My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr.:Store Policies

Scenario: It could happen to almost any consumer or shopper,you walk into the electronic section of a department store to purchase the latest television  set. After purchasing the television set,you go home and wait for the television set to arrive at your doorstep. Once the television set arrive at your home,you immediately began to open the container or box that television set has been neatly place inside with instructions on how to properly work the television set. Minutes later,after you have surveyed the television set___,you realize the television set is not quite what you expected. Upon further observation,you decide to take the television set back to the electronic department store.

Throughout the years,I have purchased a variety of stuff from different stores. In most instances,the stuff I have purchased often has been to meet the daily demands of life that Ive grown to call__the basics and neccesities. For the most part,in the past,when Ive made a purchase,I planned to make that purchase. Truthfully__,especially these days,after feeling the impact of the 2008 economic recession,I like to plan shopping trips,make a list of items to purchase and compare prices before I enter the store. Outrageously bad,after Ive done all the planning and preparation__,Ive learned it isnt always fool proof. Normally,the stuff I purchase doesnt send me back into the store in a frenzy or frustrated. And in most instances,I am pleased with the stuff I purchase. But like most girls ,every once and a while I have tendency to change my mind. Of course,I am human and I do get particular about certain stuff I purchase to utilize daily. Even though,I am not perfect ,I do my best to get my purchases right the first time. And in all honesty,I have had instances that I chose to take an item back to the store either to return it or exchange the item. From clothing to electronics,to food to cooked meals,there is no limit to how far I will go to get my shopping list near perfect. Inquiring,knowing,and addressing store policies and procedures,as a consumer and a shopper Ive learned while performing my job as a Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales and Service Mgr. is important to know as well as understand as a customer. Largely due to the fact that most stores has a set of store policies and procedures that vary from store to store;therefore,it is a good idea to get acquainted with the various store policies and procedures. . Most importantly,all consumers and shoppers should remember that most stores will only accept returns or exchanges from customers who has their original receipts. Typically,as standard business practice store clerks,cashiers, and sales associates have been trained to give shoppers a receipt at the end of a sale. In the instance a store clerk,cashier, or salesperson doesnt automatically give you a receipt at the end of (POS) point of sale then it is the consumer and shopper’s responsibility to ask for a receipt. And to be truthful,I like to make it a practice to never leave or walk out a store without a receipt__,this is a practice I learned at a young age. Without a doubt,shopping is a task millions of Americans perform year round. Along with the millions of Americans who shop year round,I too like to shop,egregiously,it becomes a job when you get home and begin to survey all of the stuff you purchased then before you do anything else you have to check the receipt to make sure the prices of each item is printed correctly on the receipt. Lastly,get to know store policies and procedures while your shopping. Above all, enjoy your shopping,and dont forget the receipt.


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