Fall faves & treats,I’m all for the Fall and the leaves.

image I’m all for the Fall and the leaves. Fall has arrived and once again, I reflect ,and,look back at some of my fave Fall favorites and treats. With the Fall showing its seasons through the leaves on the trees and on the ground, the signs of Fall is beginning to show everywhere even in the community where I live. From Fall fashion to Fall treats,the Fall brings with it new and old Fall recipes and of course family traditions. And in every Fall,there’s something to fall in love with from fashion to food. And without much thought, the list gets a little longer each year,the Fall faves I instantly fall head over heels for__,of course, it’s a girl thang_to love Fall fashion. Other faves,I love ,the many shades of nail color and lipsticks even the the different hairstyles grabs an audience. Of all the Fall faves, the change in the color of leaves is really the true signs of Fall. But, what get’s the biggest audience? if you haven’t guessed,well__,I think it’s a tie between the movies and the next big music artist__, I mean think about the Voice or American Idol or America’s Got Talent,you could be getting close like hot  a sweet potato. Probably,a toss up, because everyone has an right to an opinion,__ soooo,__the movies could win the season. Now,if you think about it ,a lot of good movies came out this years drawing huge audiences. Anyhow,I’ll let you figure that one out. Speaking of movies,did you know? going to the movies is American tradition that has been around for decades,sure,you did__you probably caught one or two this year. You know, I’ve probably said it a thousand times between blogs and in an Editor Note, I’m big on tradition,and the movies__,cinema to  some folks ,has been a part of American culture for years. A public school kid, I know just about all of the major holidays and the traditions attached to each including Halloween. And to be honest,around this time of year,the Fall season Starts to get a little nostalgic at my age,forty-something. A childhood favorite,Halloween is one of my favorite days of the school year. At Halloween time,I enjoy conjuring up the many different costumes or movie characters I could dress as on Halloween day for example this year a tube of pink lipstick,a pink cup cake, and bat girl top the list with some other characters. As a pre teen and teenager, I really enjoyed going door to door and yelling with the neighborhood kids ” trick or treat!” While it has been some years since I whole heartedly participated in the Halloween tradition,I’ve started a few of my own traditions on Halloween like watching scary movies up to midnight,watching Charlie Brown “The Great Pumpkin”, and poping popcorn. Fall has for many been a great time to taste test and sample Fall treats. Some of the fave Fall treats I crave during the fall season includes candy corns,rice krispie treats,cookies and brownies,a must have especially on Halloween Day extra buttered popcorn and smashing pumpkins thats what I call marshallows around Halloween time along with Lattes and hot cocoa, all signs fall has arrived, all great reasons,I’m all for the Fall and the leaves, ___and who wouldn’t be with all those Fall faves and treats.—twice the Luv


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