Thought About It,the perfect place and a run 4 the Senate.

It is easier to have perfect thoughts, to be the perfect person when you feel that you’ve arrived to the perfect place, the test of life is to be that perfect person even when you’re not in the perfect place. And the same is with our thoughts, it is easier to have perfect thoughts when you feel that you’re in the perfect place. If you took a moment to critique your thoughts while on the road to the perfect place what kind of rating would you give the thoughts that you’ve had over the years, using your inner critic and being very honest with yourself? Well, the reality and truth about our thoughts as I’ve learned over the years is it takes years to master thoughts and put one’s thoughts life into check. Let’s be truthful, of course, it is easier to put one’s thought life in check in the perfect place when your life has no restrictions, and is free from the restraints and confines others. What’s some of the stuff you do when you’re not in the perfect? a lot of people meditate, pray, read, and journal their thoughts. Bad thoughts come and go like bad hair days, bad thoughts never stick around long enough to make  our  world seem like a vile and vicious place_ bad thoughts in time eventually dissipate.  And bad thoughts usually never stick around long enough to cause isolation and dissension,in reality the truth is_ people thoughts change along with situations and circumstances and people thoughts often change  for the better when provided with the right information and education. Be it the Gods or fate,orchestrated or designed,in a not so perfect world ,with the daily grind of life, and life’s trials and triumphs, the thoughts of today might not be same the same as the thoughts of tomorrow,the reality of life is_each day our thoughts change and while some thoughts such as our(ideals,values, morals and beliefs) remain constant, other thought become apparent and make themselves known to us and the world. One of the ultimate test of life is not to let negative thoughts control you every second and minute of the day.Good thoughts and bad thoughts they come and then they go,life is filled with lessons, as product of a public school education,one of the lessons I had  to learn  as an adolescence, a simple life changing task that followed me through twelve years of public education,I had to learn  to monitor my bad thoughts,to realize the cause of the bad thoughts and not to let the bad thoughts control my behavior . As an adolescence I’d been taught  that each of us has the power to change our thoughts at any given moment, so then, what’s stopping people from tapping into this life changing,powerful and free transformational exercise,_I relived this questions the first half of the year,

Between course requirements, building up brain cells to write an Editor Note each month, along with working to keep up my blog, websites and finding free brain cells to write article for csaccac eNewsletter, I experienced some pretty nasty thoughts that has led to thoughts of undesirable behavior. Thoughts, lots of thoughts, it is our thoughts that shapes our attitudes and behaviors, it is our thoughts that surrounds us and covers us like a mucous membrane of an embryo, it is our thoughts causes people to run towards us or walk away, it is our thoughts that sends gray clouds, blacks clouds, sunshine, and rainbows our way, and it is our thoughts causes people to brighten the way. Thoughts of breaking my laptop into pieces because of the extremely slow internet connections, thoughts of throwing my Smart Phone under a bus and watching cars run over it because the Smart Phone is sensitive to touch does whatever it wants on any given day, thoughts putting my brand new television and brand-new speakers on the curb because of all the rings, clicks ,and lesbian noises is a thought I entertain everyday, the truth is each us has thoughts every second and every minute of the day and they’re just that thoughts.   Thoughts some serious and some not so serious,wpid-wp-1422162015576.jpeg

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