2016 March “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”: Myth or Legend,Leprechauns on reel.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nAs a teen  during the regular school year there’s a few things you quickly learn you can always count on;  for example: morning announcements,homeroom, homework,midterms, final exams,Spring Break and St Patrick’s Day. A long. stretch, the Winter semester at Strayer is near its ends in March. The University is on a quarter system much different than traditional public school year, while attending Strayer I picked up a few things from Walmart for school and to work at home,I’m still waiting to update the product of the month on my fundraising site and I’ve got St Patrick’s Day highlighted on my calendar. It’s March and I’m thinking green jello shots with booze and an all day Leprechaun marathon on Netflix. Leprechauns and St Patrick’s Day, I’m not Irish,but this Irishwp-1478472475483.jpg tradition I follow each year. In previous years,March is one of those months when I become a little weary, originating  from superstition and suspicion_it began with infamous stage line “beware of the ides of March” . I’ve long recall the line from high school 10th grade English class and Shakespeare studies in college, the infamous lines has stayed with me into adulthood_until recently when I began to put into practice a life changing technique that begins  with change your thoughts change your vocabulary and the world around becomes a different place for instance this year instead of thinking of March as a cursed month with some evil presence lurking behind every door, I began the month with March into Greatness thinking that Greatness or great things could happen at any moment, I/loved the  effect so much it became the theme for csaccac eNewsletter in March. Myth or Legend, in March Leprechauns come to life so I often love to believe each year as St. Patrick’s Day grows near, I tend to associate the day with green Leprechaun hats,four leaf clovers,rainbows and pots of gold. With the help of  apps such as Amazon Prime Video and  Netflix , the St Patrick’s Day tradition becomes an all day & night event. And of course_, there’s more to March than Leprechauns and St. Paddy’s Day, the month is filled with Anniversaries, Birthdays,World news, foreign affairs, and Good Friday. So,why all of the fuss about St. Patricks Day, I tend to think it is because it is a tradition rooted in Irish history that brings together people young and old commerating the tradition through Irish food and songs.—Happy St Patrick’s Day & Twice the LuvSt Paddys Day


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