Hatred,fear,dread,andrage;each of these emotions reminds consumers and shoppers,as uncomfortable as each  emotion causes consumers and shoppers to feel,they remind consumers and shoppers that they’re human. Commonly thought of as negative emotions and feelings hatred,fear,dread,and rage;I have observed throughout the years that the uncomfortableness of each of the mentioned emotions causes consumers and shoppers usually occurs when a consumer or a shopper feel mentally drained,physically exhausted,forlorn,frustrated and  feels under pressure to perform. You’ve seen the images a thousand times on reality televison participants projecting their hatred ,fear,dread,and rage; towards another reality show participant. You’ve also seen the images of hatred,fear,dread,and rage; broadcast on your local news  often these  images  show parents out of control, yelling and chastizing a child in a public. And you’ve seen the images of a consumer or shopper taking out their  frustration on another consumer or shopper as they wait impatiently in a grocery store checkout lane. If you thought about cussing out the cashier,punching a movie patron while waiting in a line for movie tickets, or animal cruelty, remember  this, I dont think theyre making Bright Pink prison jumpsuits these days but you could try to get a law passed to change the color of prison jumpsuits because it is true they have become  quite antiquated. Hatred,fear,dread,and rage;without a question each of these emotions elicits some pretty strong negative feelings and responses from consumers.  Hatred is a much stronger emotion than anger and being mad,truthfully,I don’t like the word hate or to think that hatred exist in this day and age,sadly, I must eschew denial and admit hatred does exist.And to be honest,I have experienced hatred in my personal and professional,on any given day I would have to say it’s not an emotion I like to discuss neither do I like discussing the events,situations,and actions leading up to the moment the act of hatred occured.Unequivocally,hatred does exist,however,it is the job of the consumer and shopper to chose the correct course of action.Veritably,Ive been mad been plenty of times in my childhood and adult life;for example Ive been mad at the landlords,creditors,cashiers,ex boyfriends,Ive even been so mad at restaurant service,that I wanted to scrape the food on the floor and leave a tip as a good samaritan.And there’s the oh but you did kind of madness,the $86.00 you borrowed from your childhood bestfriend while in college,the $400 you borrow from an ex boyfriend,the $500 collect call phone bill,the $286.00 you borrowed from a long distance aunt to pay your car insurance,the $300 plane ticket your relatives sent you because you got strained in another,sure,youve been told not to sweat the small stuff,now it’s Pink Stuff&Pink Madness,who’s to blame when your credit goes bad,who’s to blame when you get injured on the job,who’s to blame  the money aint the same and who blame when you cant pay your bills like a normal person,who do you get Mad at? Yes,Ive been mad and I have felt rage. An emotion,I often dont experience,but I felt rage,Even though,hatred does exist part of being a responsible citizen as well as  a shopper is learning to handle all types sitiuations and emotions withouth being explosive or extreme in behavior.Like a dog licking your brain or a rabid dog,hatred,fear,dread,and rage; eats away  at the core of a persons character ultimately destroying their temperament and attitude. Hatred,fear,dread and rage; these emotions also  destroy  important facets of life such as  your health, friendships,marriges,work relations,shopping experiences,holidays, and vacations. The truth of the matter about negative emotions such as hatred,fear,dread,and rage ,it does matter  where you find yourself when these emotions occur;for instance,you could be at home,at work,on the job, in school,at a restaurant,at a gas station,or at a department,hatred,dread,fear,and rage; could rear their ugly head without expectation in these places as long as the atmosphere and conditions have all of the makings for an uncomfortable situation. If  bells,sirens,or fire alarms dont go off   when these negative feelings and emotions  pop,or if these negative feeling and emotions pop up to frequently an an attitude adjustment might be in order. To lessen feelings of hatred,fear,dread, and rage,practice meditating,yoga,quoting scripture,I like  to read  inspirational,motivational, as well as Christians book when I am upset or  mad about a certain event ,action, or situation. Whether if its hatred of people,hatred of opinions,hatred of fashion,hatred of a certain hairstyle,hatred of a particular music ,hatred of a religious group,there’s all different kinds of hatred,instead of hatred as a consumer or shopper learning tolerance of all kinds stuff and things shows growth and the maturity of the consumer and shopper.   A myriad consumers and shoppers have fears that go unspoken such as fear of losing a love one,fear of losing a job,fear of driving,fear of eating foreign foods,fear of beingin large crowds,fear of dating or fear of being terminally ill, the type of fear that consumers and shoppers feel,at home,at work,on the job,in relationships,in most instance is different from the fear consumers and shoppers feel while shopping.
Dread is an emotion most consumers and shoppers might want to avoid
in school dread of being evicted,dread of being homeless,dread of  As I’ve grown older,I have come to understand that hurting people hurt other people out of hatred,fear,dread,and rage;I know that hatred,fear,dread,and rage;impedes growth,retards the development of  a person  emotions as well as relationships.
First and foremost,hatred,fear,dread,and rage;these emotions shouldn’t be repress. A part of being  human is feeling an array of emotions,in certain instances,it is normal for consumers and shoppers to feel hatred,fear,dread,and rage;dolefully,these negative each emotions  have unfavorable consequences  on a personal as an average citizen mainstreamed into the general population  learning to not let  hatred,dread,fear,and rage;rule your ever thought is the first step to not getting caught in uncomfortable,and sometimes deadly situtatons. Hatred,fear,dread,and rage; A lot of times  as consumers and shoppers the first response is to blame other for our reactions,if  you’re in a place full of hatred,fear,dread, and rage; you’re unable to think clearly,to perceive events,situations and actions clearly,and youre unable to express your emotions responsibly,because you wont get far in life carrying around baggage dated back to God knows when,youre only poisoning your mind, instead chose to dust off those negative feelings and emotions,get the monkey off your back,and lose that chip on your should put yourself in a place of  gratitude,thankfulness,hope, so you dont enterain hatred,fear,dread,and rage;  I didnt do this to you,no one did this to’. And when you get right down to the heart of the matter, you’ll learn life is full of catch phrases that will try to grab you attention and suck the marrow out of your bones but you’ve got to understand and accept that life is filled, events,situations,and activites that require you to not let your emotions control or get the best you. In this world full of madness,I chose to join the insanity by  OwningPink. In the midst of my Pink Madness, I stop to count  my blessing big and small,I even pinch myself as a reminder me that I am female,I am human,and I have feelings….

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