Finding Happy.

wpid-wp-1425091315033.jpegHappiness isn’t ephemeral,being happy takes a lot of you ,some other people,and a whole lot of humble pie. And in some situations and circumstances  you have to adjust to allow happiness to find its places. Finding Happy  wasn’t hard this February. A month often known to be synonymous for love,the  in -store decorations,especially , the cards and specialty candy for Valentines_ my favorite the sweet heart candy_ put things into motion to moi finding happy. With the reminders from television commercial about the day for couples and relationships,to be honest romantic love the least thing on top of my to-do-list this February,but acts of kindness towards family and friends that doesn’t change much during  Valentines. So, with help of a few tech gadgets I set out to find happy,and the end result some Valentine’s cards and candy to handout to family and friend,along with lots of pics,lots of sharing,and lots of networking all about life & Stuff. Ultimately, I found happy  in a great everyday purse and handbag,1pair of leopard boots,and I found happy in a totally fab lipstick from Loreal. For the month of February,I had a terrific month, and to be honest and totally outrageous and remarkably bad as in bad, it wasn’t because I masturbated  all day, or because I finally moved out of my moms into my own apartment again_after, how many years?,or because I was  standing in front of the stove with a glass wine and a gourmet pizza or because after years of networking on all the most popular Social Networking sites I found my true love,great stuff when you think about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and every other love story that has every been on Netflix and in the Movie theater.  At forty-something, I found Happy twice in the month February the first moment of happiness happened when I found my Hello Kitty purse  then again when I got the author’s copy of my second book,finding happy

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