My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr: Side by Side,the work of an extremist,an extreme sport sizing up life,death,and rebirth with life’s credit rating and FICO score.

I go through this all of the time,__I stop,__I start,__I grow,__I learn,__ I get angry,___I meditate,__I pray,___I stumble,___I fall apart,__I get still,__I listen,___I shut my eyes,__I build up,__and I tear down,I am my bestfriend,Iam my worst enemy,I am my counselor,I am my confidant and I am my life’s source of inspiration. Daily,I seek meaning from life and I seek to give meaning to life. During the forty plus years I lived on this earth,I’ve lived,I’ve died,I’ve been reborn,in the same instances, I ve been the student and the teacher.Each life,each death,each rebirth has elevated my perception of the world,I view the world as round not flat,at the same time,I view the world as a dynamic place with unlimited,infinite, and endless range of variations. Life after death, a short sms,it existence. Although,my perception has been elevated,my life’s credit rating and FICO score didnt get the email,text message or the Tweet “fresh start” Relationships,Love,Courage,Guidance,Truth,and Perception,of all the numerous lessons and experiences Ive absorbed,Ive grown the most in barren places and wastelands. At forty something,I refuse to accept the belief that I am at life’s end with my finances. At the start of each new beginning,it is as if I died a thousands deaths. The moment I exceeded my limits,I grew a foot taller,a bit wiser and hell bent on standing side by side with the queens and the divas,or at least standing_or_sitting in the place where I felt I belong. Speaking candidly,a difficult subject to discuss because I havent moved the mountain of debt and I find it even more difficult to talk about finances and debt because Im living it everyday,as a matter of fact,I’ve been living it for the past eighteen years. __I budget,__I spend,___I list expenses,__I make a new budget ,then I spend some more,__I check my shopping list twice,__I buy on sale,_I clip coupons,while Im doing all of these different task,I realize my life could be a training seminar,webinar or a Tedx conference,if only my finances lined up with my positive attitude,and vibrant personality. A personal truth,Im not proud to admit ,I live a financially dysfunctional life. For years,I often would aver__ if I waited for the lottery or a windfall ,I would never get anything done. In my twenties, I had a proclivity to subscribe to a group of money advisors,counselors,and debt back sliders who experience some of the same financial problems. Young and naive,I listened so I thought. Heedlessly, weeks after the advice I would find myself back at square one. As I write this blog,I am reminded of all those who have successfully found debt relief and of all those who remain in the fight to be debt free including moi. Everyone has to start somewhere,I got into money game late in life. Remorsefully, it wasnt until later in my life that I began to seriously inquire about my Credit rating and FICO score. Fighting to be debt free has been an ongoing battle,I’ve been in the fight for sometime,and I havent quite mastered my money. At the age of the thirty-five,I began to put the pressure on to get my finances straightened out. Getting out debt has become a necessity,to the point that I put a large part of my focus on finding ways to get out debt and stay out of debt. Looking back at my high school years,I recall as a high school student,I had very little access to credit,actually, I had no credit.Towards the end my senior,I began to inquire about credit,but it was a topic that I didnt push or bring up frequently Truthfully,I placed more emphasis on applying to college than getting a credit card.
Credit ratings and FICO scores at that period of time hadnt phased me,it wasn’t until I went to purchase my first car after my college graduation that I got scared about my credit report and score. And to be honest,today__I could take those feelings I felt when I went to purchase my first car and multiply it by 3 that’s how upset and devasted I am with my current finances.Before I resigned from my teaching in 2000,I was well on my way to being a homeowner. I briefly discuss this and my finances in my first book “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@! (A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping)
In that short period of time of I had been extended credit,a small amount. Almost twelve years later,after making that choice,I am on the brink of bankruptcy at forty-something without ever being a first time home buyer. When I received my first teaching job,my credit rating and FICO score didnt register on my list of things to do,I believe that in the back of my mind__I felt that my credit rating and FICO score would automatically take care of themselves,___well,that’s far from being accurate. Getting back on my feet hasnt been a cake walk,certainly,the 2008 economic recession didnt help my efforts, as a matter fact ,it stymied many of my efforts to re gain control over my life and finances. Having my life,death and rebirth rated and sized up based on my credit rating or FICO score is a very scary thought,I like to compare this feeling to being buried in a cardboard box. Raised a southern baptist ,I’ve heard stories of church people who had been in the church all their life, paid their church ties and gave offerings___. And for reasons uknown, ,the church wouldnt bury them,I mean give them a proper home going. Right or left,the work of an extremist could veer to the far right or it could veer to the far left,an extremist has a very different view and vision of the world…

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