Consumers had a lot to celebrate and remember, the month begin with a month long recognition Constitution Day and Week, 9/11 Remembrance,  in addition csaccac Inc Annual Fundraiser”Shopapolozza”, National Cyber Security Awareness Week, Patriot’s Day and Local Author’s Day. Making time for all things big small the month September keep this Editor on her toes with preparation of Shopapolozza online, an adventure to Burger on Labor Day while wearing a purple T-shirt with the saying “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” well, what happened in Burger King didn’t stay in Burger King after a not so great lunch this Editor posted a few pics on meet me. With a long to-do list ,the Remembrance of September 11th events pretty much set the mood and tone for most of the month, as American Consumers remember those who lost their lives on September 11th. Almost fourteen years from the day, American citizens continue to work to rebuild their lives and confidence in the United States. Although , the emotions remain, each year around this time I think of the young men and women who has lost their lives to senseless crime, gang violence, domestic violence and while serving our country, these young men and women whose birth gave hope, happiness, and inspiration ended tragically ,a life cut short ,a life gone too soon, and in remembrance a birthday celebration with candles for each year of life. It causes one to think, isn’t a birthday is meant to be lived? The celebration of a birth and birthdays is an American Tradition that is as old as the birth of Jesus, it is a tradition that Americans from all walks of life has observed and celebrated for many years. A birthday like high school prom graduations, job promotions, first major purchase, first credit card, along with weddings, and anniversaries each is often a special moment, and a rare event in the life of a consumer or a shopper. And like most life events, a birthday is meant to be lived and celebrated. From birth into the inculcation of life, the rite of passage for most young people happens in stages. At birth, a life begins with hopes of reaching, coming into age and matriculating into adulthood to fulfill God’s driven purpose. When I first began to consider writing a blog about my birthday, at one point I became upset because I had high hopes of having this big Forty bash with friends and families and of course a huge birthday cake with forty candles_, well, things didn’t quite work out the way I imagined or planned . Since then, forty, the Big 4-0 has come and passed, now, I am forty something. Thankful to have lived and shared time with family and friends, thankful for each person who has come into my life and who has brought sunshine and rain, joy, laughter, pain, hurt, inspiration. love, healing, comfort and understanding I begin to think “What about the candles” then I realized the candles on a birthday cake really do have meaning, the placing candles on a birthday cake gives life to the day as much as the person who is being celebrated. ”What about the candles” it’s part of the celebration and remembrance of a person’s life . A day for candles,anyone who has celebrated a birthday or birthdays throughout the years could tell you birthdays holds special meaning for the person and the family,and in uncontrollable circumstances when the person who is being celebrated doesn’t make it _to celebrate and to live the day it changes the meaning of “a birthday” This September,I turned forty-three and what has become a trend the birthday cake and candles didn’t quite make it to the event;even though, I prefer pie on any given day,I really love pie,to be truthful it is a family tradition that began during the holidays and grew as I became older,egregiously,a birthday does seem quite right without a cake or cupcake around somewhere at home or in a restaurant, I’ve grown to appreciate my birthdays and others. This September,I quietly celebrated the event with a few post here and there on Social Media,a day of thankfulness and remembrance of others,the birthday tradition within the past years eight has been a lot different from the birthday celebration of my pre teens and teens. Aside from birthdays, I take pride in my work and accomplishment both in the past and present,and for said reason I recognize and observer Labor Day each year. In fact,the other day I paused for a minute to refresh my memory on Labor Day facts because I sometimes get confuse Labor Day with Memorial Day ,two separate holidays,the great thing in keeping up with csaccac Inc; as Editor,President and Founder,I learn some new interesting fact each month also I get a crash course in history,but thanks to NWHP (National History Women Project) I stay well informed of history and women’s history. A huge month for events and seminars,this September with Constitution Day and Week,csaccac Inc Annual Fundraiser”Shopapolozza”, National Cyber Security Awareness week, Patriot’s Day and Local Author’s Day.I encourage  to find and read about  to get the facts about  Women’s History  and take a few minutes to visit NWHP website and don’t  forget online safety,make time to get the facts to staying safe online during National Cyber Security Awareness week.
A Day for Candles: csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get —-Twice the Luv—cacjohnson

Editor Note August 2014

cacjohnson,sporting a different look for August eNewsletter.

cacjohnson,sporting a different look for August eNewsletter.

 The Main Thing is to Keep
The Main Thing The Main Thing.
– Stephen Covey

August  2014

A message from the Editor,Founder & President;
Motives &Incentives: Imagine if I got paid a $100 to $500 for every Editor Note I write,a great incentive_and somehow I wonder if the message would be self serving,one sided, a diluted truth just to get paid,I consider all the factors this includes:upbringing ,schooling, personal relationships,faults and failures,work ethics,imperfections and just being human. Knowing the person I am with the help of several women’s confidence books along with reading motivational and inspirational quotes _, once again, knowing who I am the incentive would be a great motivator ;however as I stated before receiving recognition among colleagues and peers,family and friends as well as mastering the skill takes precedent above the offering of incentive because if you really enjoy a task ,a job, or project an incentive isn’t required. For instance, a student that loves to solve math problems,or a student that loves creative writing,or student that loves working with computers an incentive to do well in these areas it’s a great motivator nonetheless shouldn’t be used as bribery to make the student perform in an area that they might later consider as uninteresting or boring, neither should it should be used as bribery to get a writer to write about something that’s emotionless to the write and exudes little compassion towards the subject. Over the years, I’ve learned that incentives on the job, and in the classroom,could be a good thing while simultaneously thinking that motives the result of incentives could be a bad thing .Since becoming the Editor the csaccac eNewsletter, I’ve read hundreds of Editors Notes__in fact thousands of Editor Notes,I’ve been reading Editor Notes as far back as elementary school in all of the trendy magazines from Cosompolitan to Seventeen to Elle to Vogue to Ebony to Essence to Reader’s Digest, if there happen to of been an Editor Note inside then I’ve perused the pages to fill time. Each one with a different style of writing and voice,I recall being inspired by numerous of Editor Notes during my teens and twenties that could be attributed to my desire to be a National Editor. Back then Smart Phones,Tablets and Notebooks hadn’t even begun to exist on a large scale as seen today where consumers and shoppers now has the option to download their favorite magazine on a SmartPhone or Tablet. Throughout the years, I’ve learned if you do what you love eventually others will come to recognize your talent,your work and might even pay you for it like in the instance of a painter,a photographer,a singer,a blogger,or even a hair stylist. Until then as I been told a many times it is probably a good idea not to quit your day job_ after all a girl has to eat and shoe these days aren’t cheap. Back to the topic,I mentioned incentives and motives to draw attention to the real reason behind why people do what they do,and some of the stuff they do like giving to charity,donating school supplies,donating to a thrift store,feeding the homeless,assisting the elderly,sponsoring a child, or volunteering for a non profit. Why do people do what they do?Do they think in terms of monetary rewards or Do they think if I reach just one person then I accomplished a great task or Do they think it is there reasonable service to the Omnipotent, or Do they think of Fame and Fortune? Why do people do what they do? well there’s numerous reasons as Editor I could think of why people do what they do? , the most obvious_survival,then there’s gratitude,thankfulness,appreciation,unconditional love,generosity,and acts of humanitarianism. In 2010,I began to write Editor’s Note to be included inside the csaccac Newsletter & eNewsletter not because of the incentive,mainly for the simple reason that I wanted to convey a message to my readers as well as master my writing techniques. twice the Luv,thanks for joining in on the chat for this month, I’m further along into this chat than I planned,I got a few other things I liked to chat about before concluding this Editor Note beginning with the events held during the month of August,for example the back to school tradition,the birthday of http://www.cacjohnson,com and the various task I performed during the month. As you might of observed,in this Editor Note I include  a pic taken at the beginning of the month of August instead of  selected Editor pic for the year. located beside each Editor Note. To conclude,why do people do what they do? Some people do things out of hurt,others do things to help a friend,then others do stuff to support their families,then there’s others who do stuff to get into the in crowd,other people do stuff for the love of their country and let’s not forget the people who do stuff because they heard the voice of Jesus. In the world of behavior psychology one might conclude that there doesnt has to be a reason why people do stuff,they just do stuff;however,incentives and motives would lead one to believe that people do stuff based on intrinsic and external rewards with thoughts of consequences and punishment.

This summer,the summer class that I enrolled in during the month of June consumed a lot of my time and attention in the month  August. Between preparing class assignments,and writing assignments,I remained busy with classes and eventually I had to put aside my monthly blogging  for a minute because of summer classes. With a slow internet connection_,egregiously I continue to incur the cost . At any rate,I couldn’t  e-mail the csaccac eNewsletter,as a result of poor internet connection I just ask readers,members,donors,and sponsors to check in  at the corporate site periodically for updates. Despite a poor internet connection some good stuff happened in the month of August ;for instance, I finally received  a new laptop very similar to the laptop I turned into geek squad to replace the lap top that I had original purchased at Best Buy. On the same day of the exchange,the weather held up  and I got a chance to visit one of my favorite retail stores in the area Barnes & Nobles who happen to of been advertising Pop Cultural week. All throughout the month I tended to focus on completing summer classes__ and to be truthful,  I didn’t know if I could get through the summer  classes with  the my websites performing not  as expected while trying to raise the funds to open an office. Yes, I remain vigilant in hopes of opening an office the Hampton Roads as well as increasing membership. A few years ago I embarked on this journey as Founder and President of csaccac Inc then Editor of the csaccac eNewsletter, just the other day I happen to of received a reminder on LinkedIn that caught me off guard at the number of years I’ve been at this_ must of been a typo,csaccac Inc began in 2010 not quite five years old. On another note, at the begin of the month, I happen to of lost my Bluetooth,the reason I attribute to the  fact  that the ear hook  wouldn’t catch and stay on my ear. A big upset,  even though the ear hook happen to of been to big for my ear,the Bluetooth I ordered from Virgin Mobile I  later  learned when I went to replace the device  happen to of been a good deal ,mainly for the fact it answer calls and streams music.  Well, back to school,I’ve said this each year  back to school tradition is one my favorite traditions, getting the students ready to head back to class,this year I went comparison shopping and checked out who offered the best prices for school supplies some of the stores I visited included Dollar General,Dollar Tree,Family  Dollar and Wal mart__,and of course believe it or not Walmart won out in the best  prices in school supplies ranging less .99cent. Overall,the month of August  began with a good  start,admittedly for  the  majority of the  month I  focused  on my summer classes. A  final thought about incentives and motives, do you think it is  a good incentive to pay students for grades? well, some parents do, what  kind of affects do you think monetary incentives has in the future of  a student when choosing an occupation? I’m at the end of this chat before signing off,check out the inside of the newsletter with all of your  favorites inside from Editor’s Pick to Product of the Month to resume tips ,Twitter tips,Shopping tips,plus a lot of other stuff,I don’t like dating myself so I try not to date the state stuff inside but it is relevant to each month and season,thanks for checking-in chat with you later.
School Stuff{Textbooks,Notebooks,Pens& Pencils,Desk&Chairs, Teachers& Students}
csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get twice the Luv.

Editor Note,July 2014

CSACCAC - 2014TwitterA message from  the Editor,Founder and President of csaccac Inc;twice the Luv_sending out an all new chat  in July,_xoxo,Lol and KIT, for now I’ll  save the end for the ending_first things first, I’d like to take a moment to say that great beginnings, and new ideas often begin in some of the most familiar places like at the grocery store,at a book store,in the mall,standing in a line, on a bus ride or on a daily drive to work. And to be honest,I often get tons of ideas for blogs and books just from everyday stuff I observe each day and through out the week while running errands. As the  days begin to heat up in the summer months,I tend to get  bombarded with a slue of  ideas and thoughts, from messages about life,to money matters to shopping on a budget,for some reason  during the summer,the ideas and thoughts just don’t seem to stop. At the moment I’m not just learning from my life experiences,  I am  also learning from life experiences  of those in my inner circle_ and complete strangers.True,I might be out of touch with Social  Scene and the Night clubs,thank goodness!!! for TMZ, Extra,All Access,and Entertainment Tonight,the social guides to who’s who among  Celebrities and the Rich and Famous. All glam and glitz aside,I find it crucial to make time to  be informed  of World and Global news via news broadcast and the internet. Not surprisingly,world and global events has also caught my attention  this summer,as a matter of fact begin in my pre-adolescence and during my teen and ultimately well into my adulthood,I love staying on top of current events especially events that affects the community where I resides;for instance,from random acts of kindness,new jobs,people helping people to the issues affecting today’s young people such as  youth violence,gang violence,and guns__I view it as  a matter of  life and death to know what’s going on the community  where  I reside and the world around that surrounds me. With so much happening in today’s world  from natural disasters to terrorist plots and attacks,America is a much different place compared to the era I’d been raised_and the same for summer months quite different from the mamas and the papas and flower power _now if I could somehow find the time to put all of those ideas into my Smartphone I might have a fourth book. Anyhow,this Editor Note isn’t about all the mumble jumble boggled inside my head,it’s about summer,_the summer has arrived I moved away from some of the traditional stuff I loved doing in past summers. So it’s a little a different,a long  distance from past summers,but that doesn’t stop me from loving summer months. A huge reason I love the summer months,begins with it is a great time to do the stuff the you keep putting off each year like reading a epic novel,or learning a new language. Enough  said ,with summer classes in full swing,the course work in both of the classes that I’ve chose to take on during this summer has consumed a lot of my attention. At the age of  forty-something,I’ve chosen to continue my education  in hopes of a higher paying job as  learned in one of my classes I hoping the trade off is greater than the sacrifice. In between classes when I’m not deciphering books I break from the books to perform other stuff sadly these days it’s not blogging every minute and every hour  ,instead its dodge ball_ that’s an inside code for WTF is this. Well,I’m just about ready to wrap up this Editor Note,but not without saying again_ I love summer, even though,the stuff I planned might not of worked out as  liked this summer,I can say this  with my pocket calendar at my side I reminded of all the stuff I did get to do_and to be truthful,I’ve always been big on making lemonade out Kool Aid,making a meal on dime, stretching  the dollar,and counting pennies. As I prepare to conclude this Editor Note,looking  July’s calendar I’m reminded of 4th of July another one of my favorite traditions that’s not quite the same from my pre adolescence_unbelievable,and totally in line with the Summer months  I’ve yet to break down and make a run for some Bar be cue, then  there’s  my summer class schedule that wrecked havoc on my nervous system,__and out of the insane asylum the greatest deal of the year,I acknowledge as 2014 greatest find _ an exchange at Best Buy that happen to of  been a  replacement for my brand spanking new Toshiba Satellite c55t Touch Screen that wouldn’t wake up three months into use while under warranty. You’ve heard it before, all good things have a beginning and an ending, with my new personal assistant at my side the Nexus 7 full loaded operating on Android 4.4 KitKat,I began the month with breakfast at McDonald’s,I’ve  got a set must have breakfast menu at McDonald’s but I don’t eat there each and every morning,Luvin the frappes there like a God send since Dunkin Donuts moved out of the neighborhood. Also,in the month of July,I began the first day of  summer classes somewhat hopeful and uncertain of the upcoming weeks. WHADDYA,as Editor and photographer,things sometimes do get a little overwhelming even out of hand_ and for that simple fact I big on hands off and waiting for a breath of fresh air to clear the air waves to get back on track and keep it moving forward,as sophmorish as it might sound Im not talking about erasing people memories or making  them regret they ever lived , I prefer, and believe in meditation,gratitude,acceptance and making the best of each and every situation including being single and a self published author.

Summer Stuff,{white sand,sea shells,sand dollars,beach blankets,sandals,bikini Tops & Bottoms} csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, 

Summer 2014, July


A visit to Barnes &Nobles during the month of July happen to of been a  breath of fresh air _a break from the norm. I really enjoyed my visit to Barnes and Nobles. Brightening up my day, the day I went to visit Barnes and Nobles ,I took a moment to pose for this picture advertising “Pop Culture” week before walking into the store. At the time my of visit,I knew nothing about “Pop Culture” week,neat and cool stuff all through the store. Eventually,once  inside the store I checked out several books and other stuff including the Godiva display. Every visit to the store I’m constantly awed with the ambience, it’s a great store to visit especially on weekends—twice the Luv
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Editor Note June 2014

Editor's Pic 2014June 2014

A message from the Editor, Founder and President of csaccac Inc;

Since our last chat, I’ve registered for summer classes at Strayer University. Back in 2010,I made a  choice to continue my education in a field study that I already knew something about instead of returning to teaching. At the time when I made the choice to go back to school, I’d just begun to start writing my first Editor Note and to  create the first  csaccac Newsletter.  The choice to pursue another degree, I based mainly on the fact that I’d been out of the workforce for some time _with that thought, I wanted to update and refresh the skills I’d acquired while working as a retail associate_ and from that stand point I chose to attend Strayer University and major in Retail Management because of the previous experience I acquired in that field of study.   To say the least the choice required little effort; however, I encountered an impasse  with  US Department  of Education that would eventually take  four years for me get back on track  before I could registered for classes in 2014. And to be honest, upon returning back to school, at first, I wasn’t quite sure if Id survive the first two quarters Winter and Spring but somehow I pressed through both quarters in the midst of my personal and professional  life both of which has been unbalanced . Gladly welcomed, as student and a working professional, the summer months throughout the years has often brought relief and relaxation from many of life’s unexplained and unpredictable day to day events. Back to the chat, an all new  chat session  is about to begin in 1,2,3…seconds [Chat-in-Session]  For this chat instead of talking about all of the fun stuff that’s being planned ,prepared, and posted on Social Networking sites for summer 2014,instead_I think, I want to take this time to resume the chat with thoughts of being an returning adult student which is actually part of what I left out in the last chat as I  spoke of  my daily life with excerpts as relates to “A Day & Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant” On this day,I put on my Editor’s hat in hopes that I at most  don’t exclude the really good juicy parts similar to a summer BlockBuster movie review. Normally, the month of June is a great month to do the stuff you Luv,or some of the stuff you or to just resume the doing the stuff you Luv from last June. It is the month that a tantamount of young teens and college often look forward to in addition to Spring Break. Within the past seven to eight years, the summer months has taken on a different meaning largely in part to a shift in my life style, impacted by world events, and the economy. In truth, the summer months is no longer just about  exotic getaways, the hottest summer spots, days on the beach, and sampling some of the best summer foods and drinks as I grown to appreciate the simpler stuff in life, and to accept the ebb and flow of the universe_ don’t get me wrong, I Luv each of these activities and I Luv them even more when their affordable; an  idealist, faced with reality; those days has all but come to a screeching halt as I put back together the pieces of my life  after being out high school for  twenty plus years and being out of college for seventeen years to regain a sense of purpose and direction. With only my day planner to help me recall the events in June along with notes jotted down here and there, I’m probably performing the miraculous. And to be truthful, whenever an Editor Note is up for posting I begin to feel coy then  intimidated at the thought of aving  to hash out my life in Editor Note, each and every time it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been writing these notes, I have to think of my readers, even though at times I think  no one is going to read this Editor Note, so_ I might as well write whatever pops into head_ well, it sounds like a great idea and would probably work best in a blog or journal, an oxymoron,­­­_ since this isn’t a blog or journal, it’s  an Editor Note for an actual Newsletter. What remained, is eventually hopes that I inspire, provoke though, response, above all motivate others to join the conversation and encourage other to begin to blog or read. Resuming the original chat I begun at the start of this chat ,the weeks cumulating up to the month of June left me feeling mentally and physical drained ( a lot of  which had to  with me returning back to school,)and at the same time I felt recharged for the days to follow. Typically, when the summer months start, I begin to feel renewed, refreshed and recharged. Over the years, one thing I’ve recognized that hasn’t change much about the summer is the new music, new music artist who breakout each summer, the really neat and totally cool(rad) fashion, hairstyles, nail designs, the fab magazines covers, summer inspired drinks and food, most all people finding and making time to do the stuff the Luv in the summer. While writing the Editor Notes, I arrived to the realization that putting together words, and stringing together my thoughts is an art and skill that has to be cultivated, and nurtured. I also arrived to the conclusion that an Editor Note should be either uplifting, motivating, solve a problem or lead the reader to an answer. The first of many first, summer often leads each us either, to our first love, or  in a new direction or to our true calling in life.—twice the Luv, cacjohnson

twice the Luv,cacjohnson

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15 days until Christmas including Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers along with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

Holiday Blog Pic 2013

On the fifteenth day of Christmas,I called Trinity BroadCasting Network(TBN) and requested prayer: I prayed that “Jesus Heals the Land!” along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!


On the thirteenth day of Christmas Russian President Vladimir Putin releases a member from a Russian band serving a two year sentence,weeks before the Sochi Olympics along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,I shared a Christmas day with Charlie Brown and the gang along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the 11th day of Christmas, I had two Hardees hamburgers,one medium McDonalds french fries along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the tenth day of Christmas,I stepped into the spotlight on along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the ninth day of Christmas, I had a cup of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate with marshmallows along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the eight day of Christmas,I watched a live televised version of the “Sound of Music” along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the seventh day of Christmas,Netflix gets a makeover along with a whole new round of orginial programing and TV series, all while,simultaneously sharing the month withChristmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the sixth day of Christmas,Returns & Exchanges and Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fifth day of Christmas,the nation continues to Remember Nelson Mandela and Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the fourth day of Christmas,iheart radio Jingle Ball 2013 Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the third day of Christmas, Christmas,Golden Globe Academy announces nominees along with Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the second day of Christmas,Pearl Harbor Remembrance and Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!

On the first day of Christmas,World Aids Day
and Christmas stockings,pointsettas,holiday shoppers with “365 days of shopping…” and a Very Bright Pink New Year!@!



My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.: Blog & Journal


My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.: Mirrors and Mentors,step into your shoes.

What did one mirror say to the other mirror?(How do I look?)

Mirrors,they give approvals,they say yes and no. Mirrors,they stare back at us without a condescending word,they show our outward appearance and often tell us what friends and family is sometimes reluctant to share. From fitting rooms to bathrooms,normally,the primary function of a mirror is to give a second opinion. Mirrors,they’re personal assistants,frequently found in restaurants,hotels,department stores,automobiles ,in breakrooms and your best friend cosmetic bag,mirrors,they often see what you dont see. A really good mirror can spot the slightest flaw. For a tantamount of consumers and shoppers a look in a mirror could make them feel good or it could make them feel like they should of wore a different outfit. Mirrors,found in numerous public places,they can make you see something old as new. Mirrors,frequently have a powerful effect on women’s attitude about people and life. A playmate to young girls who like to play dress up,a mirror often becomes a fairy tale object.On the other hand,to young adults and professionals a mirror is a necessary item frequently required and called upon before heading out the door to work. For years,I had been taught that your appearance is equally important as a well written resume. At a very young age,I often observed how the adults closes to me would dress for work and social events. Eventually,as I grew older,I began to mirror many of the habits and customs that I observed as a teen.As a matter of fact,a habit some might consider unhealthy,as a young teen part of my morning routine included looking in the mirror after I completed dressing to make sure I dressed appropriately for the school day. A source of entertainment as well as a learning tool,a form of art to many,television makes mirroring seem easy and glamorous. A pastime favorite,small kids and young adults across the globe often mirror the images they see on television,in fact a television is a mirror of all sorts of things. Mirrors,they stand out,they call us by our names,they makes stop and take notice of life. Eventhough,I dont stand in front of the mirrors for hours,or constantly look in the mirror throughout the day,at the age of forty-something,I usually make it a point to take a look in the mirror before heading out the door to attend special events. Taking a second look is something I ve often done in previous years before performing a job search,I like to adhere to cliche “dress for success” Mirrors &Mentors. In certain instances,to mirror someone is emulate or imitate specific parts of their life. Customarily,pre teens,teens and young adults often mirror actors,dancers,singers,entertainers and even mentors.For many professionals mirroring is often part of a formula to creating success. While writing May’s editor note,I realized that during my teens I mirrored very few public figures and famous people. As a teen,I mirrored people on the radio and on television,to be truthful,many the people I mirrored,I also thought of as mentors. Mentors,they inspire,they encourage,and they help us grow. From public figures to the rich and famous,a mentor could be anyone that you choose who has had a powerful effect in your life. At home,at school,and at work,a mentor could be someone you know or someone you just met. As a graduate from a public school system,I like most students had been surrounded with mentors. From teachers to administrators,a mentor could easily be found within the walls of a classroom. A part of maturation is learning from the lessons and experiences of mentors then stepping into your shoes.

My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.:Big E,easy target for cupid.

A symbolic statue of romantic love,Cupid has been around for centuries. Quite amusing,mythology would have you to believe that a winged boy with his bow & arrow is waiting in a tree or on a roof top ready to make a perfect match. According to myth,Cupid has been bringing couples together for centuries. Whether if it’s an act of fate or Cupid’s bow&arrow, single consumers and shoppers for decades has been an easy target for match making on Valentine’s Day. In any case,those who believed in the myth accused Cupid’s bow&arrow of being the culprit. Remarkably,Cupid’s bow has extended into modern day contemporary popular culture. Seemingly,on Valentine’s Day romantic love gets extra guidance with Cupid’s bow&arrow. Fact or fiction,with skepticism,at a young age,I grew up listening to the Cupid myth,and participating in the Valentine Tradition. Admittedly,as Ive confessed in so many instances,Im big on tradition and Valentine’s Day is one of those traditions I’ve loved dating back to my days in kindergarten when I didnt even know Cupid had existed. Personalized Valentine Day cards with the words To&From printed on each one that’s how I recall participating in the Valentine’s Day tradition,in class. As a matter of fact,on each Valentine’s Day during the years I attended Elementary school I’d hand out Valentine’s Day cards to classmates and friends. And in rare moments,I even shared a Valentine’s Day cupcake with classmates. To be honest,as a young kid,I hadnt been overly concerned or bogged down with the worries of meeting a boy on Valentine’s Day___,back-then,the day had been more about learning to share and enjoying the day. As I grew older,the Valentine’s tradition gained new meaning that equated to finding a mate. Boy meets girl___,Girl meets boy___,in an era of Smart phones and social apps finding love,making new friends,and building relationships has become a lot easier,less personal,and a whole lot easier for Cupid to shoot his bow&arrow. Who could of predicted that today Cupid’s bow & arrow would extend beyond the trees and roof tops into the social app realm making it easy for him to make a match and a love connection. The truth of the matter is Im not a psychic, so I honestly couldnt tell you what Cupid actually does on Valentine’s Day or any other day,nor do I know of anyone who could attest to his where abouts. Although,I have to admit, “Boy crazy” it’s what a few of my closest friends called me in middle school and high school,exactly whether or not Cupid had anything to do with my “Boy crazy” stage__ ,honestly,I couldnt tell you if I had been hit with an arrow,but I do recall taking a few archery lesson during P.E (physical ed) in middle school that didn’t go to well. Forty years later,with the Cupid myth in tact,and the Valentine’s Day Tradition big among consumers and shoppers,___ certainly,from all outward appearances I am a little bit older,less boy crazy and more socially conscious. Boys will be boys__with that being ingrained in my conscious,I still love boys__I just dont get psycho thinking about boys …aside from the skepticism,disbelief and apprehension,the truth remains dating social apps makes it easy for Cupid to do his thing Not surprisingly,nowadays , a lot of the dating social apps makes it easy for members to become an easy target for Cupid.