Leftover turkey & stuff.

“What did one turkey say to the other turkey?”, “What’s cooking?”—anonymous

Crowds of families,friends,co workers, even complete strangers along with well thought out, and well prepared large dinners,normally is an indication that Thanksgiving has arrived and a celebration has begun. As Ive often stated,Im big on tradition. And in all honesty,the Thanksgiving tradition is a family tradition that I cant just seem to get away from whether Im at home or just visiting during the holiday. A tradition that orignated from a successful “corn harvest” gained its recognition in 1863 by then President Abraham Lincoln. Several decades later,the Thanksgiving tradition remains a great American tradition among American families within the U.S and Canada. Of the numerous traditions and celebrations honored as well as recognized in homes of American families,the Thanksgiving tradition happens to be based on historical fact dating back to the 1600’s. A distinct detail of the Thanksgiving tradition includes the frequently prepared large dinners often refered to as a “feast” in historical context. Not surprisingly,the first Thanksgiving dinner didnt consist of many of the foods often prepared and associated with today’s Thanksgiving meal. In fact, the first Thanksgiving dinner included some foods you and might think of today as exotic__and not your typical Thanksgiving meal. Ostensibly,the first Thanksgiving meal didnt consist of some of the meats and desserts you might find at a modern day Thanksgiving dinner.In speaking of Thanksgiving dinners,I recall as a pre teen learning about the Thanksgiving tradition in a public school classroom and celebrating the tradition with family. At the same time,I also recall that I enjoyed the days after the Thanksgiving holiday just as much as the holiday. Enough food to feed a tribe,one of the reason I enjoyed the days after the holidays. Turkey, the main entree at tanamount of Thanksgiving dinners in American consumers and shoppers home. Grateful and thankful, I recall as a pre teen the numerous Thanksgiving dinners I enjoyed where turkey happen to of been the main attraction. After the Thanksgiving holiday,as a pre yeen it always seemed to amaze me the different uses of turkey and how leftover turkey could be prepared in so many different ways such as turkey salad,turkey sandwiches,turkey and rice,turkey casserole,and so forth,a butterball turkey really does last for awhile with a little ingenuity. Although,turkey might not have been on the plates of pilgrims,today turkey remains a main attraction on a tantamount of consumers and shoppers table during Thanksgiving.

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