Editor Note August 2014

cacjohnson,sporting a different look for August eNewsletter.

cacjohnson,sporting a different look for August eNewsletter.

 The Main Thing is to Keep
The Main Thing The Main Thing.
– Stephen Covey

August  2014

A message from the Editor,Founder & President;
Motives &Incentives: Imagine if I got paid a $100 to $500 for every Editor Note I write,a great incentive_and somehow I wonder if the message would be self serving,one sided, a diluted truth just to get paid,I consider all the factors this includes:upbringing ,schooling, personal relationships,faults and failures,work ethics,imperfections and just being human. Knowing the person I am with the help of several women’s confidence books along with reading motivational and inspirational quotes _, once again, knowing who I am the incentive would be a great motivator ;however as I stated before receiving recognition among colleagues and peers,family and friends as well as mastering the skill takes precedent above the offering of incentive because if you really enjoy a task ,a job, or project an incentive isn’t required. For instance, a student that loves to solve math problems,or a student that loves creative writing,or student that loves working with computers an incentive to do well in these areas it’s a great motivator nonetheless shouldn’t be used as bribery to make the student perform in an area that they might later consider as uninteresting or boring, neither should it should be used as bribery to get a writer to write about something that’s emotionless to the write and exudes little compassion towards the subject. Over the years, I’ve learned that incentives on the job, and in the classroom,could be a good thing while simultaneously thinking that motives the result of incentives could be a bad thing .Since becoming the Editor the csaccac eNewsletter, I’ve read hundreds of Editors Notes__in fact thousands of Editor Notes,I’ve been reading Editor Notes as far back as elementary school in all of the trendy magazines from Cosompolitan to Seventeen to Elle to Vogue to Ebony to Essence to Reader’s Digest, if there happen to of been an Editor Note inside then I’ve perused the pages to fill time. Each one with a different style of writing and voice,I recall being inspired by numerous of Editor Notes during my teens and twenties that could be attributed to my desire to be a National Editor. Back then Smart Phones,Tablets and Notebooks hadn’t even begun to exist on a large scale as seen today where consumers and shoppers now has the option to download their favorite magazine on a SmartPhone or Tablet. Throughout the years, I’ve learned if you do what you love eventually others will come to recognize your talent,your work and might even pay you for it like in the instance of a painter,a photographer,a singer,a blogger,or even a hair stylist. Until then as I been told a many times it is probably a good idea not to quit your day job_ after all a girl has to eat and shoe these days aren’t cheap. Back to the topic,I mentioned incentives and motives to draw attention to the real reason behind why people do what they do,and some of the stuff they do like giving to charity,donating school supplies,donating to a thrift store,feeding the homeless,assisting the elderly,sponsoring a child, or volunteering for a non profit. Why do people do what they do?Do they think in terms of monetary rewards or Do they think if I reach just one person then I accomplished a great task or Do they think it is there reasonable service to the Omnipotent, or Do they think of Fame and Fortune? Why do people do what they do? well there’s numerous reasons as Editor I could think of why people do what they do? , the most obvious_survival,then there’s gratitude,thankfulness,appreciation,unconditional love,generosity,and acts of humanitarianism. In 2010,I began to write Editor’s Note to be included inside the csaccac Newsletter & eNewsletter not because of the incentive,mainly for the simple reason that I wanted to convey a message to my readers as well as master my writing techniques. twice the Luv,thanks for joining in on the chat for this month, I’m further along into this chat than I planned,I got a few other things I liked to chat about before concluding this Editor Note beginning with the events held during the month of August,for example the back to school tradition,the birthday of http://www.cacjohnson,com and the various task I performed during the month. As you might of observed,in this Editor Note I include  a pic taken at the beginning of the month of August instead of  selected Editor pic for the year. located beside each Editor Note. To conclude,why do people do what they do? Some people do things out of hurt,others do things to help a friend,then others do stuff to support their families,then there’s others who do stuff to get into the in crowd,other people do stuff for the love of their country and let’s not forget the people who do stuff because they heard the voice of Jesus. In the world of behavior psychology one might conclude that there doesnt has to be a reason why people do stuff,they just do stuff;however,incentives and motives would lead one to believe that people do stuff based on intrinsic and external rewards with thoughts of consequences and punishment.

This summer,the summer class that I enrolled in during the month of June consumed a lot of my time and attention in the month  August. Between preparing class assignments,and writing assignments,I remained busy with classes and eventually I had to put aside my monthly blogging  for a minute because of summer classes. With a slow internet connection_,egregiously I continue to incur the cost . At any rate,I couldn’t  e-mail the csaccac eNewsletter,as a result of poor internet connection I just ask readers,members,donors,and sponsors to check in  at the corporate site periodically for updates. Despite a poor internet connection some good stuff happened in the month of August ;for instance, I finally received  a new laptop very similar to the laptop I turned into geek squad to replace the lap top that I had original purchased at Best Buy. On the same day of the exchange,the weather held up  and I got a chance to visit one of my favorite retail stores in the area Barnes & Nobles who happen to of been advertising Pop Cultural week. All throughout the month I tended to focus on completing summer classes__ and to be truthful,  I didn’t know if I could get through the summer  classes with  the my websites performing not  as expected while trying to raise the funds to open an office. Yes, I remain vigilant in hopes of opening an office the Hampton Roads as well as increasing membership. A few years ago I embarked on this journey as Founder and President of csaccac Inc then Editor of the csaccac eNewsletter, just the other day I happen to of received a reminder on LinkedIn that caught me off guard at the number of years I’ve been at this_ must of been a typo,csaccac Inc began in 2010 not quite five years old. On another note, at the begin of the month, I happen to of lost my Bluetooth,the reason I attribute to the  fact  that the ear hook  wouldn’t catch and stay on my ear. A big upset,  even though the ear hook happen to of been to big for my ear,the Bluetooth I ordered from Virgin Mobile I  later  learned when I went to replace the device  happen to of been a good deal ,mainly for the fact it answer calls and streams music.  Well, back to school,I’ve said this each year  back to school tradition is one my favorite traditions, getting the students ready to head back to class,this year I went comparison shopping and checked out who offered the best prices for school supplies some of the stores I visited included Dollar General,Dollar Tree,Family  Dollar and Wal mart__,and of course believe it or not Walmart won out in the best  prices in school supplies ranging less .99cent. Overall,the month of August  began with a good  start,admittedly for  the  majority of the  month I  focused  on my summer classes. A  final thought about incentives and motives, do you think it is  a good incentive to pay students for grades? well, some parents do, what  kind of affects do you think monetary incentives has in the future of  a student when choosing an occupation? I’m at the end of this chat before signing off,check out the inside of the newsletter with all of your  favorites inside from Editor’s Pick to Product of the Month to resume tips ,Twitter tips,Shopping tips,plus a lot of other stuff,I don’t like dating myself so I try not to date the state stuff inside but it is relevant to each month and season,thanks for checking-in chat with you later.
School Stuff{Textbooks,Notebooks,Pens& Pencils,Desk&Chairs, Teachers& Students}
csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, as Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next csaccac Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get twice the Luv.

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