A Perfect Place to Start,in A Not So Perfect Place.

WIN_20150302_193150 (3)The perfect place to read, the perfect place to read other people’s blogs,the perfect place to write, and the perfect place to fill in my blog_perhaps  would be in complete isolation from the world, or during a summer vacation in a exotic location,or in a  luxury hotel with a view of a beach front,or in New York City where there’s lots of inspiration,different kinds of muses,and variety of people,cultures to observe,to  experience and to reflect on ideas and thoughts . Sometimes the perfect place to start is in a not so perfect place like our thoughts. And in life,there ‘s some instances when you must start  to begin  in a not so perfect place,this thought of a perfect place in my younger I observed often created a state or condition of thinking that life starts and begins when you find the perfect place or the right place during stages of  adolescence. When in fact to start or to begin, begins with the person,and often has very little to do with being in the perfect place,I often think of perfect place is not the place where I begin to live_it is the place where I put into practice all that I ve learned,and unpack memories and traditions in honor of those who made the perfect place a reality and not a dream   ,it the place where I continue to nurture that which has been instilled and inculcated within me  through the years,it is the place where I embrace  the past and  prepare for the future while waiting,hoping,and thinking of the perfect place. To  start and to begin as I’ve done so  many times doesn’t always happen in the perfect place,it is a thought that often pushes people to reach their potential,and for others the thought of the perfect place causes immobility and deprivation,I experienced both for the first half of the year thinking of a perfect place(environment) to hear my thoughts ,to  blog ,and to write Editor Notes, for six months along with a extremely slow internet connection,brand new tech gadgets with a mind of their own,and course requirements that  seemed absolutely out reach,I thought that not being in the perfect place had been the main reason that kept my thoughts and words from not flowing freely. Of course,I know better to not  let the blogs get the best of me,but when it seems like everyone is putting out these scholarly,thought-provoking blogs  every minute and every second day and actual expect you to read them  in an 8 hour day,your thoughts begin to run rampant on lines of ADD(attention deficit disorder),and to be truthful in a lot of other instance the blogs I am subscribed to  look pretty simple and most of them seem to be  pretty much  easy on the eyes. In each instance,the ruling thought I often encounter is finding the perfect place and perfect time to read  through the all the blogs,when the perfect place to start and to begin often is in a not so perfect place,I fully experience this when I began to write my first book. Our thoughts ( what we think,how we think and the way think) as I’ve learned over the years can be very powerful, and our/this  world is created with our thoughts,I certainly could attest to the fact that the perfect place to change your thoughts isn’t in a perfect place,Orange is not my best color  in hints to Orange is the New Black one of Netflix top series.


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