My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales and Service Manager:Holiday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season and for several years now both days customarily commence holiday shopping for a myriad of consumers and shoppers,discouraged as a shopper due to the sluggish economy,I sat on the sidelines and watch the sale numbers this year. Typically,most consumers and shoppers shop year round,I feel that year round shopping is a really good practice,especially,for those consumer and shoppers who live by a budget or live on a fixed income. Assuredly,one of  the advantages of  year round shopping is that it allows consumers and shoppers to prepare and plan beforehand for special events,as well as holidays. Unequivocally,year round shopping isn’t the same as holiday shopping for the most part consumers and shoppers who shop year round tend to normally stick with purchasing basic necessities with the exception of planned purchases such as a birthday gift or an anniversary gift. From grocery to  household supplies, to bed linen and clothing items,ostensibly,year round shopping causes less anxiety,fear,stress and even dread. And in all honesty,I consider year round shopping  a good practice for the following reasons__often times, year round shopping allows consumers and shoppers to avoid long lines,crowded stores,inventory shortage,and frustrated belligerent shoppers. Holiday shopping,on the other hand,I have learned over the years is totally opposite of year round shopping. Unlike year round shopping,in a lot of instances,holiday shopping frequently causes some consumers and shoppers to experience  anxiety,fear,stress and even dread. Although,a tantamount of consumers and shoppers plan for the holidays,admittedly there remains those few consumers and shoppers who procrastinate,and eventually is haunted with thoughts of what gifts to get family and friends in addition to worrying if they’ll find the appropriate gift in time before the holidays. As a consumer and a shopper who lives on a budget and who has been for years plagued with the issue of obtaining adequate credit to make those big purchases,I have found that year round shopping creates less stress and takes the hassle out of whether or not as a consumer and shopper if I should pay with cash,check,or credit. Lastly,the holidays is a great time to get re acquainted with family and friends,__so, dont let holiday shopping make you a sour puss,plan beforehand,make a budget. Straight forwardly speaking,the truth is holiday shopping doesnt have to break the bank if you plan ahead of the holiday,__I wish the best of the holiday season to each consumer and shopper.—cacjohnson

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