Editor Note,July 2014

CSACCAC - 2014TwitterA message from  the Editor,Founder and President of csaccac Inc;twice the Luv_sending out an all new chat  in July,_xoxo,Lol and KIT, for now I’ll  save the end for the ending_first things first, I’d like to take a moment to say that great beginnings, and new ideas often begin in some of the most familiar places like at the grocery store,at a book store,in the mall,standing in a line, on a bus ride or on a daily drive to work. And to be honest,I often get tons of ideas for blogs and books just from everyday stuff I observe each day and through out the week while running errands. As the  days begin to heat up in the summer months,I tend to get  bombarded with a slue of  ideas and thoughts, from messages about life,to money matters to shopping on a budget,for some reason  during the summer,the ideas and thoughts just don’t seem to stop. At the moment I’m not just learning from my life experiences,  I am  also learning from life experiences  of those in my inner circle_ and complete strangers.True,I might be out of touch with Social  Scene and the Night clubs,thank goodness!!! for TMZ, Extra,All Access,and Entertainment Tonight,the social guides to who’s who among  Celebrities and the Rich and Famous. All glam and glitz aside,I find it crucial to make time to  be informed  of World and Global news via news broadcast and the internet. Not surprisingly,world and global events has also caught my attention  this summer,as a matter of fact begin in my pre-adolescence and during my teen and ultimately well into my adulthood,I love staying on top of current events especially events that affects the community where I resides;for instance,from random acts of kindness,new jobs,people helping people to the issues affecting today’s young people such as  youth violence,gang violence,and guns__I view it as  a matter of  life and death to know what’s going on the community  where  I reside and the world around that surrounds me. With so much happening in today’s world  from natural disasters to terrorist plots and attacks,America is a much different place compared to the era I’d been raised_and the same for summer months quite different from the mamas and the papas and flower power _now if I could somehow find the time to put all of those ideas into my Smartphone I might have a fourth book. Anyhow,this Editor Note isn’t about all the mumble jumble boggled inside my head,it’s about summer,_the summer has arrived I moved away from some of the traditional stuff I loved doing in past summers. So it’s a little a different,a long  distance from past summers,but that doesn’t stop me from loving summer months. A huge reason I love the summer months,begins with it is a great time to do the stuff the you keep putting off each year like reading a epic novel,or learning a new language. Enough  said ,with summer classes in full swing,the course work in both of the classes that I’ve chose to take on during this summer has consumed a lot of my attention. At the age of  forty-something,I’ve chosen to continue my education  in hopes of a higher paying job as  learned in one of my classes I hoping the trade off is greater than the sacrifice. In between classes when I’m not deciphering books I break from the books to perform other stuff sadly these days it’s not blogging every minute and every hour  ,instead its dodge ball_ that’s an inside code for WTF is this. Well,I’m just about ready to wrap up this Editor Note,but not without saying again_ I love summer, even though,the stuff I planned might not of worked out as  liked this summer,I can say this  with my pocket calendar at my side I reminded of all the stuff I did get to do_and to be truthful,I’ve always been big on making lemonade out Kool Aid,making a meal on dime, stretching  the dollar,and counting pennies. As I prepare to conclude this Editor Note,looking  July’s calendar I’m reminded of 4th of July another one of my favorite traditions that’s not quite the same from my pre adolescence_unbelievable,and totally in line with the Summer months  I’ve yet to break down and make a run for some Bar be cue, then  there’s  my summer class schedule that wrecked havoc on my nervous system,__and out of the insane asylum the greatest deal of the year,I acknowledge as 2014 greatest find _ an exchange at Best Buy that happen to of  been a  replacement for my brand spanking new Toshiba Satellite c55t Touch Screen that wouldn’t wake up three months into use while under warranty. You’ve heard it before, all good things have a beginning and an ending, with my new personal assistant at my side the Nexus 7 full loaded operating on Android 4.4 KitKat,I began the month with breakfast at McDonald’s,I’ve  got a set must have breakfast menu at McDonald’s but I don’t eat there each and every morning,Luvin the frappes there like a God send since Dunkin Donuts moved out of the neighborhood. Also,in the month of July,I began the first day of  summer classes somewhat hopeful and uncertain of the upcoming weeks. WHADDYA,as Editor and photographer,things sometimes do get a little overwhelming even out of hand_ and for that simple fact I big on hands off and waiting for a breath of fresh air to clear the air waves to get back on track and keep it moving forward,as sophmorish as it might sound Im not talking about erasing people memories or making  them regret they ever lived , I prefer, and believe in meditation,gratitude,acceptance and making the best of each and every situation including being single and a self published author.

Summer Stuff,{white sand,sea shells,sand dollars,beach blankets,sandals,bikini Tops & Bottoms} csaccac eNewsletter & Newsletter is a monthly publication, 

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