An Editor’s Worst Nightmare.


An Editor’s worst nightmare,the silence of words and thought. Every time,I began this blog in thought , I stopped and paused to go do something else like a different task,a different chore,to read an article or watch a DVD. As an Editor one of the worst nightmare I am constantly confronted with each month is to be without words,an empty void,lifeless,unable to vocalize one’s real thoughts or opinions because of fear,rejection,or unwanted harsh criticism. So,what is the fear? The fear that I feel within as an Editor is the words not flowing perfectly to create a picture in the now moment. In all honest, as an Editor I am not compelled to be spontaneous or go where the day takes me in an Editor Note,instead,I prefer constructive words relevant to the now moment;in other words, a first draft some thoughtfulness, and introspection,in the now. Over a period of time,I formed this opinion of an Editor Note,the Editor Note should capture the now,__in the now moment and it should feel and sound genuine and sincere. And what is the now moment it is what I am doing now,I am writing my thoughts in the now. When I first began this blog,the words and thoughts in the now at the time I began this blog I chose to not share those now moments because the thoughts too real seemed to flow sporadically. Today, those thoughts not same as when I first began this blog is less pungent and gladly tamed. An Editor’s worst nightmare other than words not flowing perfectly,the words just making a whole lot of noise with no purpose or point in mind,and most of all the words doesn’t answer a question,or solve problem,or lead the reader to a higher being,or give the reader a healthy dose of self-confidence,in such instances,I sometimes feel it’s useless_mindless reading. From my point view,I see the Editor as not just the go to person for correction,advice,and suggestions, but as the person who sums up everything,the person who makes sense of life when no one else seems to have a clue or to understand what the reader is feeling or experiencing in the now. For several years,after I chose to become an Editor,I began to take note of other Editor’s style,and as I began to take on the role of an Editor,what I learned and found that it wasn’t so much the words that I had to say or get on paper or to get my point across,in truth,I wanted to hear my voice at times,where other Editors seemed so sophisticated and poignant, as well as excel in voice,and,in words,I felt so elementary,so neophyte,with unskilled words . Although, I knew the words I wanted to use to convey my message,I felt as an Editor the words lacked depth,emotion,and compulsion. In actuality,in the beginning,the words, I first began to put on paper seemed only to touch the surface of my being as an Editor partly out of fear. Since the first Editor Note I wrote in 2010, I ve grown in voice and depth;even though,I constantly confront my fears each month as an Editor,it’s the moment when words,thoughts,and life’s lessons come together to add a piece of the puzzle to the Big Picture. Good days and Bad days,I’ve had my share of both,regardless of the day, it’s the Editor’s job to find something worthy,interesting,something in the now ,each day,each week,and each month and to bring those lessons and experiences to reader in hopes of uplifting someone,or leading someone to the answer they have been in search of in their journey and path to their driven purpose and life’s passion.

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