Be Bold,Go Pink

Not quite pretty-in-pink, and in all actuality,the closest I have been or have consider pretty-in-pink is Easter Sunday. Even as a little  girl,I  didn’t wear the color pink very often. As  matter of  fact,I probably could count the number of outfits I wore in kindergarten and elementary school that were pink or had some color of pink in the clothing. Well__I have improved my math skills over the years. Although,I had been rarely allowed to pick out the clothing I could wear to school,afterschool,or at church,from kindergarten up until third or fourth grade,I remember that a lot of the clothing__ some, hand me downs and other clothing that had been store brought  varied in color and fabric. From pants to skirts,I didn’t have much say into the clothing that I wanted to wear each day,if I did  choose an outfit to wear,it had to get approval from an adult first before I could wear it out the door. Eventually,as I learned the different colors of the spectrum,color schemes,and learned how to mix and match separates while observing the fashion and style of the adults that surrounded me during the very beginning stages of my education,I gained a sense of style. At the end of  elementary school ,I gained some freedom and had been allowed to pick and  choose the clothing I wanted to wear at school,afterschool and to church. Pretty-in-Pink,not by far,I often sat in the classroom hoping to draw very little attention to myself or what I had been wearing unless it had been a new outfit or the first week of back-to-school. Perhaps,I though of the color pink  as being to girle or ,to feminine,or___perhaps,I had not been fixated on color more than making certain that what I wore  matched. The fact of the matter,when you’re a small kid just learning the different colors,gaining a sense of style,and wanting to exude your individuality,the first step to taking the guess work out of what looks good together and  what you shouldn’t wear together__ without having to ask an adult every minute”does this match,or does this look  right?” is to keep it simple. In those days,Pink__the color__had been one of those colors I felt didnt work to well with other colors  and thought best to wear on certain holidays.Pink,it had been one of the many colors in a crayola crayon box of 36 or 72, the color of  soft sweaters,the color in bunny rabbit ears,Easter dresses,ballet flats,Barbie’s signature color__Pink,the color of  choice at birthday parties, baby showers,and cakes,__Pink,the color of cotton candy sold at the state fair,and the color of ribbons and bows. And in all honesty,Pink had been a color I admired from a far,on other people and other stuff. Unlike the color red,I didn’t consider Pink a bold color more so than I consider it to be extremely feminine. To Be Bold,Go Pink ,I might have consider at a very young age only as a contestant in a beauty pageant,as for example, I did wear a soft pink gown in Ms Deerfield 1989 pageant. Admittedly, the thought to Be Bold ,Go Pink everyday, I definitely would of had to been in training for Miss America.
Aside from the many looks and styles I have worn over the years , I  have often overlooked Pink items of clothing. In fact, several years ago, if you looked inside my closet___ more than likely, you probably would not have found one item of pink clothing,to be truthful,all of my  and thirties,I gravitated towards neutral tones such as brown,black,grey,dark navy and whites like a magnet I had a penchant for solid colors that could easily mix and match,with a strong dislike for prints,plaids,and faddy clothing(in one day and out the next). Throughout the years, I have attributed the sense style I have grown to love and feel most comfortable with to the adults that have a great impact on building my self esteem ,social skills, and professional development. From elementary to high school,I would have to say that my grandmother and parents  greatly influenced  as  well as  assisted in developing  the  sense of style  I gravitated towards for many years. At the age of the thirty-five,when I relocated to Virginia, I began to rethink the sense of style I had grown to love,felt most comfortable wearing and  that had been embed on my brain. To Be Bold , Go Pink,first began as

I sought to re gain direction, and sense of purpose in life. In the process of re defining  goals, re evaulating my life, and gaining a sense of purpose,I founded csaccac Inc. Today,the color Pink very much a part of csaccac Inc as a reminder to all of   that at csaccac Inc. “We do More Than Consulting,…” Pink,it is in the logo,it is in the trademark and it is the csaccac Newsletter when words can’t say it all__ our logo and trademark stands out from among the rest as reminder to women all over the world.  Since the journey to re gain direction and purpose,I have done away with the antiquated fashion ideas I first learned as a kindergarten and elementary student,now__I  make it a point to include Pink in everything I wear  not just as a fashion statement ,most importantly,to support the causes that directly affect women all over the world,it is these causes I so dearly believe in and wearing Pink is one the many ways I like to bring awareness to the causes;distinctively, Domestic Violence,Breast & Ovarian Cancer and Owning Pink.
Be Bold,Go Pink show your support.


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