Before & After,Travon Martin (Life,Love,&Truth)

Two words,bus stop_,not the dance, the actual stop is where my life began to happen. At the bus stop, standing at the bus stop on old Dixie Highway, on the other side of the tracks, waiting for the bus to take me to work. From all outward appearances life begins at birth,I on other hand believe that life, the true human experience,begins for each us at different times and places.For some life begins right at birth with their eyes wide open,for others life begins at the moment one realizes and learns that both good and evil exist in the world. Where does life begin,__ at conception or at birth? An age old question that has caused protest,debates,and increased awareness to Women’s Rights,the question continues to elicit various responses. Although,skeptics and extremist might want to debate at every turn the mention of the question “Where does life begin,__at conception or at birth?” for now,I’ll save that debate for Pro-Choice and Right to Life supporters. Certainly,the facts remain evident,the debate continues to grab the attention of feminist,and elected public officials.However,this blog isnt about where life begins instead it is about when does life begin(the true human experience).Aside from a brief Sex Ed lesson on the sexual reproduction system,a brief history lesson on Women’s Rights,and the discover of the true human experience,this blog is meant to be an account of events pertaining to my life Before& After the tragic death of Travon Martin. Right here,__at this point,Im going to re phrase the question “When does life actually begin?”

When I first began to write this blog,along with thousands of American citizens,young and old, both men and women,I had been gripped with fear,outrage and disbelief that such a tragic incident could occur to a defenseless young man. And to be truthful,this hadnt been the first time I had felt such a strong emotion to a senseless death,for clarity__ meaning,one that could’ve of been prevented. Even today,as I go forth with this blog,the intensity,the disbelief,the perplexity,and consternation has not subsided. Dolefully,since becoming the Editor of the csaccac eNewsletter,Ive been gripped with fear,and uncertainty based on reports of gun violence and gun related deaths that has become an unpleasant reality,that’s all too real,and an uncomfortable uneasiness of American life.While the shock,the disbelief,perplexity remains fresh like an open wound,the truth for a myriad of Afro American communities across the United States remains a prevalent fact,__ gun violence and gun related deaths has plagued the Afro American community for many years. Upon the news of the tragic incident,I felt compelled to do something partly because of
the reoccurring gun violence within the United States in public places. As an outraged American citizen,I stated my position on the social condition inside an Editor Note,simply stating__ guns dont kill people,people kill people.I remain staid in that belief.Initially,I began this blog in the summer,in those weeks numerous thoughts ran through my mind. Ultimately,I chose to step away from the national media coverage to formulate a response,but most of all to read,to listen,and to get more details related to the tragic incident.During the summer,in those weeks,I outlined,etched,and even visualized how I wanted to respond inside this blog,and in each response,the age and time of the young teen’s death stood out the most along with what he had been wearing at the time of his death. Days,weeks,and some months had passed since the first news report of the tragic death of Travon Martin,from one thought to the next thought,my thoughts continued to run rampant while the theme stayed same it also resonanted within my thoughts,__dying young. Warily,with disgust,abhorrence,and objection,___ each day, I loathed the thought of a young teen dying before ever reaching his potential. Forced to face my own existence,I began to think of the years I attended public school,the rules,the dress codes,and life after the last school bell to let students know the school day had ended. Then,I had more thoughts ,I thought of the mornings I stood in line waiting for breakfast hoping the first class bell wouldnt ring when I reached the doors to the cafeteria,I thought of the days I sold Girl Scout cookies outside the local grocery store,I thought of the afternoons I attended my high school pep rallys,I thought of the days I stood at the bus stop hoping I didnt miss the bus while praying that I would make it to work on time,I thought of the days I worked as cashier,I thought of the nights I waited outside for a ride to pick me up from my cashiering job;thought after thought ,eventually, led way to the second,to the minute,to the day I realized when life__the actual true human experience, had begun to happen. In those thoughts,I realized that life__the true human experience had actual begun to happen at the culmination of my teen years and right at the beginning of my independence to be exact the day I got accepted into college.From eighteen to forty,Ive had numerous beginnings. Each new beginning,I learned something new,I learned something about the kind of person I am and the kind of person I want to be years from now. And to be truthful,I dont think you ever get use to it_new beginnings,even more, especially teens dying young.

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