PDA’s and Smart Phones: Features,Functions,&Android Apps, A Smart Phone’s Best Traits.

Lg SmartPhoneThe other day (towards the end of September) I was in Walmart at the customer service counter and dropped my Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G(LTE) destroying the screen_,to be truthful I’d had it with the Smart Phone even though I loaded it up with all my favorite apps and craved and raved about the Smart Phone for weeks because I finally purchased a Smart Phone with a front facing camera,not even a year later,I began to feel agitated with the Smart Phone because I really wanted a 5″ Touch Screen,_well I got a shock at Best Buy when I went to replace my Smart Phone. PDA’s and SmartPhones: At first,I didn’t feel bothered about dropping the Smart Phone,I thought eventually I’ll replace the Samsung with the exact brand of Samsung until I walked into Best Buy and purchased a Virgin Mobile LG Volt,I was a bit floored with the look,the feel,and sleekness of the Smart Phone then felt wow a 4’7″ TouchScreen and front facing camera “Where had you been all my life” began to play in my head like an episode from Ally McBeal, Im serious something so drastic in change could cause you to gasp for breathe.On a final note: I love the way the Samsung starts up when you press the on button, days after busting the screen on my Samsung Galaxy,I decided to  look and try to start up the Android Jelly Bean logo similar to the way the KitKat logo screen shows up on my Nexus 7 but it wouldn’t load. Back to the reason that  prompted this blog,in that instance while in Walmart,my thoughts ran in the line of as long as its Android,I really wouldnt get too bother about the kind of SmartPhone I owned_,now that I have a Lg Volt, I find this line of though a false-negative.—cacjohnson

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