2016 June“A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Plan Ahead and Save the Date,A few words from a College Graduate.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nThere is a darker,  a seedier side to the world Africa,ISIS and Syria,it has invade American homes, living rooms and the American way of life for the latter half of the current Presidential Administration. Within the past four years, the events in and among these group of people has threaten Americas ability to recover, as a darker pigmented person the effects has been insurmountable_,death,destruction, desecration,and disease all of this in addition the Gang and Gun violence that has occurred across America during the same time of the horrific events in Africa,Iraq ,and,Syria I neither imagined or ignored.Each day I wake up_,I am reminded_, as I stated to a classmate that I could be shot in the parking lot, in the classroom,in the grocery store,on the job,in an airport, and on the highway. On Monday nights I attend evening class, it is only one night of the week  and  for the years of attendance it has been a major production of dodging bullets,buses, and jumping in and out taxis_ I tell myself,I do all of this in hopes of a better life ,a better job, hopes of owning my home and someday achieving the American Dream. While sitting in the classroom working towards achieving the American Dream,I realized the surrealism of life is having the ability to separate reality from fantasy and knowing the difference  when the dream doesn’t align with reality ,the perception of media ,the day to day life  ,and surroundings of other countries. When the surrealism should be oh so real, I  keep think its a lie _when in fact there’s  proof  all around the American Dream does exist.  At the moment,Im not concerned with the American Dream now it is all about safety and what will be here tomorrow. It has taken me three years to get to this day_,Graduation Day, I am amazed and elated to of reached the day,proud of the accomplishments_ and in the same instance,I am  dishearten and sadden by the events leading  up to  Graduation Day.  On the home front, the weeks and days culminating to Graduation Day had not been a piece  of cake.Id save the date weeks ago, June 25th Graduation Day. Weeks and months of planning for the day,Id listed on Google Keep the task Id should have completed before Graduation Day and even after weeks of planning I knew that the probability that I would actually attend graduation ceremony had been very unlikely, but I continued  to prepare for the day,sometimes life gets in the way or should I say reality, Black Lives Matters and other people lives matter too_, a few words from a college grad.– -twice the Luv

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