My Life As AConsumer Affairs Consultant: Greatness Starts From Within.

imageGreatness comes from within,but it doesn’t always come easy. Most of my great moments happened after days even weeks of inner reflection and introspection,the greatness_that didn’t happen until after a myriad of life’s  lessons and experiences. And like finding love ,all  to  often achieving greatness takes lots of patience and commitment.  Love is one of several themes often spoken about and recognized during the month of February,at forty-something the meaning and dynamics of the word love has evolved from my teens and twenties. And to be truthful finding love happen to of been the farthest thing on my mind between blogs,classes,and promoting my business and books,romantic love__  not at the top of my to-do-list.  When I thing of love these days, and I think about love a lot__,it is in the sphere and scope of the human condition. LoL, if you like for minute,Love or Luv is one of the central themes of my second book “Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv” .  On some days I think of Luv as honesty and sincerity ,and of course,as  part of personal growth it’s only to be expected,Luv  in my teens and twenties  totally meant something else. As a teenager and young adult Love meant Relationships & Intimacy,today,I think of Love as an expression or an action of gratitude,appreciation, and being authentic with others.  And in life love sometimes leads us to our greatness,as my Love for reading and writing along with my life passion lead to me to achieve greatness by becoming a self published author .  Greatness comes from within,it could take years before it shows up at doorstep,I achieved greatness through trial and error,obstacles and failure,and a whole lot of life’s lessons.  And like love ,greatness is always right around the corner waiting to be seen_ to be discovered _to be recognized_ waiting to grab your attention.—twice the Luv

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