From the Author’s Corner: My Ugly

7/28/2015 My Ugly: In my first two books I don’t talk at length about my ugly. IMG_20150315_200159What is my ugly?, my ugly I’d like to describe it as all of the stuff life throws at you that makes you feel ugly on inside_ it so ugly, that when you wake up in the morning you don’t even want to look in the mirror, in my instances it’s all the stuff I had to either stand behind, step aside to, embrace and accept even when I felt my values, and beliefs were being trampled on just so ugly could its way. And one of the main things I’ve learned about ugly is that it really does care how it looks and what the other think of it(Ugly), and with ugly you never really know what side you’re on, but one sure thing about ugly is that__in life ugly likes to take different shapes and form . After a while you begin to think putting up with ugly isn’t so bad because it’s easy on the eyes. While working on both books, I had to accept my Ugly forMY UGLY what it represented__ all of the ugly things in my life that I considered obstacles such as a bad attitude, and consistently having bad thoughts. Straight forwardly speaking, all of the ugly things in my life I prefer and really wouldn’t want to discuss with any Tom, Dick, Harry or over your average cup of Joe. Over the years, my ugly has taken many forms and shapes from unemployment, to homelessness, to depression, to thoughts of suicide, to death and denial, to self-hatred, lack of faith and feelings of hopelessness. My ugly looked so bad that the preparation and publishing process of my first book actually could have been an escape from the Ugly, and my second book a vacation in paradise.  After accepting my ugly_ and accepting what my ugly represented,  the end product, a nice  neat package, a polish presentation and new outlook on life. Of course, Ugly likes to rear it’s head when it wants to get the best me, from  a biblical point of view I think Ugly is a reminder to Pretty, and a wake up call to let  you know_you didn’t get that way by yourself (pretty came Ugly) _, out of all that Ugly ,needless to say I got through  to  see my first  book  published  then  I published a second book and started feeling pretty inside . So, I had to put Ugly aside  for a good minute__and if it wasn’t for Ugly I might not of appreciate Pretty as much as I do_and to be truthful I learned to Luv my ugly.

damn unPretty.

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