Repost: December 2015 Editor Note Happy Holidays & Twice the Luv

A messag2015 Dec EDNotee from the Editor,Founder and President of csaccac Inc;

twice the Luv, the end of the year has arrived and this is last chat for 2015, as the year closes out and ushers in a New Year, I want to take a few minutes to chat with you and let each of  you know  that I am blessed and thankful to of had the time to chat with you and share you with some of the thoughts I’ve had throughout the year  of  course Ive had some serious thoughts, others not quite as serious, along with a few wild and crazy ideas. In addition to everything else family, friends, school, work,Social Media, and searching for an affordable apartment, I found it a bit to put daunting, dreadful, insurmountable, and painstakingly excruciating to put pen to paper part of it fear,the other part time management making time and sticking to it regardless of how long it takes,you’ll be glad to here, eventually, I pieced together my thoughts to make sense of the year on my blog in the Author’s Corner section. Away from the desk, I spent a lot time away from the desk performing other job related task. In 2015, I had to step back from blogging my thoughts to complete course work for required classes  that’s required  if I seriously want to Graduate in  Winter/Fall 2016 with a BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) with a concentration in Retail Management. As Editor, Founder and President of csaccac Inc; I experienced both a mental and physical workout, the biggest mental workout I experienced this year involved controlling every negative thought that entered my mind,I know it sounds impossible but I had to at least try. As began work on reviving my career and life at a time  when I felt that my life was over,I thought it has to be my prayer life, until I realized that my thought life had been under attack. Within the past five years since founding csaccac Inc; Ive found that I could pray all day and yet and still,  if what I’m thinking isn’t aligned with the my prayer life__then, it’s self defeatism, the same is true,if I don’t believe prayer works_ it’s pointless; if I don’t believe in my dreams_its  pointless,above all if I don’t believe in myself  _it’s pointless. I’ve since change my attitude,and I take extra care in what thoughts I share and how I share them because words are powerful,our words has the power to encourage and uplift other women,so even if you think no ones reading it is still good practice to tame your thoughts, or wait for better ones. In speaking of thoughts,there‘s been time that when I m ready to write an Editor Note aside from the many distraction of the day, and I begin to think I’ll write whatever I want no one is  gone to read it or probably give a hoot about what I think,when I know it is the wrong thought,straight forwardly speaking,I know that the clusters of thought I conceive and entertain each day that each day has the power to shape the day to make the day pleasant,and life worth living or a shape the day into adaptation of  Les Miserable, or Charles Dickens Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol, the truth is life is full of  twist and turns however it is our thoughts that  has the power to navigate the road,tell you to  watch the signs and listen for the bumps in the road and  don’t  forget to pay attention to those subtle warning signings.  It’s a fact;

Our thoughts and our words shape our future and our reality,one thought could change your life forever, I’ve always believed that you can change your world with your thoughts. The mind is constantly conceiving thoughts and thinking of stuff each day while each us work,play and relax with friends and family. Often times our thoughts mirror the environment and situation of the moment, I am no saint, I had some pretty wild and crazy thoughts that only lasted for a moment. To be truthful,throughout the year of  2015, I took in both good and bad year round;however,I’ve learned over the years when confronted with difficult situations that when I’ve  practiced thinking positive thoughts  a bad situation could quickly turn into an opportunity and/or hidden blessing . The life that you and I create is often a product of  our thoughts and what you and I think about ourselves;for instance,the thoughts that you and Ive chosen to believe and accept as truth  it is these thoughts which shape our environment. Over the years, Ive learned to listen the thoughts that I have about life ,school,friends,and family because I know thoughts have the power to change one’s life in an instance,and I also know that what I think says a lot about who I am.  “Treat others as you’d like to be treated” this is  one thought I’ve kept throughout the years, I hold on to this thought like  a Golden Rule. December is a perfect time to put this Golden Rule into practice along with the Christmas spirit,the truth is,I’ve always believe that you should show people the love and respect that you’d want _ so when Christmas arrives its not a facade or a chore its what you’ve always done  now it is just with extra care and love,most all, if Santa shows up at your door and ask who has been naughty or nice? you don’t have to hesitate or stutter .  December is also the time that young boys and girls put a lot hope into their dreams and wishes,it is the dreams and wishes of young boys and girls  that make  Christmas seem so magical. I personally know the power of the Christmas spirit as well as dreams and wishes;for one,I didn’t grow in abject poverty, Ive always had aunts,uncles,cousins,grandaunt and grandmother to create the Christmas spirit and teach the meaning of Christmas. I recall  that each year family and  friends of the family  making it a point for the younger kids  to have a great Christmas that often included Christmas trees ,decorations, and presents but what really brought it all together the family,food, and Christmas music, the Christmas season isn’t  meant to be all about  gifts and receiving, it is to be a reminder about  the birth  of one child  who brought hope and love  to world,   . At forty-something,I still love the Christmas tradition,I continue to enjoy  all the stuff that a part of the Christmas tradition. As Ive grown older, I tend to feel that Christmas is about doing for others,giving to others (time and  service) and being thankful  for  what you have and for those  lives has help to keep the  Christmas spirit  alive, believe it or not , a lot work is put into making the Christmas tradition magical and special for young boys and girls across the across the globe. Our thoughts,wishes, and hopes frame our world,I paused to figure how I wanted to end this chat_, and I began to think of the theme of this chat _it’s about our “thoughts” and the how ,the when,and the where  our thoughts occur and what kind of thoughts  rule our lives  both  good and bad _then I begin to think what better way to end this chat then as I began the year inside an Editor Note with a quote. As you and I headed into the New Year, I want to leave you with this thought,a product of a public school education that equates to twelve years in the public school system celebrating and honoring American tradition and beliefs ,and  as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc; I strongly believe that your dreams,wishes,and thoughts create your reality for tomorrow and your thoughts build the future of tomorrow; in the words of  Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”— Gandhi

— Happy Holidays & twice the Luv

Twelve Days of Christmas:The csaccac Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv—cac


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