All The Rave;My First Tablet.


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,a personal  assistant and a  best friend ,tablets make life a little less cumbersome. From brand names,to generic names the tablets has become one of the most sought after tech gadgets of 20th Century. Tablets, the tech gadget that does just about  everything a PC does and a whole lot of other stuff,the  tablet has been seen just about everywhere and every place the  Smartphone has been or visited. And like the Smartphone,the tablet has become one of the most popular  tech gadgets of the decade. With so many different  kinds of tech gadgets on the market how do  you choose  the  tablet that’s  right for your lifestyle, do you choose your gut  feelings or go with your basic instincts. You know your  gut ,it tells you when you’re hungry__,and you usually follow your basic instinct,it  tells you when  something is right for  you like a SmartPhone or a tablet. And,you’ve probably been told a thousand to a million times to go with  your gut and follow your instinct as I’ve often been told numerous times during my teen and pre teens.  2013_,the year of the tablet,I exercised the advice from my pre teen and teens with a visit a to Barnes and Nobles to purchase my first tablet. After weeks of waiting,listening to reviews on Youtube,watching Ad reviews on the internet,Id set my  sights on the Nook Hd+ and the Google Nexus 7,ultimately , I chose the Nook HD+ as first  choice of tablets to test.  A tablet that performs an array task the Nook HD+ really  grabbed my attention.  Aside from being a  eReader the Nook HD+   functions as a desktop office and entertainment center all in one place. After I purchased my Nook  HD + , it  eventually became  the  go to  tech  gadget of 2013 next to the Smartphone I purchased from Virgin Mobile. A lightweight tablet, that could be easily carried from home to work to  school,the Nook HD+ proved it deserved a placed among tablets,it also proved that  you didn’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get  quality a tablet. When I purchased my first tablet, it felt  great to not be weighed down with bunch of useless  tech gadgets,I d purchased a tech gadget that could perform an array of task  away from my place residency.  And to be honest,when I purchased the Nook HD+ I felt that no other tablet could ever take its place,of course,later I’d learn that truism would not hold up  for very long. A few weeks with the Nook HD+, I chose to keep it instead of returning the Nook HD+ back to Barnes and Noble.As turned it out I loved the Nook HD+ so much I purchased two covers (not  so cheap) to keep the screen protected both worked very well,in addition to the Nook HD portable keyboard also  (not so very  cheap). Pleased with  the  performance of  the Nook HD+,as it turned out  all the rave  of my first tablet hadn’t been a bunch of hype. First choice,and first tablet,I really loved my Nook HD+  and  continue to keep it at my side next to my Nexus 7,and SmartPhone. In fact, I loved my Nook HD+ so much Id made up mind to purchase another NookHD+  in case the first one went on the fritz or something happen to it,fingers crossed,I thought a spare would be a smart move. Once again,I took a trip to Barnes and Nobles to  purchase the exact same Nook HD+ I d purchased in 2013. Enthusiastic,and determined to purchase the exact same NOOK HD+,I  had not planned for rejection, a let down or disappointment,instead I prepared  for the same euphoric experience as on the day I purchased my first Nook HD+. Sure,I knew the facts when I walked through the door of Barnes and Nobles. The facts, towards mid year Barnes and Nobles announced plans to introduce a new Nook made by Samsung_,great for Samsung,but I loved the original Nook HD+. Eventhough, the orginal Nook HD+ hadn’t been equipped with a front facing or rear camera I loved the Nook HD+ I had first purchased in 2013. In a complete state of denial,ignoring all the signs,I walked up to the checkout counter and asked for the Nook HD+, only to be told that Barnes and Nobles isn’t carrying the Nook HD+,the one that brought me to the store in the first place. Alright,maybe I didnt hear the sales clerk correctly so I asked again,then I asked “is this for certain?” all this happen within minutes, I am re hashing the incident not  word for word,it isnt verbatim,but it is as close as I could get to actual incident between pauses and  disbelief.In the cloud of disbelief,the sales clerk said   “trust me” and I almost lost all my religion,and social graces (manners).An exchange of words prompted by “trusted me ” followed then instead of hastily walking out the Barnes and Nobles store, I had not relenquished all probability that a Nook HD+ could of been in the store. Let down and somewhat disappointed, I gathered my wits,purchased two accessories for the Nook HD Id previously purchase,unaccepting of the sales clerk response ,I exerted my power by not purchasing the Samsung Nook.


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