2016 August,Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv: A world a part,where I live,where I come from_A memoir &montage of Smartphone Photo Bombs.

090Forever Forty-one,always seventeen,and not a day over twenty-five,with all of the events  around the world from Gangs and Gun violence in the USA to Africa and Syria continents worlds away, who has the time to sit for hours  and think of pics,photos or selfies_it’s weeks before my forty-fifth birthday and  three months since I reached  June 25th, Graduation at  Strayer_and I’m doing just that sitting with a ton of Photo Bombs. In a decade,when a pic or selfie could jump start a career or catapult someone into stardom_if that’s your goal then a pic or selfie becomes very important or as I’d like to say it becomes a big to-do,much to do about everything,we’ve become a visual nation where images,pics,photos and selfies has become a high commodity. A future in commodities,its no secret that pics and photos have gone off the run way thanks to ANTM (America’s Next Top Model)_a pretty good thing  or not so pretty,either way I snapped a few pics and photos of me in class ,on the bus, and without the glam. Since the introduction of Social Media,I feel there’s value in pics and photos. As I peruse my photos on Google Photos I am a little sadden that only a few of the photos I’ve concluded to be worth showing to the public. Should I be sadden from a personal photo bomb? to be honest I hadn’t put much thought into Photo Bombs or used the term as much or at all until I began snapping photos for my website,newsletter, and Social Networks, the life after a pic on Social Media worlds a part from life as I know it,you snap a few pics then move on. It seemed each time I snapped the photo the Smartphone camera saw something else,each time I thought this is the one the Smartphone camera said something different. From Facebook,to Instagram to Twitpic,I snapped most of the photo bombs  with my Smartphones. The first time,I began to snap pics and photos for public viewing on the internet happen to of been weeks after building my website. Smartphone Photo Bombs,the future of commodities,or the next Social Media trend?_,the ton of photo bombs I first refused to share in this decade coupled and fused together resembles a montage of SmartPhone Photo Bombs.—twice the Luv

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