On the eve of a new year, past and present collide.


I felt the night had been clouded by recent world events, at a time when the world should of been sharing in the excitement of a time honored tradition, while the atmosphere clearly screamed New Year’s Eve on just about every local TV station, I at my place of residency found it hard to get into New Year’s Eve spirit. New Year’s Eve the night before New Year’s Day and for millions of people it is one the most anticipated events of the year, I for one first began celebrating the New Year way before I even fully understood the reason for the tradition. Kindergarten, the start of many of things, for instance, the love of Crayola it also the place where numerous seeds of esteem as well as seeds of  respect, seeds of courtesy, seeds of  friendship and seeds of  tradition is planted.  Tradition, I’ve observed over the years often helps to bring life into focus, this typically has  held true for each year I’ve honored and recognize many of  the traditional American holidays. Weeks  of  sight and sound, on the last night of 2014, I really hadn’t thought about or given strong consideration to much being that I felt kind of horrible, somewhat upset with things in general, I felt emotionally exhausted, and to be truthfully I normally like to be asleep at 10pm with the exception of holidays. Within a few hours on the Eve of a New Year the  world/and of  course, my life at stroke of midnight whether I felt it or not ultimately something would be different. It seemed as though I couldn’t fully comprehend the depth the of tragic world events, I honestly felt the events of 2014 altered my view of the world especially of people and places. In an instance, within moments the past and present collide, on the eve before a New Year, I preempted by holiday decorations, online and in store sales, along with Christmas shoppers I kept a mental note of the day. The week of New Year’s Eve, I bought four bottles of Sparkling Cider from the local grocer to commemorate the day, in the same week I gave two of the  bottles of Sparkling Cider to family members and the other two I  sampled  before New Year’s Eve. At the end of 2014, I had published my  second book, made it through the Fall Semester my GPA even  got a boost, even though, I had few uncompleted task,and in all honesty  the uncompleted task didn’t bother me as much Thanks to my cac notes the place where I list some of my most important goals,the New Year  had  written and planned itself with little help from (moi). New Year’s Eve,I planned all through out the year, performed a little bit of  work each week  ending the year with  lots of Pics ,New Year Notes, resolutions, the stuff I’d Luv to do,goals, an plans.  2015  all the stuff  from 2014 seem to of fallen into place  

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