Editor Note

May 2014

A message from the Editor ,Founder,and President of csaccac Inc;

Do you Luv to chat?_,well today there’s a lot of places on the internet where teens and adults who want to chat and share with others has a place to speakout,and voice opinions, inside an Editor is one of the places I Luv2chat:I Luv to chat  about  all kinds of stuff and I also Luv to brainstorm new ideas to  begin each new chat,this month_,I chose to begin this chat with some of the  stuff I actually performed and completed within the month. Almost everyone Luvs to chat,as a matter of fact,these days a  lot of teens and  singles has opted instead to send text messaging, post Tweets on Twitter, updates social status on Facebook  as well as other Social Networking sites along with  Blogging to chat with people of similar likes and dislikes. And in life sometimes a good chat like a good laugh or cry helps to put life into perspective,so don’t stop the chat just make sure it is with someone  you  trust or feel wont spill their guts ,the beans,or the milk on Social Network sites,or in class or at work to get in with the in crowd _I know its kind of a party bust,but once you do find that trusted chat group set some chat rules. For now__, for this chat, I’m breaking some of my  chat rules inside this Editor Note. What is it really  like in a day for an Editor?__well, in the next few minutes Im going to chat about  what it is like in a day for a Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales and Service Manager, moi,who just so happens to be an Editor, the stuff phrased up didnt all happen on the same but it is A Day and Life  Of Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales and Service Mgr:
A day all pinned up for some great causes ;a trip to the Patrick Henry Mall that ended with two new pair of jeans and one pair of peep toe club booties; a day for a shoe fiasco;a day for a trip to the Penisula Town Center (PTC)that started with a visit  aeropostle,H&M,  end with  lunch at Five Guys who has(the best fries ever next to Wendy’s,McDonalds and Rally fries);a day to shop at Walmart;a day to vote; a day to sample Taco Bell summer freezer’s Berry Blast and Typhoon,a day to make another visit to Taco Bell to sample their loaded chicken ranch chipotle grillers;a day to raise awareness,cPink;a day to review receipts;a day to upload application for the Next Face of Fox; a day for girl’s night,up late watching the Guild on Netflix; a day for a late night total hair fiasco,Im up late at night almost close to midnight literally cutting weave glue out of my hair; a day to get my hair cut;a day to shop for shoes, I’m in the thrift store and,I’m in Wal mart looking for closed toe sandals;a day to shop for a new handbag on this day I’ve taken the day to  search the  local strip mall, and Walmart for the perfect pink handbag; a day online to search for the perfect pink handbag;a day to  design new business cards, a day to dream about my Dream Closet;a day to write a paper for my BUS302 class;a day to write a paper for Principle of Marketing class;a day to post social updates on each of my Social Networking sites(Facebook,Twitter,meetme,andLinkedIn); a day to focus on what you want more of in your life;a day to write an Editor Note; a to watch Netflix;a day to checkout some Dvds from the public library; a day to listen to  new music; a day to listen to new artist; a day to have a nice workday;a day to pause from field work;a day to write in my journal;a day to write an cac Note;a day of missing the curls in my hair; a day to accept new friend request;a day on meetme;a day to read ;a day  to take pics; a day on the move; a day with main new squeeze_my Google Nexus 7,a day of perfectly bright pink lips; a day of thanks;a day for a fill and manicure;a day for a pedicure; a day with Drake the family pet dog;a day at my place of residency;a day to get organized;a day to grocery shop;a day to shop online;a day to edit pics;a day to recycle; a day for moms, a day to celebrate and recognize Memorial Day;__and a day for miscellaneous stuff. With classes,social updates,and part time self employment the month of May kept me very busy. Like April the month began full in swing with a personal task list,social activates,and highlighted events for the month at the top of the csaccac calendar. A few near misses,close calls, a dance with  the devil,some mishaps,a fiasco,life on the edge that equates to in my world  Living the vida loca,I  commemorated the  month with a few pics.  A day  that begins before the sunrises and ends with the checking of emails and the muting of a Smart Phone,the Day and Life of A Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales & Service  Mgr.
Now that you’ve a got glimpse of what a  typical day is like for me  as an Editor,take a few minutes to checkout what’s inside this month’s csaccac eNewsletter .

chat&Share,BF4EVERNewsletter is a monthly publication, as
Editor,Founder & President of csaccac Inc., I look forward to
continuing the chat with you the (consumer& shopper) in the next
csaccac Newsletter,and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you the (consumer& shopper) with the latest in consumer product information. TwtyuL T2yuL ch@wuL IBCUN LoL Cu8L until next month don’t forget Lips 2shop n 2save,Savor the Flavor & Get
Twice the Luv—cacjohnson

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