Facebook excerpts and pics (Last moments with Sparkle the family cat.)

“Saturday afternoon Sparkle showed up to say her last goodbye,I knew it was Sparkle because at that particular instance it had been raining slightly hard. As I was walking towards my place of residency, a bright golden heap of sun fell on my back then the rain eased up. Not quite,ready to leave this earth ,one last final goodbye,late Saturday evening while I was sleeping ,Sparkle came from under my bed an snatched at my loop ear ring. Early Sunday morning, Sparkle still hadnt passed she showed up as she normally does every morning at about the same time waiting for me to put food in her bowl,so I grabbed Sparkle’s food bowl from the top of my closet and added some food,I think she has passed on.”
It was suppose to have been a simple trip to the veterinarian__,instead it turned out to be the last moments of her life. And now__, only now,weeks after her death have I begun to talk about and put into words those dreadful hours before her death. Every now and then,I catch a glimpse of Sparkle out of the corner of my eye__,well,it’s not really Sparkle,because Sparkle died,what I keep seeing happens to be shadows and objects that I automatically think it’s Sparkle. When in all actuality, weeks have passed since I put Sparkle in her crate and placed her at the front of my moms door on a Saturday morning. Rewind,flash back a few months earlier, Sparkle’s existence during her stay at my moms consisted of roaming back and forth between my bedroom through the hallway to living room and into the kitchen to check up on Drake the family dog. As I look back at Sparkle’s life up to the day I put her in her crate at my moms front door,I begin to feel that in someways__,Sparkle,to be truthful,I think she’s probably more free in the after life then she was as a family pet all couped up inside the house day after day.__good and bad,Sparkle and I had weather some pretty tough moments together. During her stay,Sparkle and I had our kodak moments. Even on the really bads,when I thought I reached my lowest point on the human totem pole, Sparkle seemed to have learned to find her place to be Sparkle Eventhough,Sparkle’s behavior didnt always agree with how my mom felt Sparkle should behave,she found a way to make us smile on the rainy days,and laugh at the absurd. Weeks after she’d first arrived at my moms home, Sparkle would eventually don the title “family pet”. Sparkle would wake me up in the morning to receive her morning feeding,and, Sparkle would wait for me at the door in the afternoon for her afternoon feeding. Until her death,I hadnt fully grasp the effect Sparkle’s presence had on the entire household. And in all honesty,mornings havent quite been the same since Sparkle passed. Apparently,I had become accustomed to Sparkle waking me up in the morning and following me around at night until bedtime. At times she tried my patience,other times she seemed to make me feel warmth and love. One of Sparkle’s greatest accomplish,at least during her stay at my moms,eventhough,it took some weeks,right before her death Sparkle learned to open and closed the door behind her. On numerous nights,late at night,I would wake up out my sleep to go an tirade aimed at Sparkle. Most of the time,I would elucidate,state to Sparkle as if she could understand “I dont mind you running in and out at night as long as you closed the door behind you.” Months before her death ,she had finally got the message. Nor,had I realized how much Sparkle had grown on me and how much I had looked forward to her greeting me in the afternoons. Sparkle has passed.,yet her spirit lingers on,she is gone,but Sparkle has not been forgotten. Really,how could I ever forget Sparkle,on the days I felt despondent,dejected and forlorn__,Sparkle kept me going. And the truth about Sparkle’s last moments up to her death,I’ll keep those moments in my journal at least for now.—cacjohnson

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