My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales and Service Manager.: A Blogger’s Nightmare

My life as a Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales  and Service manager consist of a lot stuff aside from sales,reports,consultanting and shopping,egregiously it does include blogging__and if you havent guessed it excludes acting because Im not a paid for actor and this is not a informercial for blogging . Seemingly,these days I’m reading everyone elses blog well at least the ones located in the  inbox I designate for blogs. To be honest, the whole point of this blogging trade as an occupation is that Im reading everyone  elses blogs  but  who’s reading the blogs I write. While ,the fact of the matter is blogging as an occupation would take the full eight hour day to read and response to blogs,straight forwardly speaking,I would not gripe about blogging eight hours a day if I didnt have emails to check,articles to write and research,stuff to sell,Social Networking sites to update as well as a newsletter to assemble. Initially,I began blogging when I didn’t even know how to  blog,eventually,I stumbled upon how to blog or at least one way to blog while watching Martha Stewart,shortly thereafter,I began to study other bloggers style and format,ultimately it took months before I found a blogging format I felt comfortable with as a blogger without having to blog anonymously. At one point ,during the beginning stages of developing a blog for the public ,I received emails from professional bloggers who wanted to teach beginner bloggers how to blog for a nominal fee,being that I majored in English/Literature and minored in Secondary Ed and had taught two years in  a state public school system I felt that I had enough faculities and education to not have to pay a professional blogger. Right at the moment,Im having a blogger’s nightmare,who’s reading the blogs I write?  As I progressed in the blogging trade and the blogs I wrote began to evolve, I averred I would only blog once a month,in fact,at beginning of 2012,I chose to make blogging a New Year’s resolution. Sure,there’s a lot of blogs out in the blogosphere,and yes,__ Ive seen some eye catching blogs, and award winning blogs while simultaneously thinking “wow,what does a blogger have to do to get their blogs viewed,rated,& liked ?” by thousands of people. Well,today,Im still hacking away at the same blog I began in 2006,since then ,I have more focus, better direction,style and format.  Towards the end of day I have to figure out am I blogging to get more bloggers or am I blogging to master the trade of blogging ,if that is the case__ blogger numbers isnt the number one factor,it is style and format.

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