My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.: Mirrors and Mentors,step into your shoes.

What did one mirror say to the other mirror?(How do I look?)

Mirrors,they give approvals,they say yes and no. Mirrors,they stare back at us without a condescending word,they show our outward appearance and often tell us what friends and family is sometimes reluctant to share. From fitting rooms to bathrooms,normally,the primary function of a mirror is to give a second opinion. Mirrors,they’re personal assistants,frequently found in restaurants,hotels,department stores,automobiles ,in breakrooms and your best friend cosmetic bag,mirrors,they often see what you dont see. A really good mirror can spot the slightest flaw. For a tantamount of consumers and shoppers a look in a mirror could make them feel good or it could make them feel like they should of wore a different outfit. Mirrors,found in numerous public places,they can make you see something old as new. Mirrors,frequently have a powerful effect on women’s attitude about people and life. A playmate to young girls who like to play dress up,a mirror often becomes a fairy tale object.On the other hand,to young adults and professionals a mirror is a necessary item frequently required and called upon before heading out the door to work. For years,I had been taught that your appearance is equally important as a well written resume. At a very young age,I often observed how the adults closes to me would dress for work and social events. Eventually,as I grew older,I began to mirror many of the habits and customs that I observed as a teen.As a matter of fact,a habit some might consider unhealthy,as a young teen part of my morning routine included looking in the mirror after I completed dressing to make sure I dressed appropriately for the school day. A source of entertainment as well as a learning tool,a form of art to many,television makes mirroring seem easy and glamorous. A pastime favorite,small kids and young adults across the globe often mirror the images they see on television,in fact a television is a mirror of all sorts of things. Mirrors,they stand out,they call us by our names,they makes stop and take notice of life. Eventhough,I dont stand in front of the mirrors for hours,or constantly look in the mirror throughout the day,at the age of forty-something,I usually make it a point to take a look in the mirror before heading out the door to attend special events. Taking a second look is something I ve often done in previous years before performing a job search,I like to adhere to cliche “dress for success” Mirrors &Mentors. In certain instances,to mirror someone is emulate or imitate specific parts of their life. Customarily,pre teens,teens and young adults often mirror actors,dancers,singers,entertainers and even mentors.For many professionals mirroring is often part of a formula to creating success. While writing May’s editor note,I realized that during my teens I mirrored very few public figures and famous people. As a teen,I mirrored people on the radio and on television,to be truthful,many the people I mirrored,I also thought of as mentors. Mentors,they inspire,they encourage,and they help us grow. From public figures to the rich and famous,a mentor could be anyone that you choose who has had a powerful effect in your life. At home,at school,and at work,a mentor could be someone you know or someone you just met. As a graduate from a public school system,I like most students had been surrounded with mentors. From teachers to administrators,a mentor could easily be found within the walls of a classroom. A part of maturation is learning from the lessons and experiences of mentors then stepping into your shoes.

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