My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager.:Sales

My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager hasn’t been going too great these days,___and in all honesty,it hasn’t been going exactly the way I would like or envisioned(extremely painful and excruciatingly slow). To be truthful,at this point in my career,__a career I began in 2006 as a part time job,it has had its’ highs,lows,and bumps in the road. After several years of hands on experience, working the field,  being on call, and floating to different sites,I feel it’s time___I get real,I get honest,and that I open up to you the reader as well as each of you consumers and shoppers. From this point on,instead of chatting about what I have accomplished since becoming a Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager,or how much I’ve grown personally,or how fast pace and competitive online websites and businesses on the world wide web has become in such a short amount of time that I’ve been on the internet,or how rewarding it is to have a job that assist,educate,and,inform the public at large,I am going to stick to the topic,if only in this blog  to speak at length about my Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager. Admittedly,the only other instance that I speak at length about My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager is in my third book Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv(Editor Notes and Various Blogs). With that said,first I want to clear up exactly what’s not going sooo,great,well___a girl has to start somewhere,sooo,then__I’ll begin with my job title Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager,it is one of the many titles I have attached to my name and resume. Egregiously,in this economy,the consumer part,the first word in  my job title is doing pretty good,___I mean it certainly could be  better,sadly,with limited funds,___it is all about the basics and neccessities. As a consumer,I consume different things and stuff from food to drink to whatever the moment requires including toilet paper and dish liquid. Customarily,a few days,out of each  month  that in all actuality equals to approximately about  a week out of each month,I go shopping in search of deals,discounts,and bargains.Unequivocally,the consumer part  has been evolving nicely,truthfully,I am proud of the direction it has taken because I’ve learned a lot  along the way but above all it has made me a better consumer. Affair,if you look inside the Webster New World dictionary or go online to the free Merriam Webster dictionary,you’ll find that there’s more than one definition for the word affair . Typically,when I hear the word affair,I automatically think of large gatherings,specials events or husbands and wives cheating on each other,in respect to the daily task I perform specifically for my job ,the word affairs takes on a whole new meaning when it is coupled with or placed behind the word consumer and placed in front of the word consultant. Affairs,it is the part of my job that I perform daily in person and via the internet on an array of Social Networking sites. Distinctively,a large part of my job as a Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager is communicating and interacting with the public regularly. In fact,mainly due to the  advancement of technology,performing the affairs part of my job is always at my fingertips___ and certainly,it to has evolved and developed nicely. Currently,I am a member of several Social Networking communties, at the same time,I have several business sites that makes it easy to get the word out to consumers and shoppers pertaining to the latest consumer news and alerts. Whether if,I am on the job,or updating my Social Networking sites, or pausing to regain direction; daily it’s an affair with the consumer who I focus on grabbing their attention as well as building relationships. Then what follows or what is left is Consultant,Sales & Service Manager,I do very little consulting in person. As a matter of fact,most of the consulting I perform is via the internet on Twitter,Facebook,MocoSpace,meetme,and through emails. As I look at the other half my job title  Sales & Service Manager,overall,I feel that I am a good manager of my time ,my money ,as well as both of the websites under csaccac Inc. Ostensibly,it’s sales__the sales@ hasn’t been going that great. Not surprisingly,etched in my brain, a former cashier and sales associate,___sale goals and sale quotas.  From an employee point of view, has a lot to offer,I strongly believe in sale goals and sale quotas,the website isnt free it cost to maintain and update the site,it also cost to publish the monthly csaccac newsletter. On this day I could chat about  the current events going on in the world but today I’ll stick with My Life As A Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales & Service Manager,___I know that sales could be a lot better even in this slow economy.—cacjohnson


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