2016 January “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”:New Beginnings,Hope,Love, And Forgiveness,A New Year Starts With You.

11130159_953994687945631_7443863094954481454_nA New Year brings hope,love, and forgiveness, and new beginnings. “Out with the old ,in with the new,”as the New Year gets into gear,I remain consistent and committed to completing my degree program at Strayer University. With only three courses remaining,I look forward to graduation day. Speaking from a personal experience, as a student at Strayer University, I found the degree program to be a valuable experience with practical and real life teachings. When I first began the degree program I really felt that I wouldn’t get through the first quarter or the courses for that matter  _three years later,with three courses remaining, I’m amazed and proud to achieve such a huge accomplishment. Unlike highschool or a traditional college,I tend to think of Strayer as Adult Education, with Adult content, I recommend for the thirty or forty something person. Adult Education is  a different atmosphere and different mindset, the life’s lesson and life experience enhance the classroom experience.  The days I’m in night classes it great to gain a different perspective of the world, I’ve  always been one to advocate being aware and conscious of the world outside the classroom and home. 2008,the world became a much different place , people lives change drastically, hope ,love and  forgiveness is what makes the New Year a special moment in time it gives the feeling of  a great power at work for the Good of all mankind,one of the most apparent truths I’ve learned throughout the years about each new year is that where ever you maybe  or whatever you maybe doing a new year always start with you.—twice the Luv

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