My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr:Letter to the Editors,On a different day

Dear Editors,
What does it really mean to be an Editor?,Who or What inspired you to become an Editor?,How do you find the time?,Do you ever get writer’s block?,How many drafts do you have to write before the Editor note? Do you feel that a mag or Newsletter would be incomplete without an Editor note? In this age of Social media,Social Networking,Connecting,Meetings,and attending Social events “How do you stay focus, and not become overwhelmed as the Editor?”

Athough,“there’s no time like the present”,I remain hestitant to begin this chat. As the old cliche states “Why put off what you can do today for tomorrow?” certainly,I could make-up a 101 excuses of other task I could perform than having this chat meant specifically to critique,think about,and reflect upon Editor notes. Veritably,on a different day,Id probably strike through this conversation to save it for later or make it a journal entry. Instead,Im choosing to take these few moments on a Friday night away from Netflix,the Youtube videos,Vevo,Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn to chat about Editor notes, and letters to the Editors. While the content of the subject,topic,and discussion is still fresh on my brain,”on this day,I chose to pause from all task for a moment to put thoughts into words. An informal chat to the Editors,and of course,Im sure each of know who Im referring to the girls and guys whose job it is to sum up all the latest happenings,stuff in their personal lives and share with readers what’s inside every issue of a mag or newsletter who in each instance simultaneously apply their own personal touch to each Editor note.To be truthful,as an inspiring Editor, one of the biggest task I have ahead me is conquering the fear of being socially incorrect,and brevity. Truthfully,brevity is not one of my best skills,I often like to explain things to avoid misunderstanding. Being clear,unambiguous,and forthright doesnt always work well with others because most people seem to be on a schedule or have limited time,I feel if it’s something that’s happening now,if is a social or political issue that stirs up strong language and emotion when mentioned in the general population time shouldnt be a main focus. Furthermore, a schedule or time limit shouldnt stop people from getting the whole truth or story.
And in some instance,a situation or story could be worth a letter to the Editor. Sadly,for those of us whose best skill isnt brevity,the truth of the matter is most letters to the Editor have to fit a certain mold and space. At forty something I’ve written very few to none, letters to the Editor___ eventhough, I frequently stumble upon topics and articles that elicit strong language and emotions if I chose to respond or write a letter to the Editor. To the Editors,Im not standing in your kitchen every night,Im not putting food in your refrigerator everyday,Im not living out of your refrigerator,Im not sitting at your dinner table every night,Im not counting your calories or sugar intake,Im not checking your grocery cart or following you to Sams Club,Im not stalking your every step,Im not calling your friends,real estate agent ,or checking references, Im not even camped outside your doorstep,and Im not scoping out your trash, aside from the crazy groupie stuff,I like to pause from the daily routine of life to read something funny,thought provoking,motivativing and inspiring frequently I find those attributes inside an Editor note. To be honest,I do at times wait to hear to about juicy entertainment gossip, the latest family recipe,what’s the next hot trend or read about your next big social engagement or purchase,often,I look forward to reading your perspective and outlook on life. As an inspiring Editor,I hope this chat motivates readers to read an Editor note. Most importanly I want readers to think twice about those Editor notes found at the front of mag or inside a newsletter. People,dont brush off those Editor notes,but savor them as if they’re pieces of chocolate or a glass of wine. At young age,during the years I lived with my grandmother,I frequently picked up a mag at a relatives homes,or in a grocery store. Surrounded with books and magazine,back then,I really did not meditate on the Editor notes,often,I perused through the pages of magazines reading article after article while not thinking twice about the Editor note. In speaking of Editor notes,the first Editor that truly inspired me first appeared in an Essence magazine,Susan L Taylor. With a series of uplifting messages published each month in Essence magazine titled”In the Spirt”,her story inspired millions of readers. From 1981 to 2000 ,Susan L Taylor lead a successful career as Editor-in-chief of Essence magazine. Today,Susan L Taylor remains among a few editors that inspired me from a young age. Almost forty years ago,I set my sights on being a teacher,an executive secretary and a flight attendant. At the age of twenty eight,I taught my first 8th grade Language Arts class. Admittedly, standing inside the classroom at that time thoughts of being an Editor didnt exist,I had been completely immersed in being a first year teacher. In all honest,straight forwardly speaking,I didn’t choose to become an Editor,it’s a position that I’ve always admired,and one I gradually grew into. Among the many requirements and skills it takes to be an Editor, I welcome being an Editor whole heartedly.Letter to the Editors,on a different day your words might of fell upon deaf ears,a personal truth,I am a little older,I dont turn the pages as fast,and the Editor note is first message I look for in a mag or newsletter. Thank you,for taking the time to,clear out the clutter and make sense of it all before the collage of words and images mesh together.

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