2016 July“Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv: In and Out of Season,Fashion Speaks to the best and worst critic.

090There’s some things you cant just pack away suchas family,friends,fave song,fave music artist,a lost loved one,childhood memories and tradition;in other instances like during the summer months there’s just some things you have to pack away like the Christmas tree and winter fashion. If it’s  fashion,there’s a lot the fashion critics could speak to in and out of season . Pack away the winter clothes and bring out the spring fashion,the seasons often apparent through the weather ,accessories, fashion, and of course shoes,Ive  recognized as the years progress that the seasons could bring out the best and worst of fashion. After living in Virginia a few year, Ive observed lots of fashion from winter coats to sundresses,the fashion trends seems to change with the weather and it’s an admitted natural instinct. Sunshine or rain the fashion in the summer months is drastically different than winter fashion as seen in the pics below. One thing Ive come to learn at forty-something it could be Winter,Fall, or Summer the fashion you choose  says alot about your personality.  Within the past couple of years ,truthfully, I known this for some years it s an unspoken language,I tended to bend towards current events and world news in doing so I  realize that there is more to life than fashion, there’s all kinds of art,other cultures,religions,photography ,pop culture, books ,magazines,  and music each of the mentioned  represents examples of the many ways for a person to express opinions and views of the world. Speaking of fashion, the years I  attended public schools I gravitated to fashion in those years I thought of  fashion as great form of expression i.e school dress code. A form of expression or a personal style, I love fashion _but, I also believe that you have to do more _for instance your(homework) than just look the part,fashion is like icing on the cake. As  I mention at the beginning of this blog there’s some thing you just cant pack away  in the same manner that you pack away winter fashion_ like a [persons freedom of speech (self-expression), perceptions, opinions, and                                          views  of world events.—twice the Luv

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