2016 September “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv”: Never Give Up,Live for Tomorrow to be a part of the future;Believe,Hope,Inspire,Love, Pray,Celebrate Life, and Honor the Sanctity of A Birthday.

090 From birth to birthdays,to dream is to never give up that the future will be better than the past and the present, I am blessed and grateful to of live through forty decades of change and history, this September I quietly celebrated my forty-fifth birthday without the Girlfriend Amen Corner,Glam,Glitz,the wild party, or the traditional birthday cake, the day arrived without alarm or chaos. On this September, I had something else to think about_ mostly, the many family and friends who spirits and souls has and have passed on to the next life. On my forty-fifth birthday, I felt neither elation or joy_ there wasn’t much I had to do except to go outside and get some fresh air,I long for the day when I can get up ,go out, and publicly celebrate my birthday other an a Facebook and Twitter post. A day to celebrate life, and the life of those who made the day from Slavery to freedom an equal right not a privilege. A pink butterfly that I wore on my forty-fifth birthday ,I think is the most symbolic do something act of the entire day that strongly spoke to my inner spirit and embodied my attitude. From thirty-five to Forty-five,I believe the journey is not over, I am hopeful to someday move pass the past ( Racism & Slavery), I am inspired each day through my life’s passion and purpose, I choose Love over hate,I pray for others and the end of violence across the globe,and Honor the sanctity of A Birthday.—twice the Luv

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