Editor Note June 2014

Editor's Pic 2014June 2014

A message from the Editor, Founder and President of csaccac Inc;

Since our last chat, I’ve registered for summer classes at Strayer University. Back in 2010,I made a  choice to continue my education in a field study that I already knew something about instead of returning to teaching. At the time when I made the choice to go back to school, I’d just begun to start writing my first Editor Note and to  create the first  csaccac Newsletter.  The choice to pursue another degree, I based mainly on the fact that I’d been out of the workforce for some time _with that thought, I wanted to update and refresh the skills I’d acquired while working as a retail associate_ and from that stand point I chose to attend Strayer University and major in Retail Management because of the previous experience I acquired in that field of study.   To say the least the choice required little effort; however, I encountered an impasse  with  US Department  of Education that would eventually take  four years for me get back on track  before I could registered for classes in 2014. And to be honest, upon returning back to school, at first, I wasn’t quite sure if Id survive the first two quarters Winter and Spring but somehow I pressed through both quarters in the midst of my personal and professional  life both of which has been unbalanced . Gladly welcomed, as student and a working professional, the summer months throughout the years has often brought relief and relaxation from many of life’s unexplained and unpredictable day to day events. Back to the chat, an all new  chat session  is about to begin in 1,2,3…seconds [Chat-in-Session]  For this chat instead of talking about all of the fun stuff that’s being planned ,prepared, and posted on Social Networking sites for summer 2014,instead_I think, I want to take this time to resume the chat with thoughts of being an returning adult student which is actually part of what I left out in the last chat as I  spoke of  my daily life with excerpts as relates to “A Day & Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant” On this day,I put on my Editor’s hat in hopes that I at most  don’t exclude the really good juicy parts similar to a summer BlockBuster movie review. Normally, the month of June is a great month to do the stuff you Luv,or some of the stuff you or to just resume the doing the stuff you Luv from last June. It is the month that a tantamount of young teens and college often look forward to in addition to Spring Break. Within the past seven to eight years, the summer months has taken on a different meaning largely in part to a shift in my life style, impacted by world events, and the economy. In truth, the summer months is no longer just about  exotic getaways, the hottest summer spots, days on the beach, and sampling some of the best summer foods and drinks as I grown to appreciate the simpler stuff in life, and to accept the ebb and flow of the universe_ don’t get me wrong, I Luv each of these activities and I Luv them even more when their affordable; an  idealist, faced with reality; those days has all but come to a screeching halt as I put back together the pieces of my life  after being out high school for  twenty plus years and being out of college for seventeen years to regain a sense of purpose and direction. With only my day planner to help me recall the events in June along with notes jotted down here and there, I’m probably performing the miraculous. And to be truthful, whenever an Editor Note is up for posting I begin to feel coy then  intimidated at the thought of aving  to hash out my life in Editor Note, each and every time it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been writing these notes, I have to think of my readers, even though at times I think  no one is going to read this Editor Note, so_ I might as well write whatever pops into head_ well, it sounds like a great idea and would probably work best in a blog or journal, an oxymoron,­­­_ since this isn’t a blog or journal, it’s  an Editor Note for an actual Newsletter. What remained, is eventually hopes that I inspire, provoke though, response, above all motivate others to join the conversation and encourage other to begin to blog or read. Resuming the original chat I begun at the start of this chat ,the weeks cumulating up to the month of June left me feeling mentally and physical drained ( a lot of  which had to  with me returning back to school,)and at the same time I felt recharged for the days to follow. Typically, when the summer months start, I begin to feel renewed, refreshed and recharged. Over the years, one thing I’ve recognized that hasn’t change much about the summer is the new music, new music artist who breakout each summer, the really neat and totally cool(rad) fashion, hairstyles, nail designs, the fab magazines covers, summer inspired drinks and food, most all people finding and making time to do the stuff the Luv in the summer. While writing the Editor Notes, I arrived to the realization that putting together words, and stringing together my thoughts is an art and skill that has to be cultivated, and nurtured. I also arrived to the conclusion that an Editor Note should be either uplifting, motivating, solve a problem or lead the reader to an answer. The first of many first, summer often leads each us either, to our first love, or  in a new direction or to our true calling in life.—twice the Luv, cacjohnson


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