September 2014

imageA message from the Editor,President and Founder of csaccac Inc;
Consumerism,the life of a consumer and a shopper often gets pretty hectic throughout the year, in a lot of instances tending to family, keeping up with friends and caring for loved ones sometimes makes one feel overwhelmed and uncertain about one’s strength to meet life’s challenge. In any situation or case,
no matter how much stuff there’s to do or events to attend, a consumer should always take time out to smell the coffee, celebrate life, remember loved ones, and to celebrate the birth of those who life has added meaning and given purpose to the lives others. This September American Consumers had a lot to celebrate and remember, the month begin with a month long recognition Constitution Day and Week, 9/11 Remembrance,  in addition csaccac Inc Annual Fundraiser”Shopapolozza”, National Cyber Security Awareness Week, Patriot’s Day and Local Author’s Day. Making time for all things big small the month September keep this Editor on her toes with preparation of Shopapolozza online, an adventure to Burger on Labor Day while wearing a purple T-shirt with the saying “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” well, what happened in Burger King didn’t stay in Burger King after a not so great lunch this Editor posted a few pics on meet me. With a long to-do list ,the Remembrance of September 11th events pretty much set the mood and tone for most of the month, as American Consumers remember those who lost their lives on September 11th. Almost fourteen years from the day, American citizens continue to work to rebuild their lives and confidence in the United States. Although , the emotions remain, each year around this time I think of the young men and women who has lost their lives to senseless crime, gang violence, domestic violence and while serving our country, these young men and women whose birth gave hope, happiness, and inspiration ended tragically ,a life cut short ,a life gone too soon, and in remembrance a birthday celebration with candles for each year of life. It causes one to think, isn’t a birthday is meant to be lived? The celebration of a birth and birthdays is an American Tradition that is as old as the birth of Jesus, it is a tradition that Americans from all walks of life has observed and celebrated for many years. A birthday like high school prom graduations, job promotions, first major purchase, first credit card, along with weddings, and anniversaries each is often a special moment, and a rare event in the life of a consumer or a shopper. And like most life events, a birthday is meant to be lived and celebrated. From birth into the inculcation of life, the rite of passage for most young people happens in stages. At birth, a life begins with hopes of reaching, coming into age and matriculating into adulthood to fulfill God’s driven purpose. When I first began to consider writing a blog about my birthday, at one point I became upset because I had high hopes of having this big Forty bash with friends and families and of course a huge birthday cake with forty candles_, well, things didn’t quite work out the way I imagined or planned . Since then, forty, the Big 4-0 has come and passed, now, I am forty something. Thankful to have lived and shared time with family and friends, thankful for each person who has come into my life and who has brought sunshine and rain, joy, laughter, pain, hurt, inspiration. love, healing, comfort and understanding I begin to think “What about the candles” then I realized the candles on a birthday cake really do have meaning, the placing candles on a birthday cake gives life to the day as much as the person who is being celebrated. ”What about the candles” it’s part of the celebration and remembrance of a person’s life . A day for candles,anyone who has celebrated a birthday or birthdays throughout the years could tell you birthdays holds special meaning for the person and the family,and in uncontrollable circumstances when the person who is being celebrated doesn’t make it _to celebrate and to live the day it changes the meaning of “a birthday” This September,I turned forty-three and what has become a trend the birthday cake and candles didn’t quite make it to the event;even though, I prefer pie on any given day,I really love pie,to be truthful it is a family tradition that began during the holidays and grew as I became older,egregiously,a birthday does seem quite right without a cake or cupcake around somewhere at home or in a restaurant, I’ve grown to appreciate my birthdays and others. This September,I quietly celebrated the event with a few post here and there on Social Media,a day of thankfulness and remembrance of others,the birthday tradition within the past years eight has been a lot different from the birthday celebration of my pre teens and teens. Aside from birthdays, I take pride in my work and accomplishment both in the past and present,and for said reason I recognize and observer Labor Day each year. In fact,the other day I paused for a minute to refresh my memory on Labor Day facts because I sometimes get confuse Labor Day with Memorial Day ,two separate holidays,the great thing in keeping up with csaccac Inc; as Editor,President and Founder,I learn some new interesting fact each month also I get a crash course in history,but thanks to NWHP (National History Women Project) I stay well informed of history and women’s history. A huge month for events and seminars,this September with Constitution Day and Week,csaccac Inc Annual Fundraiser”Shopapolozza”, National Cyber Security Awareness week, Patriot’s Day and Local Author’s Day.I encourage  to find and read about  to get the facts about  Women’s History  and take a few minutes to visit NWHP website and don’t  forget online safety,make time to get the facts to staying safe online during National Cyber Security Awareness week.
A Day for Candles: csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get —-Twice the Luv—cacjohnson

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