Available 2015

Two years after the release of my first book, “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping” partly autobiographical and based on real life shopping experiences, I reached an apex in my writing career towards the end of 2014 with one of the most anticipated events of my writing career the publication of my second book “Savor the Flavor & Get TwiceThe Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs)”. On a personal level,this book has been a journey of discovery,and enlightment. When I first set out to put this book together,the concepts slowly developed,eventually,as the concept for the book and the direction for book became clearer ,the focus of the book lead me to put together a portrait in words and in thought for readers. With this book,I hope readers find inspiration,encourage,strength,and purpose.—twice the Luv image

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