2016 April “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”: A powerful impression,Eye Candy one kind of Art.

Artist and painters have a gift,they can paint a pretty picture include some flowers and sell it for millions,while the rest of the world stand and stare in awe. Art is ubiquitous, from the mundane to the spectacular, art makes a powerful impression in the hearts and minds of people who see art for the first time or millionth time. It is the keenness of the eye,the intuitiveness of trends, and the artist perception of the world that attracts people from all walks of life. Art could be something of a serious nature or lighthearted and fun loving, in fact nature’s landscape is natural  art that  is present in everyday life. Eye candy is one kind of art, but there’s more to life than Eye Candy and bling _learning and understanding the different kinds of Art,trends and styles enriches lives as well as add meaning to life. When a person gets stuck in one kind of trend or style I feel they’re put limitations on life,the real world _,life is filled with contrast,contradictions, from the breathtaking  to the grotesque. Life is a mixture of both flowers and weeds,good and evil,pleasant and unsightly,the truth of the

matter everything in life isn’t  all Eye Candy,life includes hard work paying, your dues,long suffering, and being committed despite  how things might look or feel. As  I stated in May’s Editor Note the beauty of life is the product of a cosmic orchestra that consist of clashing views,colliding ideas,a symphony’s of discord and dissonance, voices of cadence, and a stereo mix of beliefs, cultures, people,perceptions,and religion…ces’t la vie,qui est la belle vie. One of the reasons I love  Springtime, Spring allows each of us a few weeks out the year to wake up smell the coffee,the roses, and at the same time analyze and think about  life in it’s totality .—twice the Luv.

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