My Life As A Consumers Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.:Head Over Heels: A comparison between being a seriously fun badass office personality type A and a die-hard 9 to 5 office party girl type B

Hypothetically speaking,“you know the rules,and you break them all then you save the day with a piece of chewed gum,a nail file and a hair pin. Sounds like a scene from an episode of Alias or a mini scene from a Die Hard movie,when in truth it’s your everyday routine,___you’re an office badass from your designer office attire to your jimmy choo shoes,and you could careless who knows with the exception of the boss and the management team,__well,that’s just about everyone that really counts.” Of course,being an office badass isn’t as harsh as it sounds,the job and title has its perks;for instance,all new personnel know not to step in your path,has been warned not to breathe your air,and to remember office etiquette in your presence. You’ve earned the title and paid your dues,the whole gist of your day is to make sure things run smoothly. Aside from the fear your presence creates when you enter the office,you’re a top performer and expect the same from the staff. Reality tv fuels your persona,you work best under pressure and deadlines. Shockingly,you’re not head over heels about job or madly in love with the boss,you just love the way people tick. After hours you know how to work the bar,I mean bartend and you know how to work the stage that’s mesmerize a crowd with a really hot club song. As an office badass,you keep emotions running high,your next adventure could be in the breakroom,or at the copy machine,your day doesnt end at business closing hours. Seemingly,your days fit into two categories revised or recycled,an office badass you prepare for both days then insert a mute button. Not surprisingly,an office badass might bash heads with a 9 to 5 Die Hard party girl. You’re a die hard 9 to 5 party girl,you arrive to the office on time and leave exactly on time. In general,you’re punctual,productive,often loud mouth,a Facebook junkie,the office gossip girl,the designated go to girl and party girl. For the most part,you like your job,the boss is not bad to look at if that’s your cup of tea,from your point of view,”it’s good work if you can find it and it beats minimum wage.” A die hard 9 to 5,you dont put anything first before your job,___unless,it’s a family emergency. Off the clock,___that’s your time,a die hard 9 to 5 believes in PT (personal time) and love to hit the club scene on the weekends with a brief interlude and a pick me up at a girls night out during the work week. As a die hard 9 to 5 office party girl,you know all the office rules and protocol like the back of your hand,the gist of your day is to stay off the phone,not to take personal calls,send informal emails,and most importantly to not get on anyones to-do-list.
I first…middle earth,…Beowulf…


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