My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.:Big E,easy target for cupid.

A symbolic statue of romantic love,Cupid has been around for centuries. Quite amusing,mythology would have you to believe that a winged boy with his bow & arrow is waiting in a tree or on a roof top ready to make a perfect match. According to myth,Cupid has been bringing couples together for centuries. Whether if it’s an act of fate or Cupid’s bow&arrow, single consumers and shoppers for decades has been an easy target for match making on Valentine’s Day. In any case,those who believed in the myth accused Cupid’s bow&arrow of being the culprit. Remarkably,Cupid’s bow has extended into modern day contemporary popular culture. Seemingly,on Valentine’s Day romantic love gets extra guidance with Cupid’s bow&arrow. Fact or fiction,with skepticism,at a young age,I grew up listening to the Cupid myth,and participating in the Valentine Tradition. Admittedly,as Ive confessed in so many instances,Im big on tradition and Valentine’s Day is one of those traditions I’ve loved dating back to my days in kindergarten when I didnt even know Cupid had existed. Personalized Valentine Day cards with the words To&From printed on each one that’s how I recall participating in the Valentine’s Day tradition,in class. As a matter of fact,on each Valentine’s Day during the years I attended Elementary school I’d hand out Valentine’s Day cards to classmates and friends. And in rare moments,I even shared a Valentine’s Day cupcake with classmates. To be honest,as a young kid,I hadnt been overly concerned or bogged down with the worries of meeting a boy on Valentine’s Day___,back-then,the day had been more about learning to share and enjoying the day. As I grew older,the Valentine’s tradition gained new meaning that equated to finding a mate. Boy meets girl___,Girl meets boy___,in an era of Smart phones and social apps finding love,making new friends,and building relationships has become a lot easier,less personal,and a whole lot easier for Cupid to shoot his bow&arrow. Who could of predicted that today Cupid’s bow & arrow would extend beyond the trees and roof tops into the social app realm making it easy for him to make a match and a love connection. The truth of the matter is Im not a psychic, so I honestly couldnt tell you what Cupid actually does on Valentine’s Day or any other day,nor do I know of anyone who could attest to his where abouts. Although,I have to admit, “Boy crazy” it’s what a few of my closest friends called me in middle school and high school,exactly whether or not Cupid had anything to do with my “Boy crazy” stage__ ,honestly,I couldnt tell you if I had been hit with an arrow,but I do recall taking a few archery lesson during P.E (physical ed) in middle school that didn’t go to well. Forty years later,with the Cupid myth in tact,and the Valentine’s Day Tradition big among consumers and shoppers,___ certainly,from all outward appearances I am a little bit older,less boy crazy and more socially conscious. Boys will be boys__with that being ingrained in my conscious,I still love boys__I just dont get psycho thinking about boys …aside from the skepticism,disbelief and apprehension,the truth remains dating social apps makes it easy for Cupid to do his thing Not surprisingly,nowadays , a lot of the dating social apps makes it easy for members to become an easy target for Cupid.

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