My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.:New Year’s Resolutions.

a life style lift,out with the old  in with the new, a new year__, a new you could equate to almost any and everything,nothing is off limits___ no holds barred,breast implants,nose jobs,butt lifts,liposuction, Imelda Marcos shoe showcase,a million dollar wardrobe,exotic vacations,champange on every flight,& fine dining every night,astonishingly it is the stuff that makes,New Year’s Resolutions sound like a fairytale.
Typically at the beginning of each new year,a tantamount of consumer and shoppers either list or aver specific goals they want to accomplish in the new year. Making a new year’s resolution,especially for the girls,ladies,and women is usually a big to-do,in most instances,a new year’s resolution for a myriad of women is a symbolic gesture for starting anew. From losing weight to getting out debt,consumers and shoppers often make New Year’s Resolutions based on stuff that has really caused them either embarrassment or immense displeasure. Truthfully,it doesnt matter if you believe  in making a New’s Year Resolution or not or if youre a very superstitious person,the whole point of making a New Year’s Resolution is to help the consumer or shopper move away from pain and push towards pleasure. Somewhat a sentimental and a symbolic gesture,at forty-something,I continue to observe the New Year tradition including waiting for the countdown into the New Year and the drop of the Big Apple in New York Times Square.Sadly,this New Year,2013 just didnt feel quite the same without Dick Clark who has hosted just about every New Year’s countdown Ive watched since elementary school. And so Im little older,alright, a lot older___,forty something. Anyway, somehow__,eventhough,I dont always write down or list my New Year’s Resolution exactly at 12am midnight,___somewhere in the back of my subconscious there’s an un-written list.  Totally unexpected my New Year’s Resolution in 2013, I stumbled upon at the end of 2012. A ticket to stardom,a move up the career ladder,___okay,a marketing scheme to promote the cacjohnson brand. Just a thought, the final outcome an email from Playboy’s Editor.

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