My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant ,Sales & Service Mgr:T’is the season for Peace,Love,&Hope.

wpid-wp-1419628439924.jpegWeeks of sights and sounds,laughter and tears,happiness and sorrow,the months has been both kind and daunting. And at times,the days seemed unbearable. As in previous years, Christmas has a way of bringing Love & Hope to all who wishes to  receive it through acts of  kindness from a friend,a neighbor,or even a complete strange. The smallest acts of love,appreciation,and forgiveness,the glimpse of hope,the faith of prayers,it is the spirt of Christmas that makes it way into to homes and heart of so many people. I,like a lot of consumers and shoppers grew up with the Christmas tradition. I recall family and church members taught the meaning and the reason for the season to all of the kids each year. As a public school kid, I celebrated Christmas at home,in the church and at school. Bible lessons taught at home and in the church part of the reasons I celebrate the Christmas tradition. Back in the day, I help decorate quite a few Christmas with family and friends. Putting presents and gifts aside ,the biggest part of the Christmas tradition I really love has to be selecting that one special tree to take home to put into its designated place for the holidays. Decorations, the other biggest part of the christmas tradition I really love, decorations brings added life to the Christmas tree that makes it more special,__as it already is, even if the Christmas tree didnt have a single bulb or decoration its the meaning of the tree that makes it special. With each passing year kids big and small began to realize Christmas means so much more than sharing presents and gifts,it is time to show love ,appreciation,and to honor love ones and traditon. When I stop to think what do I love most about Christmas,beside the food and gifts,it is the Christmas tree, I love a nicely decorated Christmas tree, so it isnt suprising that when every I see a nicely decorated Christmas I pause for a moment,or even take a pic.T’is the season to celebrate all things that makes Christmas,Christmas.With unwrapped presents and gifts tied with a ribbon,Christmas is here to bestow love,peace and hope ,after all it is the reason for the season.—twice the Luv

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