My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Mgr:A Year In Review,2012

Fear or Anxiety? Without a question,consumers and shoppers experience an array of emotions as shoppers. And veritably, it doesnt matter if youre an novice or expert as a shopper at some point in your shopping experience you might feel fear or anxiety. Seemingly, it doesnt matter if youre a consumer or shopper who stays at home,works daily,or shops frequently,the truth of the matter is feelings of fear or anxiety could happen at the most inopportune moment. To experience feelings of fear or anxiety is natural,it is when the feelings persist for a prolong amount of time that it is considered unhealthy. In previous years consumers and shoppers have often experienced feelings of fear and anxiety over all kinds of stuff and events ,from dating to marriage to work to friends to family to professional relationships to social indiscretions. Perphaps,in most instances, it is the actions of others that consumers and shoppers have no control over that normally initiates the feelings of fear and anxiety.
Fear and anxiety is real, and sadly, in 2012,American consumers and shoppers felt their share of both emotions. Inspite of the un comfortable feelings millions of American consumers and shoppers experience throughout 2012,from a consumers point of view,I have to aver that certainly___ ,there is much to be said about the kindness,generosity, and resilience of the human spirit of American consumers and shoppers in 2012. Despite the numerous setbacks that affected millions of Americans in 2012,from natural disasters to job losses to economic uncertainy,American consumers and shoppers continued in the American tradition to bolster the economy. Although the year has reached its end,to officially conclude the year,before ringing out the old and ringing in the New Year,Ive chosen to look back at those events and incidents that incited fear and anxiety in millions of Americans in this blog during 2012 as well as reflect on what the next chapter of consumerism could hold for American consumers and shoppers.
Fear is a precusory to anxiety,a consternation to wanting to flight or flee. Anxiety often creates tension and feelings of uncertain. Morosely and unexpectedly,fear as well as anxiety took hold of millions of American consumers and shoppers in the form of concealed weapons and the second amendment of the United States constitution during 2012.
Afflicted with unpleasant and paralyzing thoughts,American citizens in the United States and abroad lived in fear of being injured by a gun or firearm Befittingly, American citizens conveyed shock,disbelief and outrage at the string of violence. On the outside,this should of never have happened___,
a young teenage boy shot after walking out a convenience store,several people killed at a midnight premier of an occult movie classic ,one of their one,a soldier someone sent to serve and protect,and truthfully,it sounded like something out of a horror movie,one lone soldier in Afghanistan wakes up in the middle of the night and kills 16 Afghans_then the unthinkable happens 20 children and six teachers killed in small town,the culprit a firearm.Forthright,and certainly to be expected of social conscious citizen,within the United States to raise cause for alarm instead of sitting on the sidelines upon hearing the various reports of gun violence in the US. In 2012,the number of gun deaths and gun violence in the US read like a who’s who. Inciting a national debate on gun laws and gun control,American citizen vehemently spoke out against the string of violence as well as made pleas to law makers__,do something now,Stop the Violence.

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