Serve up the attitude,a separate attitude for everything even for Leprechauns.

St Paddys DayOriginating in oral history,an Irish tradition that over the years has come to accumulate,believers,supporters,loyal fans and followers and lovers of anything that has a hint of drinking alcohol,Saint Patrick’s Day brings out the green and all things related to the Irish tradition including men in skirts .  One thing Ive come to realize through the years  is that St Paddy’s  Happy hour isn’t your regular Happy Hour __and,sadly  for some  it only comes around once year in the month of March.  Years later,  words to live by “drink responsibly” remains a St. Paddy’s  an  all day theme that doesn’t end until the next morning.  But,first and foremost,to get into the mood for this day a bottle of  ,vodka gin,or rum, isn’t really require as much as the  right attitude.  It’s all about attitude on St Paddy’s Day that sets the day apart from other days ,with a little luck and the right attitude, Each year  around this time ,St Paddy’s festivities often  attract a huge crowds  people  from different  nationalities hoping to  find a  pot of  gold or  see a Leprechaun.  Myth or Folklore,Pots of Gold, leprechauns, four leaf clovers,and make a wish on Rainbows these symbols I grew  to love during my public education and has kept even at forty-something. St Patrick’s Day,  the  one day I really check my attitude with reminders of  green stuff  from apparel to stickers to buttons to souvenir everywhere__its really hard not to pick the right attitude.  Serious-minded ,mad, humorous, lighthearted, thoughtful,or unapologetic,these days it seems there’s an right and wrong attitude for just about every situation you encounter,and there’s even a separate attitude  for leprechaun’s, I think it’s because of the myth association with the symbolic beings.  And I’m sure each of you know  all about attitude,if you really think about, there’s the attitude you share with family, an attitude you share with friends then there’s an attitude that you share at work and school,and then there’s the attitude you present to the public__,take a moment to think about it_ it’s probably not the same attitude you display  on a job interview or at a wedding.  You could be mad the whole month of March or choose to ignore the cliché “March Madness”  and take the Leprechaun approach, or wait until  St’ Paddy’s Day,the one day during March that your attitude could lead to you stumble upon a Pot of Gold or the next best thing to it like a winning lottery ticket. Call it faith or luck,not quite mad  or all madness. Unlike previous years,this March  I missed out on the  Green jell-o shots ,Lucky Charms _and I skipped the all day Leprechaun marathon on Netflix. Of  course, there’s  a lot more to March than St Patrick day festivities,but you probably couldn’t tell  on March 17th as I hit all the Social Networking sites_ well,at least the sites I ‘ve come to consider huge in the Social Networking sphere such as Facebook & Twitter… When I think of March, as stated previously,I often think of the most infamous cliché associated with March “March Madness”  mad or not I’ve learned the show must go on and it’s probably for the best to not be mad unless you’re a paid for actor and the gig calls for a mad bad scene. Sure, there’s some situations in life when  you might get mad_ the point of it is you don’t want to get stuck in that attitude because it could cause you to miss out on your Pot of Gold  or Leprechaun. Serve up the  attitude and there’s been a lot of on YouTube and the Booze Tube, actors and musicians seem to have  found a way to capitalize on attitude, I view as the more of it you show, the more money you could make. Love it or leave it ,these days it seem as if you  have to a separate attitude for just  about everything even leprechauns.  At  forty-something, young or old,age isn’t really the main factor,it’s  all in the attitude and how you look at the things that life throws at you_ and in all honesty, from the many life lessons and experiences I’ve learned  it never seems to fail choosing  the right attitude is the key to success —cacjohnson


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