2016 February“A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:Confused & Dazed.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nThe world hasn’t been so kind,still love grows in the hearts and minds of people . Love  is in the air, and I’m really not trying to hear that_ at the moment I’m immersed in my courses at Strayer and I’ve been immersed in classes as well as my websites for awhile. The truth is a person could love at any age  20,30,40,or even 50_the catch is a person must be willing ,open, and receptive to Love. At forty something, I’ma ware of the different kinds of love_friendship,family,brotherly &sisterly, and romantic love,_right at the moment I’m stuck in friendship mode. Admittedly,love is great and there’s many dimensions to Love (acceptance,forgiveness, understanding,hope,faithfulness,and truth) . I believe love is a beautiful thing however one shouldn’t get blind sided by love and forget the world around us  and the events,tragedies that affects people’s lives throughout the world. To be love you must be love, love you and not the person someone wants you to be,love is full of contradictions and errors I m thinking of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, no I’m thinking of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, actually I’m thinking of the Two Gentlemen of Verona _ the point is I’m thinking of Shakespeare and love contradictions,l ove is both a conundrum and a contradiction, I love  Shakespeare, I love Valentine’s Day,  and I love Pink, confused and Dazed.—twice the Luve

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