2016 October: “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv” A Link Between History and Tradition,Whatever you decide_ I’m doing Pink.

Book Cover  #2  Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv

Pink lip gloss, A Bright Pink ribbon,A Pink Playboy Bunny, A Pink highlighter, Pink stylus, Pink SmartPhone,Pink emoji, Pink bubble gum, a Pink cupcake,a bottle of Pink nail polish, a Pink Android, a Pink USB, a Pink keychain, a Pink handbag or a former version of myself a Retail sales associate/cashier; the Halloween tradition has a way of bringing out the best and worst costumes. On this night of  scary costumes and movies,I’m thinking Pink & Sweet which is diametrically in opposition with the historical origin of the Halloween tradition. A fave childhood tradition, throughout the years, I’ve  often admired the costumes of entertainers and TV stars during Halloween. As the. days and weeks lead up to Halloween I began to consider all of those Dvd’s I’ve watched and which character or  person I’d like to emulate on Halloween from batgirl to Catwoman to Katy Perry (California Dream Girl)to snow white to Cleopatra 2525 to Star Trek to X-Men, if I could of celebrated the day I more than like probably would of chose something Pink which has become the theme of my life A Pink Passion. So what is this Pink Passion that I have,well_, it is a culmination of sorts;however, for the most part  it is about findings one passion and purpose in life.In speaking of Pink Passion October is Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness month,the month is dedicated to bringing awareness  to the disease while teaching  women of all ages the signs and symptoms of the disease. In recent years several organizations including Bright Pink and the Susan G. Komen foundation sponsor events and fundraisers that promote education and researcher to find a cure. For the past five years,I’ve been an advocate of Bright Pink that promote awareness of Breast Cancer online. I believe in the efforts of Bright Pink and visit the web site regular  as well as receive regular emails. One day and night out of the year,Halloween has its controversy ,the Halloween I grew up with include  both kids and grownups a tradition founded in rhetoric and superstition,today Halloween is a break from the norm , it offers a diffarent perspective on religion,rituals, and passage of rite it is the link between history  that is some tend to think is founded in myth,folklore,wp-1481423456736.jpgor superstition,how much of it you believe it is up to you, I tend to think of Halloween as time to be with friends and family  ,it is also a time to make new friends with similar interest. Whatever you decide to emulate on Halloween, whatever color you chose ,I’m think 365Pink throughout year.—twicetheLuv


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