2016 May “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Two stories of Inspiration, First & Second.


People often find inspiration in an array of places, in the Bible, in a blog, in a fashion magazine, in a poem, in a picture, in a recipe , in a song, and in other people. Throughout the years, I’ve found inspiration in the lives of successful people who’ve broken barriers and overcome obstacles during their careers.  I think of inspiration as the moment a person feels compelled to do something to reach their life’s purpose. In numerous instances, I’ve found inspiration in the lives of successful women and men. As a student and teen, I’ve been inspired and compelled by numerous stories that I attribute to Black History. Two stories of inspiration that has greatly inspired me the story of Martin Luther King and Fannie Lou Hamer. When I consider the different stories of inspiration that I’ve heard throughout the years, I am reminded that it doesn’t matter who came first or second unless it’s a History lesson; however, when seeking to inspire others it’s the passion and purpose of the journey that inspires to compel others to find their passion and purpose. Inspiration it is colorless and genderless, black or white, man or woman, inspiration could at appear at any moment, be inspired. — twice the Luv


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