Between Blogs

2014HolidayChristmasPicWithout a million bucks ,or a  home to call my own, to be truthful I hadn’t even cooked my first turkey,nonetheless, I began this blog six years ago.  In that time , I lived through one of the worst economic crisis in United States History,donated my car to charity,mourned the passing of the family cat “Sparkle”,watch “Drake” the family dog grow,started an eNewsletter of which I am the Editor and  main writer, I also became a Notary of Public,signed up with several Social Networkings sites,participated  twice in the “Next Face of Fox 43” contest,gained a  following on Facebook,published my first book, attended two Local Author’s Day,voted in two elections,changed hairstyles, went back to school,and  recently, thanks to a reminder from wordpress one of which I  had been totally unaware, I reached my sixth Anniversary on As the cliche states “the show must go on” thus hold trues in the  blogosphere even when  viewer and readers  seem to  go the other blog or website.  Six years later,I continue blog with hopes that this blog will make it big with bloggers,consumers,and shoppers.  Between blogs, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff ;however, each month I really try to make time for my blog__ there’s a lot I Luved to chat  about_, of course  there’s a time and a place for everything so sticking to the theme of the blog “Day &Life Of Consumer Affairs Consultant”  makes this blog “PG” the goal isn’t to be offensive or vulgar it is to be socially acumen,astute,and trendy while staying true the reason that I began this blog  to  attract readers and followers with similar interest. Aside from blogging,I love drinking coffee,I love going out to get a ready made hamburger,I love taking pictures with my Smart Phone and Nexus 7 tablet,  I love to shop,I love to read,I networking,I love meeting new people, I love watching videos on Netflix and I love to blog. If I could blog daily,I probably would but not with so much detail,it takes a  lot of words string together to make blog post that for my style of blogging other bloggers do something different what  most do what works for them,I blog the way that works best in my blog world (for me).  Blog on !!!,  a blog  shouldn’t be pretentious,it should reflect you,your personality so what if you don’t get a million likes,right at the moment I’m nowhere near a million likes or views, but if you love what you do and put as much effort into blogging as watching YouTube, or belting the lyrics to your favorite song, the blogoshpere  is limitless__ how far you go is up to you. And I said of all that,because I know from firsthand experience  it might look easy, but in reality blogging  is art that has to be nurtured before it blossoms. Wow,I am so whammed right now it is hard to believe that I’ve been at this for six years_ it  feel s great to be a part of the blogosphere, I am shooting for the stars with my blog,looking to make it big,and gain a few a followers along the  way,I really wanted to share this update from wordpress__,sure I could of just posted a pic__,here again, that’s not my style of blogging,I’ve got a comment for just about anything and everything,until my next blog ,KIT (keep in touch) .— twice the Luv

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